Input Log Dates - Chapter 149

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:44:52 AM

Chapter 149: 149

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Okay, all that is in the way of me and the computer is a big goop. It's the biggest one i've seen! It kinda... looks like a person...

i'm writting to you now in the other room. I wanna update things right away so i can remember it.





Okay i managed to push the thing away. It looks like it used to be a chair? like the rollie one at home. But it was super heavy. Anyway, from the looks of this computer... i think that it was the one to cause the one at home to be stuck.

I can see the little picture on the corner but there's other things on the screen. I'll be right back.





someone is trying to talk to this computer!

I didn't realize it until i heard a ding. There seems to be... i think a chat? that's what mom called it right?

Well it seems like whoever was talking is trying to get someone's attention.

'd1 are you there?'

it says. They keep sending that everyday i think?

the name is 'b1?'

should i answer it...?


[email protected]@