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Chapter 3.7

Chapter 3: Trying Out Going to a Cafe – Part 7

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Part 7

From the Central District’s south gate, they came out into the direction of the plaza .
They went this way because Alicia said, “This way should be a shortcut” but……
There were street stalls lined up, and it was crowded with shoppers . Unlike the Central District where the rich lived, this area truly felt like it was the district of the masses .
「I am sorry, to think that it would be this crowded……」
Alicia said that sounding apologetic .
It couldn’t be helped, the marketplace being crowded wasn’t her fault .
Normally, due to Diablo’s outward appearance, the people walking down the road would take some distance, but with this many people, that wasn’t possible . Because everyone was engrossed with shopping, there were a lot of people that wouldn’t notice even if they were bumped into .
Unless they were face to face, even the Demon King was nothing .
Krem started to get annoyed with the crowd of people .
「Eei, should I just burn them all!」
「You can’t!」

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Shera said that and made her listen .
Certainly, they couldn’t allow her to burn them but……walking through the crowd of people was difficult enough for him to understand that feeling .
Alicia extended a hand to Krem .
「So that we don’t get separated, let’s hold hands . Since we are always leaving it to Shera-sama, this time, I will do the honors . 」
「Fumu? It cannot be helped . Well then, So that you do not get lost, you should firmly grasp Maou’s hand -noda . 」
The one that they were worried about getting lost is Krem though……
Diablo started walking towards the western street . A Demon King worrying about everyone not getting lost was, a bit wrong, is what he thought .
Rem was minding the back of the group .
Shera lined up beside him, and grabbed his arm .
「Wait upー」
「Hmph, in the end, the place of destination is the inn . Even if we get separated, there won’t be a problem, correct?」
「That’s true, but it’s more fun to walk together with everyone . 」
「Do as you like . 」

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Recently, Shera appeared like an older sister that took care of her little sister, but Shera was originally a young lady that had childish parts to her .
She clung onto Diablo’s arm .
Having such soft things go *gyuu* and press up against him after such a long time, Diablo had trouble keeping his unrest from showing .
The lead was Diablo and Shera, following them was Rem, and at the back was Alicia and Krem .
──It kind of feels like we’re party members in an RPG . Though the one at the lead isn’t a Hero but a Demon King .
A Demon King・A Summoner・A Summoner and Bow-User・A Knight・A Demon King……That was quite an inclined composition .
After walking for some time, when they got out of the congestion, Shera raised a voice .

「Everyone’s gone!?」

So they got lost .
Rem, Alicia, and Krem’s figures weren’t there .
In this case, since they were the ones that were fewer, were they the ones that got lost?
However, since they were the ones at the lead……
──Were we walking too fast? Since I’ve never walked as the lead when moving in a group, I didn’t know .
If it’s Rem and Alicia, they would probably head to the inn even if they were separated, is what he thought .

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He had a strange uneasiness .

At a quick pace, he returned to 《Relief・Twilight Store》 .
Rem, Alicia, and Krem had not returned . He decided to wait for a bit .
He probably waited for about 20 minutes──
The bell indicating 5 o’clock in the afternoon could be heard from the neighborhood church .
The one that couldn’t endure it any longer first was Shera .
「I, I’ll try going back! They just might be searching for us in the Central Plaza! Diablo, you wait here . Since we might miss each other . 」
「Umu . 」
In a situation like this, he was unable to devote himself to the Demon King role play .
Krem was a Demon King, but she was still a child .
He thought that she would be alright if she was with either Rem or Alicia but……
No, if they were together, wouldn’t they have already come back? The possibility of her having gotten completely separated and being lost alone was high .
And then, the Alicia, with her strong sense of responsibility would be searching about for her? What was Rem doing?
While he was thinking about this and that, Shera started running towards the Central Plaza .
「I need to hurry up and fined them!」
As time passes, the number of shoppers would decrease . Then it would become that much easier to find a lost child .
However, his bad feeling didn’t settle down .
It would be fine if it were all just needless anxiety, but he couldn’t calm down just by waiting .
Diablo called out to the poster girl of the inn .
「Oi, if Rem, Alicia, or Krem come back, tell them to wait in the room . Also tell them that they must absolutely not go outside . 」
「Alright . Leave it to Mei-chan☆」
It was the usual tone of voice, but there was a more serious flavor that could be felt .
Diablo headed towards the plaza .
However, even if the people searching went from Shera alone to two people, there wasn’t much meaning to it .
If they were going to be searching, there was a need for more helping hands .
When he walked while thinking, a large building that was on the western street that came into view .
「I see……」
There was the Adventurer’s Guild .