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Juvenile Entertainer - Chapter 83

Published at 16th of April 2019 11:55:08 PM

Chapter 83

Still Theo Pov

I then bought a memory pill and swallowed it while focusing on Mortal Kombat . The reason I went with Mortal Kombat is because of it having such a big controversy within the media .

The controversy is because its female characters being overly sexualised and the over exaggerated blood and gore but you know what comes with the controversy, publicity . Bad publicity, yes but as the saying goes "There's no such thing as bad publicity"

I want my entrance into the gaming industry to be so shocking that news of my game will spread like wildfire . Before doing anything else I searched for a good Pc with a screen and order it .

'Okay, that should turn up tomorrow . Now that I have every ounce of knowledge needed, its time to plan and grind my skills'

. . . . . . . .

Narrator Pov

Time skip 1 week

For the last 7 days, Theo had been hard at work . His morning routine was the same but during it, he would read online books about maths, Science and computer science using his mask .

After his morning routine, he would make episodes for "Tom And Jerry" and "Looney Tunes" . Then he would spend the rest of the day making Mortal Kombat .

On the first day of making it he didn't have a computer so using his laptop, he drew out the animation and did the voices needed . So on the first day, the only thing that could be heard was Theo shouting and moaning in different voices . Thankfully he had soundproofed his room .

The next day he got the high-end computer screen and Pc . He spent the next 6 days building the game from the ground up . He ran into a few simple problems but he quickly overcame it . He had even attempted to make his own game engine but he quickly understood that it would take a few weeks just to make it .

So he settled with a free game engine known as Armour . It's widely used by other solo game developers and some big companies .

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Now back to present day, Theo had finally finished his game . Normally making a game would take a few months but that's only because they don't know what the consumers will like it or not like .

Theo, on the other hand, knows from memory what the consumers loved and hated so he didn't have to stop and review it like most companies .

With the game done he went back and tested it with a quick play through making sure the sounds and moves were perfect . This was especially important for the fatality as it was something that needed to be realistic but still has that animated feel to it .

Theo's Mortal Kombat starts with all the characters from the first one but if you play the story mode you could unlock all the character up to the tenth instalment this did not mean you had to grind constantly as you could simply buy them all for $2 .

Theo has planned to make the game free so that he gains a wider range of consumers and fans for the the future company . But he also added a donation section so that they can help him maintain the online portion by giving money to pay for the servers he was renting .

"A beautiful display of power and accuracy . Now it's time to get my fellow gamers excited with a small trailer" Said Theo while cracking his knuckles and neck after seeing the fatality .

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With that in mind, he begins to make a cinematic trailer with small scenes of gameplay and story mode . The gameplay was just a few of the characters fighting with crazy combos . Then the ending of the trailer was Sub Zero's x-ray special on Scorpion .

The trailer just needed a song to play in the back just to add that extra flare . This will also be a chance for Theo to try and expand his music style as most of his song has been a slow love song with the exception "Take It Back Now"

While thinking about the song for the game he remembers that he hadn't unlocked Mortal Kombat .

'System Unlock "Mortal Kombat" and the song "Outside" by The Seige'

[Confirm use of Token]

'Yes to both'

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*Ding* [Confirmed, Mortal Kombat can now be shared and is automatically put into the copyright system of this world]

*Ding* [Confirmed, Outside by Siege can now be shared and is automatically put into the copyright system of this world]

Theo was lucky that Megan didn't take a peek into his room when he was making it or else he'll have to experience his bones and skin being destroyed and rebuilt . Getting the confirmation he felt relief but also excited at what his fans reaction will be when they hear about the game and his new song .

It took him 20 minutes to make the instrumental and another 10 minutes to record the vocals and edit it . Then he spent an hour reorganising the trailer so that the song's momentum is synced with what the viewers see .

When he was done realised something that hit him like a stone "Oh shit I need a company logo I also need to get it trademarked as well as my cartoon logos"

He quickly made his logo . His game company logo was just the word "Hunt" in bold white font, this was in memory of his grandfather from his last life as Theodore Hunt . It was also simple and memorable .

He also got "AngelToons" and "DevilToons" Trademarked cause he was thinking of setting up an animation company .

"Now that everything is TradeMarked its time to make a form of announcement how should I do it?" He said while taping the table with his fingers .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!