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Imperfections - Volume 1 - Chapter 5

Published at 15th of October 2018 07:48:59 AM

Chapter 5


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Zhanlu said: “A great association was evident between the Toxic Nest and the star pirate group, according to the eavesdropped conversation . ”

B4 crossed his legs, looking out of the car windows . The twisted space field outside was very dizzy, which could make you puke if you just stare at it for a few seconds, whereas B4 was very used to it . He did not say a word after Zhanlu finished his words .

Zhanlu realized something immediately in the silence, and then corrected himself: “Sorry, Sir . This part of the common lexicon has not been updated yet . ”

According to the clause of the IU Anti-pirate Law, any unauthorized military is a star pirate . Of course, the Blackhole was one of them .

“Chuck your pathetic lizard away when we come back . Get a parrot instead . ” B4 said, “It will be a great help when you fit in your pirate identification . ”

Zhanlu finished searching in his huge database in no time, finding a cartoon picture from the Ancient Earth Era—-a corsair captain with a ferocious face and a parrot, with a ferocious face too, standing on his shoulder .

After digging into the picture for some time, he realized . “Oh, you are kidding . ”

B4 kneaded his eyebrows, in a worried way .

Zhanlu let out a goose-bumping and mechanical laughter . “Ha-ha-ha . ”

To avoid Zhanlu telling another cold joke in return, B4 started another topic . “Penny is a local gangster in Beijing planet, capable, indeed . It is not that easy to get rid of her . Did you find out the reason?”

“Yes, Sir . I find it under his skin . ” Zhanlu said, a bloody biological chip raised up, “I am unable to figure out what it is in such a short time . If the chip is implanted in his heart, there will be a small-size collective illusion among both human and artificial intelligence when it is open . ”

B4’s eyes became keen immediately, as an icy blade .

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“He was aware of being spied this afternoon . To get rid of Penny, he disguised the boy and himself as two beggars, and he succeeded . He got on a city shuttle, trying to escape through the harbour V . There were other 13 passengers but no one had aware of it . Collective illusion woke up the forbidden fruit system in my body, therefore I was not affected by the illusion . I did some tests on the way, tried to release some disturbance . However, only one girl escaped from it . She happened to have vacucerebral syndrome . To ensure the safety of the innocents, I hacked into the city transport system, forcing it to stop at the Speakeasy and sending a message to Miss Penny . ” Zhanlu answered in a smooth tune, “Sir, I assume that the chip shares a same theory with Eden, but much simpler . ”

B4 frowned . “I can’t get you a research group here in such a short time . ”

“I know, Sir . I will figure it out by myself . ” He paused for a second, and asked again, “May I ask, do you still want to look for……Yessss . ”

“Don’t tell me the probability . I know your algorithm . ” B4 interrupted him . He tensioned his jaw for a second, then tapped the car gently, “We are about to go after some time . It is okay to give up if we can’t find him anyway . There were too many children died young . Probably the kid died as well . ”


“It is okay to die sometimes . ”B4 did not express too much emotions, “It can be lucky to die in troubled times . Are we arrived?”

The car had already passed the space field and landed at the backdoor of the Speakeasy exactly in such a short conversation . It was almost silent when tires faced the ground, nothing but some small snowflakes moved away a little bit . The high-speed motors parked there were not there now, which suggested that the traffic lights group and Penny had gone .

Spider used the space field as well when he tried to escape . However, he was all alone, meaning that he would make great noise when he started the space field . The location error seemed to be great, too—-otherwise he did not need to pretend that he was a beggar, hiking to the harbour V in cold and hunger .

On the contrary, Zhanlu could control a heavy vehicle to pass the space field, locating at the narrow alley out of the Speakeasy’s backdoor . That required errors within 50 centimetres, or else, there would be a vehicle-on-the-wall scene when landing, for sure .

The two space fields seemed to be similar, whereas any expert could tell that they were different as heaven and hell—-like “gay sports” and an interstellar mech .

It was a pity that there were illiteracy everywhere in the “uncivilized” Eighth Galaxy and only a few people would appreciate the beauty of technology .

It was not all true though, you can still meet confidants rarely . However……

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The humanlike Zhanlu separated himself from the car, carrying Spider in the trunk . His green eyes saw through the backdoor and scanned the room inside before he opened the door .

“Sir . ” He paused, “You have a guest . ”

B4’s canthus twitched . It was said that the bad-ass boss did not have more expressions than an artificial intelligence . However, right now, his expression was really hard to describe .

The warm air inside the pub hit them while the door was opened . The lights on the wall were all off even the Speakeasy was dark at the first place . Just the one above the bar counter was still on, adding a soft light filter to the man under it .

In the stunning atmosphere was a young man whose clothes on his body loosely and jacket on his shoulder . Hair in a mess, he leaned on the bar counter casually . At the first sight, he must be the one, who had just got up, too lazy to take care of himself, meeting people in a fairly casual way . It was not like anyone else being casual . It was as insubstantial as though a fairy had poised itself there for a minute .

However, his “casual” look had no inappropriate gather at all, neither in and out . Besides, his hairstyle was messy, at the same time, fluffy . It absolutely had nothing to do with pillows . It was obvious that his casual look had nothing to do with being casual .

“I say,” He noticed the man on Zhanlu’s shoulder unexpectedly, “You guys have a triumph of robbing? Did I see something I shouldn’t know? Will I get cleaned?”

Zhanlu threw Spider on the floor . The crash between body and floor made some slight but thick voice . He greeted the man politely: “Good evening, headmaster Lu . ”

The name of Headmaster Lu was Bixing . He was famous as a black sheep, a freak and a big hoodie in the Eighth Galaxy . He was both the chief man of the school board and the headmaster of the Starry Sea College—-not because he was noble, of course, but because that it was he that contributed the college .

Headmaster Lu was very young . The reason why he could devote himself into the education career was not only because that he had passion and high ideal dreams, but also because that his father was a very famous munitions merchant in the Eighth Galaxy .

His father’s nickname was the Monoeye Hawk, who occupied the Cayley planet which is the capital planet of the Eighth Galaxy . He offered more than eighty percent of the weapons in the fights and wars in the Eighth Galaxy . He was THE troublemaker causing blood bleeding .

Bixing grew up with weapons of mass destruction, becoming an expert in the field of mechs very naturally since he grew up in such a family . He has the potential to be a Frankstein . Unfortunately, Monoeye Hawk found his son had an absurd dream before he could be happy for having a perfect inheritor——his son dreamed of being an educator even if he had grew in such a bloody family .

Why would the son of a munitions merchant would have such a humanistic dream? Bixing Lu had never told others the reason . That was why people all regarded him as a nutter .

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Everything absurd in Eighty Galaxy , which cannot be explained properly, have the final answer simply as one word——insanity .

Monoeye Hawk finished his feast earlier on his son’s twentieth birthday . He asked his son about his wishes . He was too drunk to stay sober, promising he would make every wish come true even if his wish was to burn the Wotto down .

Little Lu believed it . He said his wish to his father, faithfully . “I want to publish a book . ”

The Monoeye Hawk awoke immediately . He read his son’s masterpiece under the title “Space Mech Introductory Theory” . The munitions merchant was a bit confused . He could not recall where the argot of Space Mech Introductory Theory belongs to . Therefore, he asked, without feeling awkward: “What is this?”

Lu Jr . answered: “A basic textbook introducing space mech technology . ”

The Monoeye Hawk thought there was something wrong with his ears . “Te…… what book?”

“Textbook . ” Lu Jr . said, “I’ve read the textbooks accepted by several kind of normal colleges in the Eighth Galaxy . They were all disasters . Therefore, I write one by myself . Father, you are very welcomed to correct me . ”

His father didn’t say anything for a while . “What do you wanna do?”

Lu Jr . was nuts absolutely . “I am willing to contribute a serious school, serious enough to lit the technological fame of the Eighth Galaxy . ”

Now his father was wide awake now . He left without a single word, deciding to find a doctor to cure his son .

Since that, Bixing Lu and his father had started their long-time fighting . His mech abilities improved a lot in the process . When he was grounded in the Cayley planet, he spent 3 years turning his wandering vehicle into a pathetic-looking interstellar mech . Escaping by driving it, he wandered a lot of places until he met someone by the Beijing-ß, and then started a bad romance .

“Where is your student?” B4 turned on the lights on the wall the second he walked in, destroying the atmosphere Bixing Lu created on purpose .

“The secretary took her away . ” Bixing Lu had prepared for the moment for so long, but now his only audience broke his stage without a glance . He sighed and had to leave his bar stool, circling around Spider . “What? You get the human trafficker back? Is that him?”

B4 looked at him for a second .

“I don’t have to ask, do I?” He rolled over the man on the floor with his foot, winking to Zhanlu, “No one can escape from Zhanlu’s chasing space field in the Eighth Galaxy, can they, babe?

Zhanlu showed no expression . “Thanks for your appreciation . ”

B4 showed no expression as well . “Then why are you still here?”

Bixing was helpless when facing two pokerfaces . “I say, which one of you is the original edition?”

Then he kneeled, pressing on the Spider’s neck . Figuring out the man was still alive, he became more serious . “I have no intention to know who he is or what he is doing here . I will ask just one question and I will leave here immediately after finishing it . Will my student be in danger because of all of this?”

“Do not worry . ” Zhanlu answered, “I have blocked the ID information of Miss Huang . Spider’s partner did not get anything . ”

Bixing did not say a word then . He stood up, taking a bottle of wine behind the bar counter without asking for it .

“I am leaving then . ” He checked his look in front of the glass door, turning around to say, “Well, the girl told me what happened roughly . I suppose the man has something similar to Eden . Be careful——bye . ”

B4 lifted his eyebrow . “Wait a second . ”


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