Just Mine - Chapter 84

Published at 17th of June 2019 09:08:34 AM
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Chapter 84

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Two months later

Dwayne watched as his boss and Anton conversed at the back of his car, it's been a busy two months, the company's party is just around the corner, they are launching new products, opening new malls at other states . He had to work with the Production department, Research and Development team, HR department and other departments, per instruction of the boss . The last two months has been very hectic for him, series of training with Anton . They are working so hard on him, it's just so difficult to be a man for his boss . She said she's doing it so he can help her with the company when she or Anton are unavailable .

He's gotten close to her over the last two months, at least they've become friends . She talks freely with him now and even play freely with him, with the help of Mr Anton and Bree, they've gotten close .

He's learnt alot from her, she is very compassionate and has a heart of gold . He'd seen how she run the welfare department, how many kids and youth were on scholarship because of her, the families she's saved, she was incredible . She's taught him alot even on his dealings with people, he respects her alot and is grateful for meeting her .

They are yet to meet his mom, she's been wanting to go but have been really busy . She said, she wants to meet his mom before the party so it wouldn't come as a surprise to her when she sees it in the news .

Sky saw Dwayne smiling from the review mirror, he looked at them, then smiled . She wonder what he is thinking, shaking her head, she continued her conversation with Anton . So you think we'll do good right?, it wasnt easy to build those malls in those towns . Thank God it's over, the research and development department did good, going through the files in her hand, she smiled . Everything is looking good Anton . Thanks to my boys, thank you Anton, thank you Dwayne .

But Anton I'm scared, it's too calm, everything is going well I don't like it, I know we've been keeping close watch of our enemies but it's just to quiet, like the calm before the storm . Something big is going to happen soon, I can feel it, she said as she rubbed her stomach .

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Don't worry too much, it's not good for you, whatever happens, we'll face it . You are not alone, don't worry .

Thanks . Sky said, and smiled brightly . She rubbed her tummy, her baby bump was out .

Anton watched her and smiled, she was always touching it, ever since her baby started kicking, Sky's life has changed . She smiles more now and it's cause of her baby, she feels at ease and is somehow calm now . Anton put his hand on hers as she stared at her tummy, he smiled . How's my God daughter doing? he asked . . . is she moving around?

She's fine, yeah she moved once but not like she did in the morning, she really is feisty, sometimes I feel she's not the only one there, Anton I'm not sure it's a girl, it feels like a boy, her movement and all .

Now, now, Sky don't belike that . It's a girl and that's final, that's why I told you to check the sex so I can win my bet .

She slapped his hand off, no . . . I want a surprise, be it a girl or a boy I'm going to spoil my sweet pea rotten, in a good way I mean .

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I'm not that obvious am I? I mean if I wear baggy cloths will it so?

Anton moved back a bit and looked at her . .

hmmmmmmmmm, he said as he looked her over .

Anton stop it, you are making me nervous, I don't want the company to know till after the party .

Well ma'am, if somebody who doesn't know you well see you now, they'll think you are fat with big tummy, alot of ladies have big tummy, you just look fat but those with good eye sight will see .

Shut up you fish, Anton threw his Handkerchief at Dwayne, who asked you? well Sky he is right . you just look fat, but I tell you, you'll blow soon, my daughter is really growing, he said as he stared at her bump .

That's why we are going shopping, so you boys can pick good cloths for me that won't make me look obviously pregnant, you know, sexy and classy .

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We'll do just that Ms Sky,dont worry . . . we've got you . Dwayne said from the front .

Do we have to carry this fish Sky? he really is feeling like the baby's daddy now . Anton said . . . glaring at Dwayne .

Jealous are we, Anton?

Pfffffffttt, jealous of what . . . . Dwayne is just way into this role .

I thought that's what you wanted Anton . . I mean I'm learning from the best, and that's you Mr Anton . Dwayne said with a smile .

Anton smiled . Well you are right, I'm a good teacher, just don't let it get over your head .

Now boys, stop fighting will you, we have a lot to prepare before the party . How close are we Dwayne .

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We are almost there ma'am .

Ok . I dreamt of Mr J . last night Anton . He just sat down with me in a garden smiling, without saying anything, with those gold eyes . I really miss him, things would have been easier if he was here .

Yeah i miss him too Sky, I thought he was always going to be around . I was lost when we met but he help me find my way . Anton replied her .

Mr J . always say everything happens for a reason, if he hadn't met you, we won't be into Jade now, because of your family Jade store, and your father, Jaydite started producing Jade just like it's name Jaydite . You helped him too .

But I don't know what I did for him, he always claimed I made him happy but I don't know . . . she said as she looked down .

Mr J . lasted long on earth because of you . He travelled to city L to rest forever when the doctor told him it could be anytime now . But when he met you, he had a reason to fight, he laughed more, even went to beaches with just his beach wear, or do you think he was always like that?

After he found out about his sickness, he changed, he wasn't cheerful anymore, he became desperate, always testing people, even his own family wasn't worthy of his trust . You gave him life back Sky, don't ever think that you didn't do anything . He stayed for a year because of you .

Dwayne listened to their conversation he thought to himself . Something has always bothered him about Ms Sky and Mr Jayden's relationship . . . . was their relationship an intimate one, rumour has it that Mr Jayden was a womaniser, that's why he couldn't stay married . Just what relationship did the two have???

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