Juvenile Entertainer - Chapter 43

Published at 21st of February 2019 08:39:53 PM

Chapter 43

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They went downstairs and comfortably sat down on the sofa . Before going any further Theo had the idea to stream it and see what his fans think .

Theo: "Do you mind if I stream this and don't worry the stream will only be on us before it starts and when it ends"

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They agreed to his idea . Sophia also wanted to use the chance to tell people about her new book, just like Rose did in her first appearance .

Theo went onto his Twitter and Instagram to tell people that he's streaming in 5 minutes . He also told them to make sure they have snacks, specifically popcorn .

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Having five minutes to spare, Theo made some popcorn and Megan found some snacks . Five minutes passed and they had sat back down on the sofas .

The stream went live and Theo was in front of the camera with a wide smile .

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Theo: "Sup guys its nice to see you again . I wasn't really expecting to stream so soon but I wanted to share something with you"


Angle_Sarah: It good see you too