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Chapter 128

The stores along the street have only two floors . When the giant spiders propped its body with its eight legs, its head is even higher than the roof . Their black abdomens pressed against the roof, and tiles kept rolling down while walls cracked .

Through the window, you can see the spider’s long black legs full of bristles . There’s a very sharp tip stuck on the pothole in the ground .

The ability holders forced to hide in the houses are terrified .

They saw many monsters in the Abandoned World, and they even have to kill four or five each day . More than the appearance of the giant spider, the giant spider’s “prestige” is what they have heard the most .

The ability holders undergoing the “survival training” in Red Dragon base have studied the 《Monster Manual》 . How these monsters look, and where is their weakness are all evident — the ability holders who want to live gritted their teeth and fought .

The spider is different since they have never learned this before .

Some people panicked, and some trembled in fear precisely because they’ve heard of the infamous spiders .

Yang Chao once recruited someone named Zhang Tao in Black Abyss, who is also a young man who wants to climb up . It’s said that he offended a Red Dragon B-class spatial ability holder .

Guan Ling’s brother, Guan Cheng, was taken away by some ill-intentioned book transmigrators and imprisoned in a mountain cottage . They didn’t expect to be attacked by a giant spider, so everyone in the house died . There is only one crazy Zhang Tao left in the corner of the collapsed house . After Abandoned World ended, he ran away .

Zhang Tao has a guilty heart, fearing that Guan Ling would hate him .

He didn’t do anything that was horrible . At best, he didn’t stop them and watched a group of people stupidly ran out to feed the spider . At that time, Zhang Tao was delighted . Because of his madness, the person who locked him up actually though he’s crazy . He was maybe kicked a few times but nothing else . When the spider attacked, the group of people is afraid that the mad man would yell and get the spider’s attention, so they almost smothered him .

——feed the spider, go! Scum are also used for this . Feed the monster for his chance of survival .

Zhang Tao is very proud at heart . This smugness is gone when he knew the identity of Guan Ling .

After the “survival training” of Red Dragon, Zhang Tao knew the importance of spatial abilities, so he dare not stay in Red Dragon and quickly joined Black Abyss . Zhang Tao is guilty, afraid that one day Guan Ling will find him . He decided to take advantage of public opinion . If he had nothing to do, he’d talk to people about the terrible spider .

The spider silk has a paralytic toxin . When the spider web is stepped on by anyone, it’ll lead to the spider hunting . He also told how the giant spider bind its prey back to its nest……and how the giant spider ate .

At that time, Abandoned World has only lasted for two or three days, so the ability holders can still return to reality . They developed an information network, and they can search for answers with the click of a mouse . After reading, people would be pale .

Even Yang Chao is no exception . He thought about the fact that a spider almost ate him, he had a nightmare for a few days .

Now that the nightmare is alive and in front of him, and even more than one, Yang Chao insisting on not fainting is already amazing .

Li Fei put Jian Hua on his back .

Flames sprang out of the house like a dragon claw . In a moment, the street became a sea of fire . White spider silk got burnt and broke apart, curling in the air . Because mucus covered the spider silk, it won’t be able to turn to ashes for a while; they are like snakes struggling to dance in the fire, exuding the strange stench of meat burning .

The place where the giant spider formerly lived was always dark, so feeling this heat, it suddenly panicked .

The foot that touched the fire immediately retracted . They angrily destroyed a building, wanting to find the enemy that hurt them .

“C……come after me!” Yang Chao stared at the dark shadows on the roof with a fearful expression .

Immediately after that, he saw Geng Tian, who was running at the end, stop, extended leather gloved palms, and accurately stepped on the roadside fire hydrant to jump .

Geng Tian’s hands caught one of the giant spider’s foot .

A vigorous force dragged the giant spider, and almost lost its balance . It tried to stabilize its body, while wrathfully waving the other seven legs at Geng Tian .

Yang Chao reacted, and quickly pushed the giant spider .

Geng Tian violently exerted force, and whirled the giant spider, raising it in the air for two laps……

“Crack . ”

The leg of the spiders bent by 120 degrees . Its body weight forced on the leg joints, how could it stand it, so it broke .

Blue blood spurted from the fracture .

Geng Tian has a “field” as a shield so he can avoid it all, but Yang Chao is unlucky and got drenched .

In the cold rainy night, Yang Chao instantly shivered, followed by common sense as he desperately wiped his face with his sleeves, fearful of poisoning .

“Get back!”

Li Fei’s cold voice came . Yang Chao didn’t think; he bolted and ran .

The unlucky short-legged spider, affected by the centrifugal force, flew and crashed into a bus stop sign . More spiders rushed to its side .

When the flame on the street became small, the hiding ability holders have escaped .

At this time, Li Fei suddenly felt Jian Hua falling . He quickly bowed his head and found a vine that came out of nowhere, wrapped around Jian Hua’s foot .

“Field” automatically created a barrier, not letting the vines touch Jian Hua, but this openly provocative attitude, made Li Fei immediately understood that Dr . Mad is nearby .

——sure enough, the giant spider is not the trap . Instead, he took the opportunity to lurk in the neighborhood .

Dr . Mad may have been waiting to appear when the monsters attacked the convoy, and it caught everyone by surprise .

“Cover your nose and mouth . ”

Li Fei’s eyes condensed, and the whole vine turned to ashes . The smell of a suspected chemical spread out .

Geng Tian’s action is a step slow . His whole person shook and almost fell, but he grabbed his thigh, forcing himself awake .

The vine is not smeared with a toxin, but an anesthetic that is volatilized by heat .

If Li Fei burned the vines in anger and without preparation, he wouldn’t be able to move right now .

Fortunately, the dose of drugs that can be applied to a vine is limited, and the diffusion range is not extensive, so even if the flames burned violently, the smell disappeared in half a minute .

The giant spider that lost one leg did not continue to make trouble, as it hurriedly fled into the night like a bereaved dog .

Li Fei looked around .

Dr . Mad hid in the dark, Jian Hua seemed to fall into a drowsy state after raving, and the mushrooms……disappeared .

Li Fei looked up . Sure enough, he saw one of the spiders carrying eggs on its abdomen; the mushrooms must have that idea again . Abandoned World monsters are many, but he doesn’t know why the mushrooms are eyeing the spider eggs .

Thinking of the sudden appearance of these giant spiders, Li Fei squinted .

“Don’t touch the spider silk . Leave this street . ” Yang Chao shouted with due diligence .

The fire turned slightly after the crowd retreated in a hurry, churning like magma, and melting the asphalt . Hazardous materials such as curtains and wood, even from far away, burned up .

“This!” Someone was shocked . The situation in front goes against their logic in every way .

The wantonly destroyed buildings, and even burning the whole town to the ground……

“Dr . Mad appeared . ” Yang Chao’s eyes sharpened, seeing a few vines rushing towards here .

Everyone’s expression changed . When S-class ability holders fight, not to mention this town, afraid the surrounding few miles will be affected .

The house that was trampled by the giant spider, in the real world, would crush people, but the ruins burnt to ashes are the most amazing .

Thinking up to here, and because of fear of Dr . Mad, everyone hurriedly fled, can’t wait to be as far away from here as possible .

Yang Chao wanted to stay and help but knew that he had no use at all, so he became anxious .

Some people didn’t run, various thoughts in their minds . For example, the paparazzi is watching all these with wide-eyed amazement and fear, and there’s Huo Wei with righteous indignation .

The giant spider that was trapped by a sea of fire was increasingly alarmed .

“That won’t work . Dr . Mad is hiding in the dark, waiting for the spider to consume your power . ” Geng Tian once again split a vine . He turned up his collar to cover his nose and mouth, feeling strange .

More and more vines emerged from the town . They fear flames, too afraid to come close, but blocked the way of escape for everyone .

“Dr . Mad wants to kill us all!”

Don’t know who shouted, but the ability holders attacked the vines together .

“Hahaha . ” A man appeared from the fire .

He is not wearing carnival costume, but a dark gray trench coat, and wore a shoddy leather mask on his face with apparent scales on it, obviously stripped from a snake .

He opened his arms in intoxication, seemingly not afraid of others attacking .

——Dr . Mad has no reason to be frightened .

Everyone felt strong tinnitus, became dizzy, then fell .

Only Li Fei resisted this sudden attack, while Geng Tian is sweating, half-kneeling, and desperately wanted to stand up . It’s not just the ability holders who are victimized; even the giant spider is like hit by an invisible sharp blade, screaming and rolling on the ground .

“What a wonderful night!”

The man said in Chinese, his light-colored pupils full of excitement, “Walking in the darkness is the God of Death, how can you match a tyrant who burned Rome? Listen ah, isn’t the screams wonderful?”

“Infrasound wave?” Li Fei endured his dizziness and said the words with difficulty .

“Yes . Such a small thing can only last for a short time . It’s a sonic weapon developed by the Army . ” The man touched his chin, giving a strange smile, “Failed goods . For ordinary people, it just made them feel depressed and anxious . I accidentally found out that ability holders are sensitive to it . Unfortunately, I only have two or three on hand . ”

“You used it on Geng Tian . That time, he did not faint from a paralytic toxin, but sonic damage . ”

“Exactly, only us are left right now! A carnival party of S-class ability holders . Of course, it’s necessary to eliminate the others that don’t qualify . ” The man put a gloved finger on his lips, making it an exaggerated move .

Li Fei talked to drag the time, feeling that Jian Hua feels different .

Even though the giant spider is dangerous, he is enough to protect both of them . However, Jian Hua told him to go, or it might be an accidental raving brought by lethargy——dark sky, there will be a hole soon .

“Poor Poseidon, what a terrible uncle he has, what a bad brother, what a bad housekeeper ah! Oh . The group of people close to him harmed him……I knew a lot of things from them . ”

Dr . Mad scornfully said, “Red Scorpion is simply unqualified to become the strongest A-class ability holder, but Old Cheng is . How powerful and how wonderful sound is . What a pity, he is old, impossible to run around everywhere . ”

“You beat around the bush for a long time to confirm if we’ve taken Old Cheng?”

“……oh, there’s more . I also want to know if you can ‘satisfy’ the Devourer . You can’t do it yourself since it will consume your abilities . Did you use props? What is it?”

Li Fei’s face is black .

Dr . Mad is still enjoying the view of the fire-roasted spider . He seemed to be in love with the dazzling flame .

“Oh God, why are people with such dazzling talent not me! Let me see, to the person who killed me . It’s the perfect time to talk about feelings between death and becoming a corpse . ”

Li Fei blocked the sinister sight of Dr . Mad, holding Jian Hua’s swaying palm .

With taut nerves clamoring, the Flame Beast became violent, warning Li Fei of what is going to happen .

“You also felt it, this suffocating danger . ” Dr . Mad is very excited . His original goal was only Li Fei and Jian Hua, but now there’s this feeling of terror . Goosebumps prickled his skin, and his arms shook with excitement .

There’s a rift in the sky .

The head of a giant worm followed it . Its body greedily went down, chasing prey .

The S-class is its goal, and there are two here with Li Fei . The giant worm will come……


Dr . Mad’s smile froze, and Li Fei’s attack also stopped .

Because of the piles of thick and gray mushrooms that fell from the hole .