Input Log Dates - Chapter 136

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:45:38 AM

Chapter 136: 136

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it's getting colder everyday.

I wish i brought a blanket... and maybe even a pillow. i didn't think much when i holed up in here. I just wanted to get somewhere safe before the end of the cycle. I realyl should've gotten more bisuicts...

I tried to look out the door. and it opened a little bit but something still seems to make it stuck? That didn't scare me. What scared me is what i saw.

Well really what i didn't see

it's pitch black outside?

even with the light from the waste room on, i couldn't see anything out there. Just blackness. I'm not too sure about this. I might... i think i'll stay in a bit.

I've made a bed outta some of the papers and the boxes i have with me. I've kept the picture of mom and uncle near by too.

I haven't really done much lately to be honest.

Not even snooping about. At least not since i found that picture with that A guy.


I think i might sleep now.

Good night

i hope this all ends soon