Input Log Dates - Chapter 169

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:43:44 AM

Chapter 169: 169

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Location: C6 room

[typing before a sigh]

C6: I really can't use this thing huh...? That's fine... I guess... uh


C6: okay. I am C6. The surveillance of the C level. And right now I'm currently trying to figure out how to go about with the computer problem.

[slight pause before sighing]

C6: The camera's are still up but barely. Thankfully I coded the cameras to work on my accord but A1's server is making it harder each day to preserve said code.Some days the cameras don't work. Maybe one or two... hell other days it's the entire damn process.

C6: It's my only light source in here so i don't want to fuck it over

[more sounds of typing before the slamming of a keyboard]

C6: Damn it! Fuck! How am i supposed to do my job like this huh A1?!

[more yelling and throwing of different items]

[Loud thud]

>Recording end

>Recording time: 13:[email protected]@