Input Log Dates - Chapter 142

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:45:12 AM

Chapter 142: 142

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Why am i so tired?

It feels like i've been sleeping forever!

I've just been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and sleeping

Well... I like sleeping

I get to see mom.

I get to see uncle.

I get to be in the light again

I get to be in my room again...

I mean i'm in my room. I'm at home since i've never left it. But it's not home. It's not my room. It feels like i'm in a nightmare!

Is this the nightmare? or or is this real?

Mom why won't you tell me?

why does mom never tell me anything?

Where is mom?

Please get me out of here

i'm so tired

i'm so scared

i'm so H UN GRY

I'm so cold

so very cold

i'm shaking and the black hasn't left me yet. What will happen to me...? I'm going to- i need to get going. i need to leave, i need to do osmething anythign! ican't feel mytoes i am so scared o'm tired i'm sleepy mommy mommy come saveme momwhere are you mommy i wa n t my mommy mom come bakci 'll be good i'll be good i'l be gooodd













i don't remember writing this.

didn't i just wake up?


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