Impenetrable Dungeon - Chapter 31

Published at 19th of August 2019 08:27:33 PM

Chapter 31

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As Marcus was dreaming about his aesthetic wishes, White-One had already brought them to the auction venue . The auction was being held in a Proscenium theatre . There were two floors . On the first floor rows of seats were arranged for the guests while on the second floor was a suite from which the guest can relax as they watch the auction . The suite had a one-way glass so that the inside could not be seen . When a bid is made the amount would be displayed on the one-way glass in a big golden font . The currency used in the auction was DP and the highest bidder wins . The guests in the suite also had a special power to delay the auction by 30 mins for a price of course . This price was a massive 10 million DP . For comparison, the Cave Dwarves and Wood Elves combined were only bought for 100,000 DP . The buying power of DP is very strong since it was a currency made by the Will of the Aether . Those guests who don't have DP can convert items and currencies into DP . Although only currencies that are in the current universe(where the Will of the Aether is from), Milky Way Universe, could be used . The relationships between the Wills of the different universes are strained to say the least .

Marcus was lead to suite S-1 by White-One . The suites were assigned depending on who arrived first . It turns out Gaia's constant urging made Marcus and his group arrive first . "Please enjoy your stay," White-One said, "I will be going now . I will return to deliver the items that Your Lordship has bought . "

"Are the items brought to me directly after I win it or do I have to wait after the auction is finished?" Marcus asked .

"As Your Lordship is in a VIP suite, the item will be brought over directly after Your Lordship wins it," White-One replied .

"Okay, you are dismissed," Marcus said waving his hand .

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The guests soon came flooding in and it didn't take long for the silent hall to become lively . "There are quite a lot of guests," Marcus said as he sipped his Fire Berry Wine, "I thought it would only be the 72 Dungeons who were participating in this auction . "

"The Thousand Treasures Pagoda is, after all, a real entity that exists in the Milky Way Universe . Therefore it is only right that the auction had many guests from all over the universe," Gaia said . "However, I believe that the elite auction will only be open to a select few and the special auction will only be open to the 72 Dungeon Masters . "

"What makes you think that?" Marcus asked curiously .

"Well didn't you notice that the venue technically has a third floor?" Gaia asked .

"You mean the floor we are on . "

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"Correct . Also, the door for our suite is golden and there are exactly 72 doors . Meanwhile, the suites below have silver doors and there is only a single door which leads to different pocket dimensions . This leads me to believe that the different types of auction are only open to a select few . Moreover, those beings at the bottom floor don't have any paper in their hands . " Gaia explained .

Marcus nodded but didn't comment . He had already noticed these signs however he wanted to test out Gaia's ability to observe and deduce .

As they were casually chatting a silver robed man walked into the hall lead by a blue ball of light . The silver robed man was followed by a man dressed in minister clothing . The moment the silver robed man entered the hall he stopped and the man in minister clothing stepped forward . "Silver Sparrow Empire's Emperor has arrived!" he declared . His loud sonorous voice caught the attention of everyone in the room . Even Marcus gave him a glance . "That emperor is not half bad," Marcus commented, "He is already on the Godly Body stage of the Mortal Shedding Realm . Unfortunately, he still skipped the two stages making him incomplete and forever unable to reach the God Realm . Well forget about the God Realm, he might not even reach the Divine Transcendence Realm . "
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"What are you talking about brother?" Gaia asked, confused .

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"It's an old way of ranking one's strength," Marcus replied . "Unfortunately those Gods have banned its use and have even emitted some of the rankings . "

"Why?" Gaia curiously asked .

"Why else other than to prevent anyone else from reaching their level?" Marcus spat . "I'm probably the only person other than them who knows of the old ranking . "

"What are the old ranks called? How do they compare to the current adventurer ranking?"

"I'll tell you the ranks later," Marcus said, "However, the Mortal Shedding Realm is comparable to an Ancestral Ranked Adventurer, one above a Grandmaster . "

"He is strong then?"

"No . He is weak . That is because he missed two important steps . Those two important steps are what the Gods omitted from the rankings . It is good that he decided to practice according to the old system however, without those two steps he is no different from today's warriors . What a shame . "

"Can you beat him?" Gaia asked .

Marcus snorted and said, "Any day . I could even do it with my eyes closed . "

The ten warriors behind them were intently listening to their conversations . When they heard what Marcus said they were in awe . That man was like an insurmountable wall to them . "Worthy of being our Dungeon Master," they thought . Then they thought back to what Marcus said about the two important steps and they wondered if they had missed those steps as well .

"Don't worry," Marcus told them as if reading their minds, "My subordinates are never allowed to miss those two important steps . "