Input Log Dates - Chapter 259

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:37:39 AM

Chapter 259: 259

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Power has gone out for a brief moment. Unknown whether it affected just the B level or the entire building. Computers are still on standby except for the 1's computer. No files were lost.


first appearance of infected. Came from contaminated area. Took the form of expired resident, B6. Unknown if it /was/ 6. I will be compiling more updates about the infected.

Following through with defense protocol. I've tasked B2 with the job of disposer now. I have authorized my residents to terminate the infected on sight if possible.

A1, if you are reading this. I request for a server B inspection as soon as possible. We can not afford to lose power, not while we are still dealing with the aftereffects of a contamination breach.

Note, not advisable to have the lights off if there is many infected areas. Too high a risk of touching contaminated area if so. B4 has hypothesized that molded moves faster under dark lighting.

Nothing else to note.