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Published at 20th of February 2017 10:50:53 PM

Chapter 27

(Book 2 Chapter 15) Chapter 27 – Iris-chan 2

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Beware, Tetsuya got carried away .


And now, Diethelm finally asked to Tetsuya .

(Diethelm)「Tetsuya, who are you?」

Tetsuya then answered .

(Tetsuya)「A God, not a great deal? Aren’t you one as well?Hanshin《Demi God》」

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(Diethelm)「How, how did you know?」

(Tetsuya)「There is nothing that I don’t know! That’s what I wanted to say, but it’s different . With an appraisal, I learned that you became a Demigod thanks to the sword Iris . Besides, Yggdrasil told me that a shrine was dedicated to the divine sword Iris .

(Diethelm)「The appraisal? You were able to see behind Iris’ concealment?」

When Tetsuya answered that it was nothing, Diethelm was surprised and responded openly . And after hearing what Tetsuya said afterward, he was even more surprised .

(Tetsuya)「What, concealed?Was she?There was no resistance at all . 」

(Diethelm)「Eh, are you lying?But assuming it’s true, who are you?」

There was no resistance to his skill . That’s what Tetsuya said . The appraisal skill and the concealment skill counter each other . For example, with concealment Lvl . E and appraisal Lv . E The effect cannot be obtained . The appraisal can’t check, but the concealment can’t hide . In other words, neither would be useless . However, if one of them was to be of a higher level, it would show its effect . But, that case still brings a little bit of resistance . The resistance meant it took times for the skill to see all the status . In spite of that, when the level is significantly higher, the resistance wouldn’t happen . Diethelm himself had no concealment skill, but Iris had . And her level was SS . Diethelm had thought a little while ago from the attitude Iris displayed toward Tetsuya, that if was compared to Iris, he would not be a god, but a 『Superior god』 instead . However, since Tetsuya said that he encountered no resistance, this meant that he was a Supreme God .

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(Tetsuya)「Therefore, God? In this case, you should hear from Iris about it . 」

According to Tetsuya’s word, Diethelm asked Iris . And an unimaginable answer came back from Iris .

(Iris)「Tetsuya-sama is the highest ranked God, a Transcendental Deity . He is also the sovereign of Gods, The ruler Emperor God . And rather than calling me a beloved child, you should know that I am a god too?」

(Diethelm)「The, Emperor God?」

(Iris)「Just attach the sama1)!You’re disrespectful!」

(Diethelm)「The Emperor God sama? What is that? Sovereign of the Gods? Emperor of all Gods? Oh come on? isn’t it terrible? To badmouth the ruler of the Gods? Am I going to die? Are you angry at the sacred country? Did a fishy priest bring any trouble? Did Tetsuya catch him? Did you set me up? Although I was around and it should be impossible? Although Iris snapped miserably at me? Not only the sacred country, if you did something to Tetsuya don’t that mean a worldly crisis? Was Tetsuya the one who destroyed the Demon King?Huh? What the? Or will he possibly bring the world destruction?」

(Tetsuya)「Well, calm down」

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The calm Tetsuya engulfed inside the broken Diethelm’s mouth spicies2) as an answer .


(Tetsuya)「Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!I don’t know what to say about your scream!Tears are about to fall from my eyes!……… What a good laugh !」

(Iris)「Pfuahahahaahah Beloved child…… Haha!」

(Diethelm)「Wa… . Washer!Wa er!!」

As a result, Diethelm began to shout with a funny voice . So the two gods were laughing together . After what Tetsuya got carried away .

(Tetsuya)「Pfuahahahah, water?《Toumei Tsura Mizu《Clear spiced water》》(Boso)4)」

(Diethelm)「Ah, than – k – ou!l3rm6ve5vn5r45d2xrm!!!!!!!」


Tetsuya put spicy water in a cup with his original black magic and gave it to Diethelm . Diethelm who drank it uttered another cry .

Thus, this case left Tetsuya and Iris rather open to each other . Becoming akin to brother and sister .

By the way, do you guys want to know bout Tetsuya’s status on earth?
If you guys want, please tell me and I will let you know in the next afterword .

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