Input Log Dates - Chapter 148

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:44:53 AM

Chapter 148: 148

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The doors outside... most of them have goop on them. A few of them are completely pitch black... I don't like the looks of it. It reminds me of what it looked like when the goop covered the door, back when i was in the waste room. I really don't want to do this...

But i running low on food so i need to move.

I hope the person at the end of the hall doesn't mind me running around...

I think i'll try for the one in front of me.

i'll add more when i checked it out okay?

hang on tight.










Okay i'm back home!

The door was strangely not locked at all, what does that mean?

Well it's okay. The room looks really bad though... alot of the flooring is covered so i've been spending alot of the papers trying to use them to walk across. Thankfully, the door to their storage room was not locked as well.

I got more biscuits!

I didn't take any of the rations though... I couldn't tell whether it was rations or mold. They're both black so i don't know.

Oh! The computer looked like it wasn't stuck on that one picture. I'm going to attempt to use it, maybe i can get help?


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