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Chapter 69

Three weeks passed after we returned from the mines and made a report to the guild .

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Daniela and I spent the time just repeating simpler quests and earning money .


◇   ◇   ◇   ◇


Name: Asagi Kamiyashiro

Race: Human

Job: Adventurer(Rank: C)

LV: 53

HP: 514/514

MP: 485/485

STR: 238  VIT: 234

AGI: 569  DEX: 266

INT: 235  LUK: 25

Skills: ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, Legs of the Forest Wolf, Presence Detection, Nighteyes

Magic: Ice, Water, Fire

Quest: None

Party: Daniela Villesilf

Equipment: Armor

Head: none

Torso: Ice Dragon Light Armor

Arms: Ice Dragon Gauntlets

Legs: Ice Dragon Leg Guards

Feet: Assault Kobold Leather Boots

Weapons: Assault Kobold Claw Sword

– Assault Kobold Short Claw Sword

Clothes: Wind Dragon Poncho

– Wind Dragon Waist Mantle

– Wind Dragon Trousers

Accessories: Assault Kobold Fang Necklace


◇   ◇   ◇   ◇


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Name: Daniela Villesilf

Race: Light Elf

Job: Adventurer(Rank: B)

LV: 72

HP: 899/899

MP: 573/573

STR: 384  VIT: 288

AGI: 271  DEX: 445

INT: 380  LUK: 31

Skills: Fresh Green Eye

Magic: Wind, Water, Earth

Quest: None

Party: Asagi Kamiyashiro

Equipment: Head: Mask of the Forest People

Body: Light Armor of the Forest People

Arms: Patchwolf Gloves

Legs: Steel Claw Leggings

Feet: Forest Lizard Leather Boots

Weapons: Rapier of the Tree of Life and Death

– Bow of the Tree of Life and Death

Accessories: Cape of the Forest People

– Pendant of the Forest People


◇   ◇   ◇   ◇


I had caught up with Daniela for a moment in terms of rank . Even though we were on opposite ends of it . It didn’t last too long, as Rank B started from LV 71 . She would soon reach even higher places . It had taken me awhile to get here, so I had to work hard so that gap didn’t widen again .

And perhaps it was because we had been underground for so long, but I got a new skilled called ‘Nighteyes . ’

It was a lowkey skill that gave you slightly better vision in the dark . I’m sure it would come in handy again . Daniela didn’t get the skill, probably because she already had a unique skill, ‘Fresh Green Eye . ’ Or so she said .


I had new weapons made for me with the fangs and claws of the assault kobold . The blacksmith that Bordow introduced to me was a pure blooded dwarf named Bennett .


“So you’re Silvergreen . ”

“Yes, I’m Asagi . Nice to meet you . ”

“You think you can ask me to make your weapons when you only just received your second name? Quite arrogant, huh? Ehh?”

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“Err, the guild master suggested you to me . I’ll go elsewhere if you don’t like it . ”

“Now, wait just a minute . You have something rare, don’t you?”

“Yeah, here it is . ”

“Hmph…mmm, this…”

“Recognize it?”

“It seems that it was I who was arrogant…pardon me . I’ll accept the job!”

“Well then, I look forward to the results . ”


Thankfully, he knew his craft well . It only took one look at the materials for him to understand what they were . And of course, he did not disappoint . I look down at the two swords hanging on my belt . There were no beautiful decorations . They were designed purely for functionality, unsheathing smoothly, with a good grip and lightweight . The short claw sword was light of course, but it was also incredibly durable . It would be useful for cutting off materials and other work .

It took two weeks for these weapons to be made, but the results were fantastic . I spent the past week running through the plains to test them out . Though we managed to avoid falling into further trouble like the last time, and things stayed mostly peaceful . Kill some grass wolves, take the materials and then run to the next area . Rinse and repeat .


On the other hand, Daniela seemed to desperately want to move on with our journey as soon as my weapons were complete, but I managed to prolong our stay just a little longer . The reason for this was that a Hero was to visit this city of the plains .


The Hero, Yasushi Matsumoto . Okay, his name sounded like a drug store, but he was a true Hero who had suppressed a dragon stampede . Unlike me, this guy was bound to have an amazing, flashy cheat skill . Or so I told myself, my imagination running wild . But I didn’t even know if he had arrived here through reincarnation or teleportation . In fact, all my assumptions were purely from the fact that his name sounded Japanese .


He had heard rumors of the stampede that had been prevented in the city of the plains and was sent from the royal capital to investigate the mines . He would surely have heard my name at that point, and if was indeed from Japan, then he would, in turn, assume that I was from there as well . I could only hope that he wasn’t some self-obsessed protagonist type . I did not want to get involved in that kind of drama…

Daniela and I were now enjoying a meal at the bar as we waited for this Hero’s arrival . It was only a guess, but I felt that this was a likely spot for him to visit . And just as Daniela started on her third plate of broiled fish, the doors of the guild swung open .


“Oi! The Hero will be here any minute!”

“What!? Already!”

“No . I need to fix my makeup…”

“Oh, I wonder what kind of handsome man he will be…”

“He must be strong to be a Hero, right?”

“I think there’ll be a huge difference in strength…”


Different voices buzzed as the guild was filled with excitement . Daniela paid it no mind as she was absorbed with her food . Ah, really . Look how much you’re getting on your mouth .


“Mm, mm . What is it Asagi? Stop bothering me . ”

“You’re not a child anymore . Don’t make such a mess when you eat . ”

“Hm? Are you making fun of me? This fish is nothing . Why, I could eat the whole thing, bones and all if I wanted!”

“Bones will get stuck in your throat and are not for eating!”


Though, I did like those fishbone crackers they used to have .


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And then Presence Detection caught something with ridiculous magic levels . It was this Hero without a doubt . He was coming right here . I was becoming a little nervous .


“Daniela . The Hero is coming . ”

“Mm, gg, mmm… You did want to meet with him . ”

“Yeah, this is exciting…”


Just what kind of person would this Yasushi Matsumoto be? I moved my eyes towards the door with expectation .


And then, along with the incredible levels of magic, came the Hero, as the doors opened .


“Helllooo . ”


The guild went from rowdy to quiet in an instant . It was so quiet that my ears almost hurt .


“Uh, can I come in?…”


Hero Matsumoto mumbled awkwardly . As far as I could tell, he seemed Japanese . The black hair . The face . The way he carried himself . It’s that same strange feeling of seeing someone from the same country when you are abroad . Actually, I’ve never been abroad .


“Hmm? He has black hair just like you, this Hero . ”


It was Daniela’s voice that broke the silence . That’s my partner for you . Look, now he was looking at us . Oh, damn, I was getting nervous again .


“A-are you Silvergreen!?”





It was a greeting that had been carved into my soul after so many night shifts . But I knew everyone would forgive me .


In any case, this was my first meeting with the Hero .


□   □   □   □


“…well, that happened . ”

“Who are you talking to?”

“I’m reminiscing . ”


Matsumoto and I were now drinking at the Fang and Claw tavern . This was the same place that we had visited with Rex and the others . Daniela wasn’t with us today . It was just a little drink between guys . It was bound to get long-winded, so she didn’t come .


Matsumoto was apparently a high school student . He had been on his way home from school when a truck tipped over, slipped and crushed him out of this life and unleashed him into this one . It was while he died…or perhaps immediately after, which was the same as me . And like me, he was teleported here . He had not started again as a baby .

It seemed that he was really living the typical protagonist life here . Amazing stats and skills allowed him to reach the position of Hero . He was unbeatable in combat . Women would throw themselves at him every time he walked . Harems developed like a natural phenomenon . It was all very protagonist-like . In fact, the moment he came to the guild, he was soon followed by an interesting group of women…


“No, but really . I don’t have the resources to manage a harem! I’m just a normal Japanese guy! Not an oil tycoon!”

“Yes, you’ve said that a hundred times…”


He did have a tendency to get into trouble . But with every solution he brought to a case, the number of women who followed him would increase . He went on about the troubles surrounding his nighttime schedule . And yet he couldn’t throw them out, as they were good people . He even began to feel a fondness for a few of them . And so here he was, completely bound to them . Or so he said .


“This old man is scandalized . ”

“I envy you, Asagi . You’re all alone . ”

“You’re an idiot . Aren’t you living the dream?”

“You can say that because you don’t know what it’s like to have a harem!”


Well, perhaps . But really, I was fine with those things staying in the realm of imagination . All I wanted was for Daniela to be with me . It was more than enough .


“Looking at you, I’m quite thankful I wasn’t a protagonist . ”

“What! You don’t need to say it like that! You know what? I’m going to tell miss Daniela that you were jealous of my harem, okay!?”

“Hey, hey now . We’re friends, aren’t we? Matsumoto Yasushi!”

“Don’t say my name like that! It makes it sound like a drug store!”


Ah, it was night talking to someone from home again . At least they got your jokes .

We talked like this until morning, and then the Fang and Claw had to close, and so we left it behind us . We had skewers of meat in our hands by the time we got through the food district, and they were completely bare by the time we arrived at the Silver Wind inn . I had introduced it to him, and so he was staying here . And if he was here, then of course, so was his harem . In fact, they were all waiting for him at the entrance . One of them asked:


“Are you joining the harem then?”


Heh . Don’t be absurd .


Oh, no . A harem . Chapters keep getting longer…