Input Log Dates - Chapter 179

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:43:18 AM

Chapter 179: 179

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>location: main hallway

[door opens]



C3: [quietly] Hey... C1? C1...?


C3: come on C1... I know you can hear me. I need to discuss with you something...


[sigh of frustation]

C3: alright fine. Ignore me. But... But I need to talk to you. Urgently. It... It has to do with C4 okay?

[door opens]

[slight shuffling]

C3: shit. Uh... Hey man what's-

C4: yes?

C3: uh...

[footsteps as C3 backs into a wall]

C4: yes?



C3: It's nothing man... I just wanted to talk to C1.


C4: I know. The walls are thin after all.

C3: ye...yeah... I um... [clears throat] C4 how are you feeling?


C4: I don't think you'd want to talk to C1. He's not feeling well.

C3: how-what do you mean?


C3: C4? C4!

[Door closes]


[door opens]

C2: C3...? What's going on?



[slight laughing]

C3: it's... it's nothing. I'll see you later C2.


[door closing]


>recording [email protected]@