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Published at 16th of February 2017 10:41:26 PM

Chapter 26

(Book 2 Chapter 14) Chapter 26 – Iris Chan .

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「Phew, delicious . 」
「It was good . 」

Tetsuya and company ate lunch . Diethelm who was used to great meals in the country was trying is hardest not to be ecstatic about it . That was reasonable because the meat from a high-levelled monster wasn’t seen often . Moreover, the level of cooking was different .
Skill and level of an individual were considerably related to cooking in this world . 1)In fact the 《Cooking skill》 didn’t indicate the actual capacity of a cook . Certainly, the higher the skill, the better you understood the ingredients . You could also easily follow any recipe . For example, assume that a cooking primary school student and a professional admitted by the world were to cook with the finest beef . Then, because the meat was of the highest grade, and because the prodigy of the school prepared it . The taste would be reasonably delicious . The one cooked by the pro should be more . First were the abilities and experiences . The child had a《Cooking skill Lv . A》 While the chief had 《Cooking skill Lv . E》 When they both had the same meat . In this case, which is the most delicious?The skilled children or the experienced professional with weak skills?
The answer was the children . Indeed, it may be supplemented by experience, but the child who had a better understanding of the ingredients thanks to his cooking skills did better . This was the skill level relationship . Also, this is common to a few skills . Mainly from the production system .
And for the above reason, you know why Tetsuya’s dishes were delicious . The chief of the Royal Palace is a SL2) . A with years of activity . Was compared to Tetsuya’s cook who had a level excelling all others (SSS) and the knowledge of many chief cooks, gods and a lot of experiences . In other words, only someone with the skill level of a god or a supreme God could be the chief for the 『Reirou no Yakata』3) . The chief always had a very happy face . Furthermore, because the request came from the Emperor God, the quality of each meal increased .
(Diethelm)「Uh, hey, wait! Don’t come out!」

When he was drinking tea in the dining room, Diethelm uttered a strange cry . Tetsuya observed him as if he saw a suspicious person . I think it was natural . If you saw an adult suddenly blurting out strange things, you would probably have doubts about his sanity . However, Diethelm didn’t notice Tetsuya’s look . He kept raising funny noises . Becoming serious Tetsuya thought and said in a small voice 『That damned guy!』 But at the same time, the voice was heard once again .

(???)「Uh, I’m hungry! Dear child, a meal!」

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Yes, this was a little girl . She looked like a Ninja . But she was somewhat small for a Ninja . (About 5 years old) . When Tetsuya saw her, he answered .

(Tetsuya)「Here, time for a Gold 〇 Ranked 〇Choice」4)

She said the usual 『King? What is that, is it tasty?』 Tetsuya seemed like a pervert using a bait for a little girl . She had a perfect face for a girl . She was tiny yet was passionate, cold-hearted, and was the favorite food that any vampire could ever ask for .

By the way . Gold 〇 Ranked 〇Choice was created using black magic . As to why Tetsuya created “〇” seemed to be because he wanted to eat donuts . Really, what a waste of his abilities . Was it a joke?
Well, I will leave this complaint for now .

(???)「Hmm?Thank you very much!……… Munch Munch Munch」

When she received the donuts from Tetsuya, the little girl started to eat right away . Diethelm didn’t miss the sight .

(Diethelm)「It looks appetizing!Tetsuya, me too!」

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And asked Tetsuya for one . Tetsuya gave his refusal and just like the little girl, took a Gold 〇 Ranked 〇Choice . In the mean time, it went without saying that Diethelm was noisy . After the little girl ended her donuts, she once again gave her thanks to Tetsuya before moving to correct Diethelm .

(Diethelm)「Give itー」


(Diethelm)「I want to eat!」

(???)「Silence, or I’ll erase you . 」

(Diethelm)「………… Eh?EEEEeeeehhhhh!!!?」

(Diethelm)「What are you saying!Iris5)」

(Tetsuya)「Hmm, would you like another one?」

The little girl Iris had raised her voice loudly . Somehow Diethelm who was impatient became startled . Tetsuya then proposed another serving to the little one .

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(Diethelm)「Hey, if you give one to Iris, you shall give one to me too!」

(Iris)「M-my beloved child! Time to stop! You’re disrespectful!『Dung!6)』

(Diethelm)「It hurts!」

(Iris)「I’m sorry my beloved child!Just spare me from the necessity to kill you!」

After Diethelm heard Tetsuya, he also asked for one . All he wanted to do was eating a donut .
When she saw Diethelm pitiful attitude, Iris stroke on his head and was then brought to Dogeza7) . And the one who led the little girl to prostration was Tetsuya… Pervert!?

(Diethelm)「What was that now! Iris!」

(Iris)「Too noisy!8)Be silent!」

(Diethelm)「W, wow」

Diethelm asked Iris who had beaten him . However, Iris shouted at him as an answer . In return, Diethelm fell dead silent .

(Iris)「Th, huh why do you have this?」

Following the confirmation of Diethelm’s silence, Iris then asked Tetsuya while shivering . Diethelm who saw it mumbled「why was the god’s sword, one of the godly pillars: Iris . Here?」He doubted as he thought of Iris . But she didn’t notice . No, it’s better to say that she couldn’t notice . Even if the one holding the mighty sword was Tetsuya, and she didn’t know that he was an emperor . The Emperor God . Iris still couldn’t remain unaffected . She had, after all, the materialization of her sword in front of her9) . She was nervous naturally .
And thus, Diethelm finally asked Tetsuya .

(Diethelm)「Tetsuya, who are you?」

Well well, a little girl with a strange way of speaking came out! A truly weird way of talking .
No ja!I will stick to it .

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