Item Cheat na Dorei Harem Kenkokuki

Item Cheat na Dorei Harem Kenkokuki
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The male high school student Rindou Shouma was summoned to the other world Astral where Duels decide everything. However, the rules of the card game were exactly the same as a card game Shouma was already good at! In the Duels, the absolutely undefeated Shouma aimed to create his own paradise full of liberated slaves. Creating a harem kingdom with the power of cards, this is the independence of a slave harem with item-cheating!

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1 Year, 7 Months ago

“Thunder Bolt!!” At that moment the chant activated the fire magic that was built in the Wiz card. A crimson magic circle was drawn in front of him and an intense light source accumulated in the center. He wanted to cover his eyes because of the blinding light rays, but he also had the desire to see that boy’s cheeky face distort with horror because of his victory. But the boy just kept happily conversing with the girl. He didn’t even bother to look at the attack? This made the slave trader incredibly infuriated. Let’s end this battle quickly. Then carve terror into the boy right after the battle is over. As long as he won this fight, he could take everything away from the boy, according to Duels rules right? “Die, brat!” The light source that had accumulated so far finally turned into lightning, and it was released towards the boy. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,..... was it lightning or was it fire?  Was this even beta’d before releasing it out, or was someone just pissing into the wind to see what he caught.

1 Year, 7 Months ago

Hmm,.... just reading the first two “paragraphs”, this already has plagarism written all over it,..... No Game, No life as the original.

1 Year, 7 Months ago

mmm….only 2 chaps with 8.8 rating ?

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