Just Mine - Chapter 65

Published at 17th of June 2019 09:08:52 AM
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Chapter 65

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Sky got to the office a little late, she used the private elevator and went straight to work . . . She phoned Anton asking him about the company over there and if their Jade business is doing well . After ending the call with Anton, she called her sister and Zino to pick a date for shopping . They finally settled for the baby shopping this week . She decided not to shop for furnitures and decor yet, cause Anton would go crazy if she decorate the room without him . He promised to fix the nursery for his God daughter himself .

Chiamanda knocked softly at the CEO's office and entered after she heard a come in . Ma'am I did all you asked concerning Sharks Electronic, turns out they've been supplying us bad electronic made with inferior materials . The store house that almost got burnt at Kupe was because of one of the devices they supplied, the wiring was bad and a part was missing .

Also Mr Basil company is in chaos right now, he phoned us for an hour before he decided to come to the company himself . He"s been at the reception for two hours now . . He's been demanding to see Mr Jide, even after Ada told him, Mr Jide is out of town and the only person he can meet is the next in command but that you are busy at the moment .

Ok thank you dear, what about Kome? Sky asked .

Kome and Bones are in the 18th floor, he posted the video early this morning and sent the footage to Mr Basil's phone, the one Bones got from Mr Basil's house .

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If you don't mind boss, I'd like to know how you got Kome to work for you in such short notice, Back then, he only listens to Mr Jayden and no one else . . . not even Mr Jide . He's a freelancer .

Sky smiled, Kome's my boy . . . . we are from the same state, we attended the same high school, we go way back . . . He was among the big boys in class who bully students then, while I was the small quiet girl in big skirt . Somehow I was able to control him and his gang with food . I even became the food perfect cause of them . Then he usually brings spoon everyday to school . . . to eat lunch with me and then he found out we are from the same place . . . . so that's how it is . My mom's cooking is the best, you should try it sometime .

We respect eachother, Me and Kome . Who would have thought he'll become this great in the future? Now he's the baddest hacker in town .

Wow . . . Chiamanda said, I will love to try your mom's food ma'am . That reminds me ma'am, Mr Basil is barking like a mad man at the reception, what do you want me to do?

Tell him to calm down or we'll have security throw him out . Tell him the second in command is in a meeting and will see him when she's through . Sky replied her .

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Ok ma'am . That reminds me ma'am, Mr Teffa brought some fruit over for you . . . where should I keep it .

Just keep it on the table in the meeting area . And please send me my schedule for the rest of the day .

Ada tried to calm the man down . Please Mr Basil, Mr Jide is out of the country, on a business trip . . . you have refused to see anyone except for the second in command, but she's in a meeting right now .

Your company can't just stop working with us like that, we signed a contract, we've been supplying this company for yours, it's against the clause for them to do this, either your company pay the penalty or give me a good reason why they don't want to work with us anymore . I want to speak with who's in charge . . . . this can't happen if Mr Jayden is here, because he's no more, you people run this place the way you like .

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Calm down sir, this is a working environment . Let me get the Utility Manager . . . I'm sure he can handle this .

Keep quiet little girl, either get me your boss or shut up . You should not be in a place like . . . . Mr Basil was caught off by a very big man . . . . he looked up to the man's face, he was well built and really huge . he had a black spectacle on . His head was at the man's chest . He gulped . . . moved back and said . . . Okey . . . ummmmmmm, I'll wait .

Bones spoke for the first time . . . . If you continue to disturb this building sir, I will personally throw you out myself . . . . if you can't wait, then you can leave . Seeing the man sitted calmly and not shouting anymore . . . Bones walked back to the elevator and went back up to the 18th floor .

After working for another two hours . . . Sky decided to see Mr Basil . . . She dialled Chiamanda . Let him up to the 18th floor . . . she said . Yes ma'am . . . Chiamanda replied .

Sky took the elevator down to Mr Jide's office . She was dressed in a black skirt and a white jacket . She wore her hair in a ponytail .

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Mr Basil was sitted at Mr Jide's office with Bones standing by his side . When he heard the office door open, he stood up . He wanted to scold the person for keeping him waiting but he couldn't talk because of the big scary man beside him .

He froze when he saw Jenna's sister . You whore, what are you doing here? have you come to seduce me again . . . who let her into this building . . . he felt a hand push him down on the sit, he looked up at Bones and said . . . I'm sorry sir .

One more word from you and I'll chop that tongue off, you speak when my boss allows you too . Understood?? Bones asked him, squeezing his shoulder a bit . Mr Basil answered with a nod of his head . He couldn't believe his ear, boss? The slut sister is the person he's been waiting for . . . no, this must be some kind of joke . . . he thought to himself . Just who did she sleep with to get to this position .

Sky sat down opposite Mr Basil, she opened the folder she brought with her, and threw some papers at Mr Basil . I hear you are becoming a nuisance at my company . You've been here for how long and you are already showing yourself . The only thing you know how to do is oppress the less privilege and take advantage of little girls, because of your position . You can't even deliver good devices .

First of all Jaydite will like to sue you . The electronic device you sold to the store house at Kupe almost burnt down the whole building completely . We've found out that you've been supplying inferior things to us . Mr Jayden found out . . . bless his soul . That's why you became the fifth from the first . . . he didn't kick you out cause of your father but somehow after his death, nobody supervised your work anymore . Tell me . . . Mr Sharks Electronic, what do you have to say for yourself?

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