Input Log Dates - Chapter 106

Published at 4th of May 2021 11:10:51 AM

Chapter 106: 106

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A2: all you wanted... all this time.

A2: was the coordinates to the main apartment?

A4: So You Finally Figured me out.

A2: ...That's it?

A2: You disposed of A5, A6-fuck everyone just to get to the main apartment?!

A4: What Can I say?

A4: In Short, Yes. Now All I Need To DO Is G Et Your COmputer And Then I'll Be Able TO Leave.

A2: But why?!

A2: You were the one they loved most-that's how you became A1 in the first place.

A2: I...

A2: I should've know that you were going to do something.

A2: you always do. You never did want to go by the rules...

A2: FUCK! I should've known!

A4: You should have! Maybe Then They

A3: Wouldn't

A6: Have

A5: Died. :)


A4: Now All I Need Is that Computer Of yours.

A2: Why do you even need it! How could you do this to everyone?!

A4: DOn't You Get It A2? The Main Apartment Sent Us Here TO Die.

A2: How can you expect me to believe that!?

A4: What Benefit Would I GaaIn From Lying?

A4: I've Checked Long Time Ago. They Never Wanted Us TO Come Back. We Were TO Starve. Or Really, We Were To Be Infected. They Made Sure That We Would. And Naturally, I WA n t All OFThem TO Die.

A2: So that's just it? You... You exterminated everyone for the sake of... OVer throwing The Main Apartment....?

A4: Yes.


A2: Why did you leave me...? Why didn't you kill me.

A4: Well, I Wouldn't Had Done It. Any Of This. But You Were T h e One Who Blocked Me. So Al l mY Hard Work Went To Your Computer.

A4: I WAnted TO Make SUre You Feel The Full Brunt Of Y OUr Mistake.

A2: That's... that's too cruel...

A4: You Won't Need TO Experience It FOr Too Long.

A2: What... What do you mean by that?

A2: ....A1?

A2: Hey! A1!