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Juvenile Medical God - Chapter 40

Published at 16th of March 2016 02:32:38 PM

Chapter 40

5 o’clock in the afternoon . Qin Lang and Tauro arrived in a restaurant next to the Summer Sun City University of Industry . After a few minutes, Wang Yue appeared in front of Qin Lang and Tauro .

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The three of them choose a table at the corner in the restaurant . Wang Yue said to Qin lang, “I never would have thought that you would contact me——That’s right, who is she? She isn’t the police right?”

That Wang Yue was actually the “#13 Yueyi” that Qin Lang met in the Pure Beauty Bay Club . But, the current Wang Yue did not wear super short skirts, nor did she put makeup on . She wore a flower patterned shirt with the sleeves pulled up, and had a pair of jeans . She also wore black-framed glasses, and with a look, it seemed that she was a very quiet univeristy student . It really had a favourable impression on people .

“Police?” Qin Lang shook his head and lightly smiled, “Where would such a beautiful police officer come from? I’ll introduce her . She is Zhou Ling Ling’s teacher, and you should know who Zhou Ling Ling is right?”

“‘Yalin’ is my good sister, and I know her real name . ” Wang Yue nodded .

“Something happened to Zhou Ling Ling . ” Qin Lang said . They decided to hide the fact that Zhou Ling Ling was still alive .

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“What happened?” Wang Yue obviously became nervous, and it seemed that she really saw Zhou Ling Ling as her own sister .

“She suicided!” Qin Lang faked a grieved expression .

“What!” On Wang Yue’s face, incomparable surprise appeared . After a moment, she finally calmed down . Taking a pack of cigarettes from her pocket while trembling a bit, she took one out and put it in the corner of his mouth, then looked towards Qin Lang and Tauro, “You two don’t mind that I have a smoke right?”

Wang Yue lit the cigarette, and suddenly inhaled, then sighed deeply, “She did not listen to my advice . ”

“What did you advise her?” Qin Lang asked .

“I told her that since she walked on that road, just accept it as fate to prevent further worries from popping up because I am the best example . ”

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While smoking, Wang Yue opened the chatterbox, “I told her that even if she didn’t walk on that path, so what if she entered a university? A person like me who goes to an ordinary university doesn’t really have a future . After entering the university, you could not possibly stay clean forever . At the end, some low-life male would get your body . The exchanged things that you get are just some pieces of chocolate, some flowers, and finally despair and sadness! Those males talk about love, but as long as some female takes off all her clothes and laid on the bed, the males wouldn’t care about any love . Rather than that, why not take advantage of the youth that sells for a high price, earn some more money, and after graduation, the club would have a good job arranged already . ”

“Listening to that, it seems that your club has pretty good treatment . ” Qin Lang lightly smiled, “But what about drug addiction? Never mind that, perhaps you could quit, but what about STDs and AIDS? You should know, once you get infected by those things, there will be no future or dreams . And at that time, would the club even care if you were dead or alive?”

“You are saying, Zhou Ling Ling suicided because of STDs? Damn those guys!” Wang Yue couldn’t help but curse, and fiercely extinguished the cigarette butt in the ashtray, “I don’t know why you two are investigating these things, but you better be careful . I’m been in that place for 2 years or so, and I know that the people that go there have quite a position in Summer Sun City . ”

“Thank you for your reminder . ” Qin Lang said calmly, “I’m investigating these things to bring back some fairness for Zhou Ling Ling . ”

“Fairness?” Wang Yue snorted with disdain, “Where’s the fairness in this era? Two years ago, which is also the time when the exams were over, I sang karaoke through the night . At the end I was drugged, and when I woke up, I found out that I slept with a 60 year old man who was near his last days! I quickly called the police, but then the police said that I was a lady that ‘sold herself’, and they even fined me! Damn! From that day forth, I don’t believe in any fairness!”

“I’m sorry …Wang Yue for reminding you of your past memories . ” Tauro originally wanted to call Wang Yue as “Miss Wang”, but then she realized that calling her that would make Wang Yue feel disgusted, so she quickly changed how she called her and said, “Since you are a victim as well, then can you help us and let us get some fairness back for you two?”

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[TN: In Chinese, the characters for “Miss” is the same for the slang for “prostitute” . ]

Wang Yue still seemed to be hesitating because she didn’t trust Qin Lang and Tauro too much .

“Zhou Ling Ling died very tragically!” Qin Lang made a prompt decision, and decided to say a kind lie to shake Wang Yue, “She was determined to die, and when she jumped down, her brain fell onto the ground, and on scene she… Sigh . It is really impossible to describe . Also, at the day when she jumped off from the school building, she even wore her school uniform, and the entire uniform was dyed with red by her blood . Her last words written to Ms . Tau were by text, and it said: Goodbye, beautiful world; Goodbye, my beloved parents; Goodbye, my teacher and my sister…I’ll end like this, so at least my heart is still clean!”

Hearing Qin Lang’s lies, Tauro was instantly speechless, and thought that he was a bit ridiculous . But, Tauro also knew that Qin Lang’s words had very strong persuasiveness . So, she also quickly pretended to be immersed in sadness and reached to take the paper napkins on the table, but she didn’t want to meet Wang Yue’s hands . Wang Yue’s eyes were also getting red, and she used the napkin to lightly wipe away the tears at the corner of her eyes . She gathered her courageousness from her heart, “For her, I’ll believe in fairness again! Those people are a very strict organization, and they have an entire ‘flow of work’ . Mm, in reality it’s similar to ‘marketing’——”

“For example, when they completely controlled me, they would encourage me to find my beautiful friends to join in this line of work . If I succeeded, then I could even get quite a considerable salary . Of course, that’s just an example, I did not do things like that . But, Zhou Ling Ling was sold by her damn friends by this method . Anyways, the flow of work is like that . Also, they would even use some thugs outside of school to lead some female students astray . After that, they would get the females addicted to drugs, then finally be completely controlled by them . ”

Wang Yue kept on talking about the evil of Pure Beauty Bay . Qin Lang and Tauro finished listening and they were extremely angered . But, the both of them knew that the most important thing that they needed was evidence . So, Qin Lang asked Wang Yue, “Right now, where could I find these bastards that trick their own friend and the thugs?”

“There are quite a few of them outside the schools of Summer Sun City . Even outside of the Industry Universities would have people like them . From what I know, not only I go to Pure Beauty Bay as a ‘miss’ . But, the most amount of people are in Summer Sun City’s medical school and art school, especially outside of the art schools . If you two are going there, then you should be able to find some clues . Okay, I should leave now . I hope that you can get some fairness back for Zhou Ling Ling . But, be careful!”

It was obvious that Wang Yue was still afraid of the Pure Beauty Bay Club’s bosses, so after saying that she instantly left .

Qin Lang and Tauro didn’t want to waste time as well, so they were planning to go to the art school .

“Oi, you’re planning to leave just like that?” Just as Qin Lang and Tauro reached the restaurant’s door, they were stopped by the owner lady, “You two, are you planning to leave just like that?”

“We didn’t even eat anything?” Tauro said calmly, “Are you planning to take our money?”

“You used me napkins, drank my tea, sat on my chair, and didn’t even order one dish nor leave one penny . You plan to leave like that? Do you think that this is a free tea shop?!” The owner angrily said .

“Idiot! Look who you’re extorting first!” Just at that time, a strong man entered the restaurant, and fiercely glared at the owner . After that, he respectfully called out “Qin bro”, and that scared the owner lady as she quickly apologized to Qin Lang and Tauro .

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