Input Log Dates - Chapter 171

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:43:41 AM

Chapter 171: 171

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>location: C4 room, waste room

[distant humming and singing before the sounds of rushing water]

C4: [distantly] you know? The mold spot i found in my room won't go away. I've been doing what C1 instructed and nothing! No amount of bleach or water could get it away from the wall. I haven't told anyone about it cause who knows

[giggles as the water is shut off]

C4: i might end up like my neighbor.

[Laughs again as the recording is picked up.]

[soft footsteps soon head to the bed as the mattress creaks]


C4: but they can't afford to dispose of me. They'll die if they do.


>Recording Stopped

>Recording time: 8:[email protected]@