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Juvenile Entertainer - Chapter 109

Published at 24th of October 2019 05:00:06 PM

Chapter 109

It's been four gruelling hardworking days of me, studying businesses and management . Over the four days, I took my first company game Flapping Tweety out for the world . It was out for all users whether it be IOS, Android and so on .

I advertised through my own social media . Its attraction was slow as the art style could be said to be ancient for a modern game but seeing as I was the one who made it got popular on the Third day with people posting on thier social accounts about thier achievement .

Today it had gained a huge number of players with numerous stars jumping on the trend . Flapping Tweety had also become the biggest talk within big game developers . Such a simple game that could be made by a high schooler is getting more attention than a game that took 4 years with a large development team .

They simply couldn't except such a backward game beating them but it did and they had to know why . How did I know all this? Well duh, I have Natalie keeping track of the gaming companies . She basically listens in on every meeting they have and any mention of Flappy Tweety within the company is, immediately recordings down .

I've already set my eye on a building in L . A to accommodate my company . I've also taken it upon my self to buy an apartment building near it as to give cheaper prices to employees . This might seem a bit much but with so many competitors I need a small leg up on the other companies .

Though I'm nowhere near to the amount needed to buy it with my calculation I should be able to have the money by the end of the month . Now, where is this money coming from? Well, there's the 5% share in Vague and with my recent popularity the "Looney Tunes", "Tom and Jerry" and "Frozen" clothes are selling like hotcakes .

I've also been invited by a few stars to write a song for them . The pricing for a song from me has been set to a modest $2,000 plus a 10% in its digital downloads and physical copies . They immediately backed away but I've made my stance clear .

Another way of making cash fast was to auction off my failed blankets . Well, they are a failure for me as my standard for my own work is very high . I've also planned to do a collab with some of the other YouTubers that specializes in craftsman . The YouTubers specialized in blacksmith, woodworkers and some artists .

What do the YouTubers get from it? Well, actually they'll make two masks one for thier fans and one for my fans . They send it to me to customize . Then we put it up for auction on the website that I make . I knew that their job is extremely expensive especially for the blacksmiths . So when I put the idea forward they agreed immediately .

We set rules on it that only fans would get invited to the auction site . Each fan slash subscriber that's been with them for at least two years will be sent an email with a personal code, then they can use to enter the auction . That's for a future project as the there more important thing to do today .

Today is the day I am left alone with the kids . My objective is to make them happy and that's all that matters .

[<Task: Give the kids the best day of their lives .

Note: The happier the two little angels are the high rewards>]

System: [For the greater good that is c&$%*#& please, achieve the task to the best of your ability . I advise the host in buying the limited-time item [24 Hour Max Luck In Fun] for 300 points]

"Did you really just censor yourself . It's not that hard to guess that it was Cuteness . Please at least be a bit more subtle on your disturbing lolicon needs or just change . I'm disappointed"

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System: [You ignorance is showing host, you do not understand that cuteness is the personification of Justice, Peace and Love . Now please buy the Limited-Time item]

"Tch, Lolicon," I said while paying for the item .

After paying for it I activated it and then in the top right corner of my vision was a timer counting down from 24 hours . I was pretty excited to see what this "max lucky fun" actually meant then my excitement was immediately doused in the flames of system bullshit .

[<Item 24 Hour Max Luck In Fun has been used after the timer is gone the host will face immediate Max Extreme Bad Luck for 6 hours to balance the karma of the worlda>]

My brows furrow in anger before I shouted "System, Did you just throw me under the bus for your so-called 'Justice!"

System: [Thank you for your purchase, the system will now go back to quietly watching ]

"Fuck You!" I was beyond words angry

"The time now is 6 in the morning this means that that tomorrow will be the worst morning of my life . Ughhh" I said with a tired groan

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"Hey Nat, tell me do I have anything important tomorrow," I said lazily while leaning back on the sofa

"It the first day of filming your scene in two broke girls," Said, Natalie

"Shit, what time?" I said hurriedly

"09:30 am"

"Urghh Why do I feel like it's gonna be worse than what I'm actually expecting," I said with a lot of grief

I then hear Megan shout from upstair "Theo, the girls will be here in a bit, to drop off th kids then well be off to California"

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing" I shouted back

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A few seconds later I hear the kids and two other footsteps enter through the front door .

'Okay, Dad mode on' I thought happily

I thought it would be easy but the kids were not dealing very well with the idea of thier mom's leaving for the whole day . All I could hear were their sniffles, cries and thier mom's comforting them .

I take the kids into my arms and hug them tightly and said "It's okay, Big brother is here to keep you company, don't worry we're gonna do so many fun things like . . . "

'Oops, I didn't think this far ahead . What the heck do we do for fun' I thought nervously

"You just won three free VIP tickets to a zoo" Said Nat in my ear

'There's VIP for a zoo???' I thought confusedly

"That's right we're going to the zoo, it's gonna be so much fun," I said with an extravagant tone

Their tears and sniffles come to a sudden stop as they said "Realy?"

I smile and look towards my girlfriends "I think I got this . Call if something comes up"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!