Kapitan Sino - Chapter 10

Published at 18th of March 2018 11:16:00 PM

Chapter 10

KS Chapter 10

The night has come and the weak lights of the lampposts in Fairmart, Cubao seemed useless . Drowned by the sound of revving engines and non-stop rain, a shadow is busy forcing open a white Toyota Supra . After expertly McGyver-ing the ignition cables, the engine comes to life and the car starts moving—in place! The carnapper did not notice that the car is now pointing upward and being carried by a superhero by the bumper .


The savior brings down the now stopped car . "Hands in the air, get out of the car, slowly . "

The criminal is obedient, despite being shocked and unable to take his eyes off of the man wearing a helmet .

"Let go of me! Let go of me! Heeeelp!" shouted a young woman from afar .

The first crime has not been fixed, yet a new cry of help enters the savior's ears . He immediately follows the source of the shouts after passing the carnapper to patrolling policemen . In a few high and long leaps, he reaches the front of Maryknoll College where the student could be found, held by several men trying to ride her in an owner-type jeep .

"Let me go! Please…my parents have nothing to give you!"

Before the kidnapper could force the struggling victim inside the vehicle, from the sky emerges a man with a robot voice . "You heard the kid, now let her go . "

From just the appearance of the speaker and where he came from, the bandits start running away, except for the leader who kind of looks like Bomber Moran who looked to fight back . He pulled out a gun but it's stolen from him by the man like a kid . "Could I borrow this?"

After saying thanks, the barangay tanod arrives to escort her as well as bring the criminals to the precint . The girl wearing Aqua Net is overjoyed as she sees off her savior as he returns back to the sky .

"Who was that?" A tanod asks .

"The police uniforms kind of cool nowadays, no?" Said another .

"It's a good thing, with all the kidnappings happening nowadays…"

"We now have someone to rely on!"

"Isn't that the Captain?"

"Captain? Who?"

"Captain Who smells like Jovan!"

The hero is now too far away to hear the people talk about him, and is now worrying about what's going to happen to a child's favorite playmate .

"Please get down from there," pleaded the six year old boy as he looks up the guava tree . "Please get down from there . "

The hero lands at the branch of the tree as tall as four people . He carefully grabs the cat to give to the kid, but it kept on struggling from him . In fear, the pet dug it's claws deeper in the tree . The man starts to use his other hand, but the cat, surprised, starts scratching his savior…which lead to the man being surprised as well, which lead to the cat being electrocuted . Fried feline . The man climbs down from the tree holding some fruits on his left hand .

"Where is my cat, sir?" The child has no idea what has happened .

"Rolly…polly…" the man smiles and shows the child what he has in his hand, "Cat…I turned into guava! Wow, would you look at that…magic!"

The mother calls the child to come into the house . The child is still confused with the happenings as the nervous magician quickly says goodbye .

Bagaaam! Bagaaam!

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The ground shudders .


The man's face shield activates nightvision telephoto mode . Ten miles from the rooftop he jumped off from, he spots a mad giant gorilla spreading havoc in civilization . The time he was expecting has come; the moment the force of good starts moving, the forces of evil matches it .


With style, technique, and inspiration from watching the movies of Dante Varona, he braces himself and for the first time jumps his highest and furthest jump . He reaches the monster's location in a single bound . Using magnetic repulsion that allowed him to soar through the air, he aimed for the giant's throat . But the enemy is fast, catching him in between his two hands and squashing him like a fly . The hero turned to something like luncheon meat in between bread, that was sat down on . The people on the street are astonished, watching the show as if two aliens suddenly thought of fighting in the Philippines . After a moment, something like high tension wire snaps in the gorillas palms, which causes him to let go of the hero stretching his body . The crowd broke into cheers, some of them families with their kids who have yet to understand just what they're seeing .

"What’s better, kids, the mannequin show in COD during Christmas or this?"

The stranger jumps around the gorilla like a flea . The monster struggled like a dog chasing its own tail . Upon seeing the chance, the hero jumps in between the eyebrows of the foe and kicked it with all his might . Rocky IV's got nothing on this! The giant starts to fall down on top of the Jai Alai building in Taft Avenue when the stranger catches it . The building is saved! He carries the unconscious foe and using all his strength throws it to a place where no building can be harmed . The giant villain lands in Luneta, where nothing is touched except for the Rizal monument which ended up looking like a shattered flower vase . The audience covered their eyes and the applause reserved for the helmeted man halts . An unplanned one minute silence occurs because no one knows how to respond to this show of victory/tragedy . Until one skinny and toothless fishball vendor started singing: "Ghostbusters! Tenenenen-nenen…tenenenenenen…"

Only then were the people able to speak again . Fire fighters streamed through the street riding their trucks with deafening sirens . The confused citizens got out of their way and onto the sidewalk . An old man quipped, "Only thing missing's a coup!"

The stranger quickly leaps to the location of the fire . He spots more than twenty people asking for help from the penthouse of an apartment; some waving towels like a flag, others using it to cover their noses and face . "Help us! Help us!"

"Are there any people left in the other rooms?" Asked the robot voice emerging from behind the victims .

"I don't care, just get us out of here!" Shouted an old lady with big glasses and thin white hair .

"No, sir," a teenager properly answered .

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The savior rubs his chin while thinking of his next steps . He looks around his surroundings, and quickly crosses multiple buildings to reach for a big billboard of the film The World is On My Shoulders . He quickly removes the canvass from the wooden framework and returns to the people trapped in the fire .

"You're so slow, what are you, a worm?!" The grumpy elder complains once more .

"I apologize," the robot voice politely answers .

"Fuck you!" the elder replies .

The man is shocked for a bit with this strange old woman . Upon returning to his senses, he lets the people ride on the billboard turned makeshift carpet . A woman asks: "We're going to step on Sharon Cuneta's face?"

"I think Sharon Cuneta will understand us just this once," answered the man . When everyone has in, he grabs the four corners of the canvas and carries the people like crabs in a sack…which angered the old woman with an attitude: "Son of a bitch!"

"Do not be afraid, you are in good hands!" Shouted the man to the people in the giant bag .

"We can't hold on to anything! We're gonna fall! Help!"

"No, you are safe . Do not worr—" The man notices the bag getting lighter . Only then did he see it ripped apart due to the weight of the people, who are currently on the ground nursing their limps . Good thing that they landed on the sand pit of a nearby construction site . But from afar he could still see the strange old lady giving him the finger .


He feels the crisp aching of the buildings around him . What is it now? he thought . As if to answer his question, the land slowly starts to crack, as if the world is about to be split in two .

"Tornado!" A balut vendor shouts .

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"Dumbass, it’s an earthquake!" Answers a cigarette vendor .

The hero leaves the fire to the firemen and starts supporting buildings that could possibly collapse . One by one, he jumps to buildings with crumbling foundations and leans them back into place . But one by one the structures fall down anyways since the foundation's gone by the time he leaves . Because he can't really do anything else and everyone's out of the building anyways, he instead turns his attention to the shouts from afar that his hearing can still reach .

The stranger clearly sees from the air the PNR train that lost its control . If not stopped, it could derail and fall down a deep ravine . Armed with bravery and the will to save, the man faces the rampaging train . Which lead him to being flicked away like a fly . After dusting himself off, he once again jumps on the roof of the iron giant . He then carefully climbs down the front to step his foot on the rails and stop the impending disaster . To the amazement of the superhero, his Converse seemed to turn into supershoes as well . A bit of smoke, heat, and wear emanates from the sole, but the train also slows down until finally it stops . The passengers are able to breathe, hug each other, and give a round of applause . They peeked at the person responsible for their rescue .

"You were amazing, sir…whoever you are!" Greeted a male passenger to the hero with his hand wrapped around his girlfriend .

"Heneroso, is that you?!" Asked a female passenger only five seats away from him .

"Huh?!" The male passenger covers his face with his jacket . "N-No . I'm at work!"

"Heneroso, it is you!" The woman comes closer . "Stupid, you don't have work!"

A brand new commotion occurs inside the train when the woman starts shooting a gun . But before the stranger could stop the marital fight, an old woman with big glasses and thinning hair starts hitting him with an umbrella . "You really can't do anything, you son of a bitch! You're here again! You're even gonna interfere with domestic violence! Take this! And this! And this! And this!

All the hero, who was still trying to make up for the bank robbery mishap, could say is ow, ouch and oww .