Joy of Life - Chapter 702

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Chapter 702

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We must go . Wang Zhikun did not say these words out loud . He just glanced coldly at the generals in the tent and slapped the table . He said with meaning and heart, "I don't care who these Black Knights belong to . I only know that the winter training order from the Bureau of Military Affairs is clear . The Yanjing Camp's 3,000 troops are to enter Dongyi . No one is to obstruct this!"

The Yanjing troops were just a test . It was a demonstration of the court edging closer toward the Great Prince . Wang Zhikun narrowed both his eyes . A cold light gradually grew in them . Squeezing his voice into an icy thread, he said, "No matter what, the 10,000 soldiers led by the Great Prince are all subjects of the Qing Kingdom . The Great Prince will not risk rebellion to lead these troops to stop us . Thus, the problem at hand is the 1,000 Black Knights spread across Niutou Mountain . In two days, send the Bureau of Military Affairs' orders to move to them . If they refuse to move, it will prove that they are no longer troops of the Qing Kingdom . "

"But the Emperor's attitude toward Sir Fan junior is unclear," a general worriedly said .

If the Yanjing Camp actually fought with the Black Knights, it was the same as officially turning hostile against Fan Xian's forces . The atmosphere inside Jingdou was tenuous . The generals in Yanjing were not sure how the person in the Palace was going to deal with Fan Xian . If he only wanted to give Fan Xian the cold shoulder for a while and Yanjing Camp was difficult, it would be hard to later round out the situation .

The tent was deep in Yanjing . It was actually a very spacious room . It just had a military name . The generals inside the room were all Wang Zhikun's direct subordinates, so they spoke more freely .

The worry the general speaking earlier expressed was actually the same worry in Wang Zhikun's heart . The Emperor had removed all of Fan Xian's positions, but he still had not called him to account for his crimes . Who knew how the situation would develop?

Outside Yanjing, the 1,000 black riders beneath Niutou Mountain carrying a sense of the underworld was indeed a powerful force . However, Wang Zhikun had led soldiers for 20 years, and Yanjing Camp had 100,000 elite soldiers under its jurisdiction . Speaking just of numbers and armaments, they were the leading force among the armies of the five border Roads . It was impossible that they would not break through the seal created by the 1,000 Black Knights .

The problem at hand was that it was impossible for Yanjing to commit its entire army . Once the fires of battle were lit, Dongyi had only surrendered in name . The hearts of its people had not been settled . It might actually create the first civil war in the Qing Kingdom .

No matter what, Wang Zhikun did not dare to bear such a historical responsibility, particularly as his position in the military had practically reached the peak . Regardless of what further achievements he made on the battlefield, at most he would be like Commander Ye and return to Jingdou to become the Head of the Bureau of Military Affairs and make some progress with his reputation . In reality, there wasn't any benefit . For this Yanjing Governor, life had left him very little space to strive for .

Thus, he had to think about his family, direct subordinates, and the future . Although the Emperor continued to regard the world with disdain, the Emperor would eventually grow old . If Fan Xian could survive through this crisis… No, even if Fan Xian did not make it through, once the Third Prince took the throne, given his relationship with Fan Xian, would he tolerate him?

Wang Zhikun's brows were furrowed tightly . After all, he was the commander of an army . He specialized in strategies on the battlefield, but it was difficult for him to notice the details . The concubine choosing event in Jingdou did not make him understand the Emperor's plans . His brows tightened and then relaxed . Finally, he made up his mind . In a cold voice, he said, "We'll move the day after tomorrow . If anyone else dares to obstruct us, seize their weapons!"

All of the Yanjing generals had their own thoughts . They left the tent with worry . They weren't sure if the military action in two days would actually cause conflict with the Black Knights . They also didn't know if the Great Prince in Dongyi would actually lead his 10,000 elite troops back to the east and openly oppose the Qing border armies . All summed up, these generals loyal to the Qing Kingdom were worried that the Qing Kingdom's first civil war would burst forth in the territory in their jurisdiction .

Governor Wang seemed to have made up his mind . But, that night, he went to the Mei manor and found the leading civil official in Yanjing, Mei Zhili .

Mei Zhili was the disciple of Duke Liu . Although he was not very close to Fan Xian, they knew each other pretty well . After listening to Commander Wang's sincere request for advice, Sir Mei only quietly asked him one question .

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"Tong'er is still in Jingdou, right?" Ever since Mei Zhili had left the position of Jingdou Magistrate in the fourth year of the Qing calendar, he had come to Yanjing . He had governed it in cooperation with Governor Wang's military rule, interfering very little . Governor Wang deeply understood Sir Mei's judgment and planning . Just speaking from his ability to fully withdraw from the position of Jingdou Magistrate, one could see that he had political skill They got along well in private, so Sir Mei treated the young lady of the Wang family like a junior, only calling her Tong'er .

Hearing the words Tong'er, Governor Wang's expression did not change . But his heart, which had become unusually hardened through the ice and snow on the battlefields, suddenly trembled involuntarily . He knew what Mei Zhili wanted to make clear .

In June, Wang Tong'er had married into Prince Heqing's manor and become the Great Prince's secondary fei . Before this young lady had married, she had been given sincere advice by Fan Xian and disciplined for a number of months . The entire world knew that other than Fan Xian's four disciples, Fan Xian had three other students of noble birth . The first was the Third Prince . The second was the young lady of the Ye family Ye Ling'er . The third was the young lady of Yanjing Governor Wang's manor .

In the Qing Kingdom, the most weight was given to filial piety and then respect for one's teacher . Given the relationship between the Yanjing manor and Fan Xian, those 1,000 Black Knights beneath Niutou Mountain became somewhat complicated . Wang Zhikun glanced at Mei Zhili and said after a moment of silence, "There is an edict from the Palace and an order from the Bureau of Military Affairs . Even if this will cause discussion later, this matter has to be done . "

"You misunderstand me . " Mei Zhili looked down . It had been many years since he had escaped the political whirlpool in Jingdou . He had not planned on being involved in this major event . However, he was born a Duke and had too strong a connection to Yi Guipin and the Third Prince in the Palace . Although he was now in Yanjing, if he wanted to run in the future, it will still probably be very difficult . This was why he was speaking so plainly in front of Wang Zhikun .

"The teacher and pupil relationship between Sir Fan junior and Tong'er must be considered but most importantly . " Mei Zhili sighed and looked at Wang Zhikun . "You want to send troops toward Dongyi, but all those with eyes can see that the Great Prince is no longer listening to orders from Jingdou . Tong'er is the secondary fei of the manor . Have you considered this problem? If the Great Prince establishes himself as king in Dongyi, even if you gathered 100,000 soldiers and conquered Dongyi, what is Tong'er to do in his manor?"

Wang Zhikun had guarded the borders of the Qing Kingdom for many years and had suffered his share of hardship . When he reached 40, he had a daughter . Naturally, he loved her like a treasure . Her nature became arrogant and willful . This was what caused Wang Tong'er's bad mannerisms . It was fortunate that Fan Xian had forcefully squashed out Wang Tong'er's bad temper . Each time he thought of this, Wang Zhikun secretly felt rather thankful toward Sir Fan junior . However, now that Mei Zhili raised his point, he said in a daze, "Did Sir Fan junior predict this situation long ago? Was that why he facilitated the Great Prince to marry Tong'er in his positions as an official of the Taichang Temple, much to the surprise of everyone?"

Thinking of this, Wang Zhikun's heart chilled . He had not thought that the little Duke would think so far and deep . It truly chilled one's heart .

Wang Zhikun's position was awkward . Although Yanjing Camp was powerful, its blade was pointed toward Dongyi, which was already the Great Prince and Fan Xian's realm of power . Yet, these two young nobles also had an unbreakable connection to Wang Zhikun . One was his son-in-law, and the other was his daughter's teacher .

Mei Zhili thought for a moment and then said, "As for what Sir Fan junior was thinking at the time, there is no point for either of us to guess . However, I must remind you that the problem now is that the Palace has also thought this, yet the Palace has still not done anything to Yanjing . "

He raised his head and glanced at Wang Zhikun . "If Sir Fan junior had discerned the situation in advance, then it can only be said that he looks far and deep . Governor, you hold the fort in Yanjing, yet you target Dongyi . If the Emperor suspects your effort, regardless of who he switches you out for, it will probably be difficult for them to pull together the heart of the Yanjing Army . Thus, the safety of Dongyi would be a little better .

"My life and livelihood demonstrate my loyalty to the Emperor . If Fan Xian wants to use this, it won't work . " There was no anger in Wang Zhikun's words .

Mei Zhili nodded and said, "It's clear that Sir Fan junior's plans this time have not worked . Jingdou has yet to take action against Yanjing . The Emperor is, in the end, a wise ruler and has sufficient trust in you . Perhaps the Bureau of Military Affairs' military order and the Palace's secret edict were actually a test the Emperor gave you . "

Wang Zhikun paused and offered him a salute . "Thank you for the advice . "

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Mei Zhili's expression remained serious . He slowly said, "Are you really not going to think about Tong'er? About the discussions under heaven? If you can bring down Dongyi in one battle, then you are a meritorious official of the Qing Kingdom . Once civil war starts and the fires of war are burning, pressure from all sides will pour onto your body . "

"But what is there to be done? If I really hold back the soldiers and do nothing, that would be a betrayal of the Emperor's trust in me," Wang Zhikun said heavily with a twitch of his brows . "The clash in Jingdou will eventually land on the battlefield . As the Emperor's official, there are many things that have to be done . "

Mei Zhili looked at him calmly . After a moment of silence, he said through gritted teeth, "To say something not befitting an official, this is, after all, the matter of the Emperor's family . You and I, those who are officials, should be loyal to the Emperor . If a civil war does break out in the Qing Kingdom, how do we explain it to the people of the world? The incident in Jingdou should land on the battlefield . However, both Sir Fan junior and the Emperor clearly did not want this instability to go too deep and far . Otherwise, the Emperor would keep leaving air for Sir Fan junior, and Sir Fan junior would not stay so well-behaved as a man of leisure . "

"The both of them are guarding that bottom line . When you lead out troops in two days, you must also remember this bottom line clearly . There could be coercion and invasion . If blood does flow like rivers, I think being different is not wise . It might not be the result the Emperor wanted . "

"But the opposition is the Black Knights . Those bastards of the Overwatch Council don't understand what it means to retreat . " Wang Zhikun continued with his eyes closed . "The appropriate action is too difficult to grasp . You must attack but not actually . You can't destroy the Emperor's grand plan . You must also prevent the situation from becoming too severe . "

Speaking of this, Governor Wang took a deep breath . He had spent his entire life in the shadows of knife light . He had never run into such a complicated situation . Hit if something needed to be hit . That was the most simple solution, even if the other party was Fan Xian or the Great Prince . But, if the east of the Qing Kingdom became a mess, the Emperor would be unhappy again .

"Since the Emperor has given a secret edict, then the battle must be fought . There needs to be at least a true confrontation to suppress some of the aura of the Black Knights . " Mei Zhili lowered his eyelids slightly . "The orders of the Palace must be carried out . Sweep over them like wind and rain over a mountain . How many days could the Black Knights last? Although they were a group of cold-blooded soldiers numbed to killing, the Great Prince was not . Neither was Sir Fan junior . "

"Such a situation could not be sustained for many days . In the end, we will have to turn hostile," Wang Zhikun reminded him as he looked at him . "The Emperor's edict is here, I don't want the Emperor to think I didn't exert myself for this matter . "

"No, there has to be an opportunity for the situation between Yanjing and Dongyi to stabilize . " Mei Zhili suddenly smiled slightly . "Sir Fan junior spent such effort on Tong'er and on the relationship between you and the Great Prince . What he sought was the present balance between both sides . As for the Emperor's edict, I'm sure he will have a way to end this matter . "

"Although it is difficult to go against the edict, I truly do not wish to see the men of the Qing Kingdom on the battlefield . " Wang Zhikun's brows were furrowed deeply . A moment later, he slowly said, "However, I cannot see any way for me to not disobey the edict and also pull back soldiers from Niutou Mountain and return in the current situation . "

"Then, it will depend on Sir Fan junior's means . " Mei Zhili calmly extended a finger . "If things are to continue as they are, something needs to change . We don't know what this variable is, but Sir Fan junior knows for sure . "

Wang Zhikun sighed and said, "I don't believe he can achieve this . If he can actually find this variable within five days, I'm afraid I'll be like Tong'er and be filled with endless admiration toward him . "

Two days later, a murderous atmosphere hung outside Yanjing . Border soldiers from various military camps gathered in front of the city and moved toward the east . In just half a day, they had met up with the 3,000 soldiers from Yanjing Camp that had been sent earlier to the foot of Niutou Mountain .

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An official road passed through the foot of Niutou Mountain and golden and red autumn woods . It stretched toward the shores of the East Sea . Following this road, the army could directly reach Dongyi .

A black mass of troops was gathered . Banners flew in the wind . Light armor covered the riders . A killing atmosphere abounded . This army totaled more than 10,000 people, and its aura was frightening .

However, even such intimidating Qing border soldiers were stopped below Niutou Mountain and could not advance a single step . At the entrance to the road, three full rows of full black-armored riders waited there sternly .

There were only three rows, just over 100 Black Knights, yet they gave off a heart-chilling sinister coldness as they stood in the center of the path . On either side of the mountain slopes, there were two even darker black ink lines . They were also the Black Knights .

In order to demonstrate his loyalty, the Yanjing Governor, Wang Zhikun, could be said to have truly put down blood capital for the test this time . He had sent 10,000 border soldiers over . Naturally, he would not personally lead the troops . The person leading was one of his trusted generals and had already received the secret edict .

This general looked at the black riders far away on the road . His heart felt cold . The Qing army had long heard and been envious of the Black Knights of the Sixth Bureau of the Overwatch Council . They had the best equipment and warhorses, and all their light armor was personally made by the three large workshops of the palace treasury . Their battle power was completely built out of gold .

There had long been a legend within the military that said the Black Knights could not number over 1,000 . Once over 1,000, none could withstand them . This was evidently because the Qing military generals knew very well the power of these Black Knights through working together a number of times during . This was also the reason for the Qing law and edict strictly limiting the Black Knights to below 1,000 members .

Some generals in the military were not convinced . The fame of the Qing army shook the world . Regardless of whether it was the riders of Dingzhou or the Long Arrow Camp from the north, they were all famed for their fighting prowess . How could they be satisfied in letting a cavalry subsidiary of the Overwatch Council steal all that glory?

During the Jingdou rebellion three years ago, Fan Xian led 500 Black Knights into Jingdou and enacted a bloody massacre below Zhengyang Gate . The Black Knights were like killing gods from the netherworld . In front of countless eyes, they scattered the rebels' army .

That had been the elite of the old Qin family . Even Qin Heng had been killed by the Black Knights . This iron-like truth made the Qing army truly understand the power of the Black Knights . No one dared to underestimate them ever again . They even developed a fear toward them .

The Yanjing general narrowed his eyes and looked at the lone rider in front . From the man's silver mask, he knew clearly his identity . He was the Commander of the Sixth Bureau's Black Knights, silver-masked Jing Ge . The general's heart chilled slightly . He knew that the Commander of the Black Knights across from him was the ferocious general who dueled and killed Qin Heng .

After a moment of thought, the general led a few close soldiers toward the Black Knight's defensive line with a squeeze of his knees and the clip-clopping of hooves .

"Commander Jing . " The Yanjing general ordered his subordinates to hand over the Bureau of Military Affairs' military order for the mobilization of troops . He said in a deep voice, "I must ask you to make way . "

Jing Ge silently accepted the Bureau of Military Affairs' mobilization order and glanced it for a moment . "We are only within the Overwatch Council's jurisdiction . We have yet to receive an order from the Council, so we cannot obey . "

The Great Prince and 10,000 elite soldiers were actually stationed not far from Niutou Mountain in the Song Kingdom . In order to deal with the court's inquiries, he could not personally lead soldiers here in a blockade . He could only hand this task to the Black Knights .

The mask on Jing Ge's face was covered in a cold silver light . He gazed at the dense Yanjing army and said in a deep voice, "Following orders, I am stationed in Dongyi . I am to strictly prohibit the entry of irrelevant peoples . If anyone dares to venture in a single step, they shall be killed without mercy . "

He said these words clearly and calmly . They carried a certainty that one did not dare question .

Following orders to be stationed in Dongyi? Whose orders? Sir Fan junior's? But Fan Xian was no longer the Director of the Overwatch Council . As for the joke of only listening to the Overwatch Council, if Yan Bingyun actually sent an Overwatch Council official to mobilize them, these Black Knights would probably cleanly and efficiently kill whoever came and then burn the Council order into a bundle of black ash .

These words made the Yanjing general's heart grow slightly cold and angry . In a cold voice, he said, "This is the court's order . Are you going to disobey an imperial edict?"

Jing Ge did not reply . After finishing the necessary conversation, he reminded him, "Don't think about going around into Dongyi . We don't want to climb over mountains to relieve you of your weapons . " After saying this, he pulled on his reins and returned to the solemn black riders . The metal rod hanging by his saddle shone with an icy light .

The Yanjing general took a deep breath and forced down the anger in his heart . Narrowing his eyes, he observed the black riders in front of his eyes . After looking for a moment, he had to admit that their equipment was far superior to theirs . Looking at the weight of the equipment, one could tell that these rider's individual quality and the quality of their warhorses were far superior to that of the Yanjing generals .

Although there were only 1,000 people, it was no easy feat to break through with as little blood spilled as possible against 1,000 killing gods .

The confrontation between the Yanjing Camp and Black Knights entered the third day, which was the fifth day in Governor Wang's calculations . The two sides rubbed together occasionally . The desire for battle and a fiery temper had surged in the Yanjing side while the Black Knights, although with very few people, remained unusually cold and not very excited .

At this tense moment, Governor Want felt that he could not go on . They had to teach these Black Knights a lesson . Since the Emperor's edict was present, he had already given Fan Xian and the Great Prince enough time to react by waiting five days . If the Yanjing side continued the confrontational situation and was unable to enter Dongyi, the anger of the Emperor in Jingdou would probably be unusually thunderous .

Just as Wang Zhikun was about to sign a military order to forcefully enter Niutou Mountain and charge toward the Black Knights, a general with a solemn expression suddenly ran into the Governor's manor holding a battle report .

Wang Zhikun read the contents of the battle report with narrowed eyes . He felt a chill in his heart . He had not thought that Fan Xian would actually be able to introduce a variable in the north of the Qing Kingdom . Furthermore, this variable was one he had never imagined .

He knew he could pull his troops back . Neither defying the Emperor's edict nor allowing a civil war to erupt within his jurisdiction should have been a wondrous matter . For some reason, there was not a glimmer of calm in Wang Zhikun's eyes . They were only filled with worry .

The military report came from the northern Cangzhou Camp . It clearly stated that Shang Shanhu, who had been resting in Northern Qi's Shangjing, had suddenly returned to the border . Leading 100,000 soldiers, he was headed directly south and already 70 li north of Cangzhou .