Input Log Dates - Chapter 230

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:39:42 AM

Chapter 230: 230

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location: A hallway

C2: everything good in there?

C3: hm...? oh yeah.. It's all fine.

C6: ...3 I'm sorry-

C3: don't bother. We'll make it up to her later alright? Let's make sure this all doesn't go to waste.


C2: since when did you grow up?

[C3 chuckles]

C3: around the same time you started acting like a 1.

C2: excuse me-

C6: eh they got a point 2. We've got all the shit we need? Rations? water?

[sounds of shuffling as C3 grunts]

C3: seems about it, I'll carry most of it. How's the deal with D1?

C2: just about ready to open the gates. All of you ready?

C6: ready as I'll ever fucking be... Can't say I won't miss this place.

C3: to think we spent a good few cycles in here, only to leave right away.

[footsteps as a bell dings distantly]


[a bell dings]

C2: this is it.

C3: yep...


C6: fuck it let's go. I want to give the Admins a piece of my mind when we get back.

[footsteps as C3 laughs]

C3: don't let them catch you saying that!

C6: ha! We just survived a full out contamination breach, I can handle a few admins

[bell dings as doors are closed]

C2: [now muffled] sure you can.

C6: [growing distant] oh shut up 2.

[voices trail off]


[loud bang]


[sounds of something sticky moving about]

>recording max.