Input Log Dates - Chapter 222

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:40:11 AM

Chapter 222: 222

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[door slams closed]


[numerous things are thrown and knocked off as C6 keeps yelling]

C6: Fuck fuck FUCK FUCK!

[continues to swear]

[this continues for some time]

C6: [crying] f,fuck... damn it...

[quiets down to whimpers. A chair creeks. Something thumps the desk]

C6: [muffled] why the hell is this happening...?


[door creaks open]

C2: C6, I-

C6: OH DON'T! Seriously!

C2: Let me finish-

C6: Don't try with me fucking 2. I don't give a shit. Just-[sounds of struggles and yelling]


C2: NO!

[both quiet down besides huffin]

C2: Now you listen to me C6. I am NOT. Risking everything we've done so far because you can't keep your emotions under raps. I know we are going through un-precidented times but we /must/ put everyone's well being first.

[C6 tries to butt in but C2 stops them again]

C2: Isn't that what you taught me?


C6: you little shit.

C2: yes?

C6: [silence before groans] Fuck! FUCK! I jsut-Listen. You can't blame me. I just-I-Damn it. Why must you do this to me?

C2: becuase it'll get you to focus on ensuring our safety.

C6: [grumbles] You can't... just [sighs] I hate that... Fuck- I'm just afraid. Everything is coming to shit so fast and I just keep watching things happen like per-fucking usual-

C2: then [pushes object into C6's chest] do something about it.


[C6 takes a deep breath]

C6: Alright... Alright fine... Just-show me what I need to get doing? I just-

C2: You're shaking.

C6: You... You cant expect me to just... Be up and fine about the shit that's been happening. I know what I fucking said but-

C2: it's okay. You don't need to say more. I understand. But we have no other choice.


C2: you can tell him when we are out of this apartment. For now, let's stay focused.

>recording max