Input Log Dates - Chapter 263

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:37:27 AM

Chapter 263: 263

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location: B1 room


[distant fizzling noise]

[distant screaming and multiple sounds of exclaim]

B1: oh fuck, oh shit, oh fUCK OH SHIT.

[doors slamming open]

[muffled voices and screaming]

B1: uh-uh fuck holy fuck. Shit, i gotta-SHIT

[distant pounding as there are frantic rumaging sound]

[very muffled voices]

B1: uh... shit uh HOLd ON!

[recorder is picked up as footsteps is hold]

B4: [muffled by door] B1? B-B1! What's going on?! why did the [undistinguishable]- server just -[unknown]- the mold?!

B1: uh-fuck no don't stay here. Fuck-SHUT UP! Go back to your room!

B5: [indistinguishable shouting]

B4: [muffled] 1 told us to go back-

B5: [reply is undistinguishable]

B4: I don't know!

B1: Both of you! get the fuck back into your room. /quickly!/ H-Hunker down and prepare.

B4: but B1-

B1: Follow end-of-cycle protocol!

B4: I-

B1: NOW!

[muffled arguing before silence]

[very quiet sound of squelching]


[distant squelching]

[frantic screaming]


[crying as frantic running is heard]

[one loud thump]


[more crying before doors are suddenly slammed]


[B1 pants for a long while, presumably to listen]

[Every so often, a loud bang can be heard from down below]

>recording maxed