Input Log Dates - Chapter 113

Published at 4th of May 2021 11:10:42 AM

Chapter 113: 113

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Sorry about being late!

I forgot where i hid you


uh what happened yesterday?


oh right!

So i woke up and got to eat some rations. I'll be honest with you, i don't really like the rations. They're really icky and weird!

Mom says it's fine but i don't know about that.

We eat outta these weird jar thingys? It's all goopy and sticky and we just have to swallow it once per day but it taste super weird! The only thing that i like is that it comes with these biscuits? It's super sweet and crumbly and mom said something about how they make it with honey.

I don't know what honey is but it's yummy! And usually mom gives me her biscuit so i usually eat those for the day and throw the ration down the waste chute.

She doesn't like the biscuit all too much. She usually has this really sad face whenever i tell her i'm too full for her half. I think it has to do with honey. She said something about it being from when she was my age but she wouldn't tell more....

what was i talking about?

uh... oh yeah. Mom said that restart party is gonna happen in a few cycles. She said she'll take me this time so i'm really excited!

I hope i can sleep now...


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