Input Log Dates - Chapter 264

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:37:24 AM

Chapter 264: 264

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location: B5 waste room

[loud thud]

[the sound of water rushing]

[frantic hand washing as someone mutters in a panicked fashion]

[more rushing water]

B5: [silently] what the hell did i touch

B5: what the fuck did i touch

B5: oh fuck oh fuck i can't see

[loud bang]

B5: I can't see, i can't see, I can't see

[this chant continues for a while as frantic splashing can be heard]

[b5 pants]

B5: this... this will be okay. Nothing [gulps] nothing happened. I'm fine. I probably got it off. Ha ha... I got it off right?

[they gulp again before going silent]

[the sound of water rushing is all that's left]

>recording max