Kapitan Sino - Chapter 3

Published at 18th of March 2018 11:16:03 PM

Chapter 3

KS Chapter 3

Let's say all the organisms of the world came from one thing…but everyone of them went through different circumstances and different adaptations to survive…that's why there are different types or species…but there are organisms that despite not being monophyletic, still evolve with similar traits, and this is what you call convergent evolution…

The voice of the doctor explaining through the tape recorder is deep . From the bed where the cassette recorder lay, scattered up to the bathroom are freshly removed items like a jacket, tie, long-sleeve shirt, shoes, socks, belt, slacks, undershirt, and briefs, all covered in the room's lampshade's yellow glow .

I think natural selection's the reason why only minority species has emerged…and like usual heredity, the traits displayed by every generation are not equal…sometimes being–uh–different is dominant, sometime it's recessive…

Inside the shower, one tall man is shaking while standing in an open sack, holding a razor, and looking at the mirror .

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It's like the water that fills it…the difference between vertebrate blood, they rarely have respiratory pigment, and have a hard time transporting oxygen…but it's important in the changing of skin…and it also helps in protection from sickness…in some species, it even serves as defense to enemies…

He holds his breath while shaving his rice colored skin . Diligently removing the coarse and thick hair enveloping his whole body, from the head 'til his feet . Alongside the fall of the hard fur on the sack is the gritting of teeth due to anger and pain . He'll repeat this process again tomorrow evening–when the hair grows the fastest–and for all evenings to come, until his death .

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But we're not saving an animal, but a human…a simple blood transfusion is all that's needed…and not from an animal…there's nothing evil in the eyes of God or laws of man to what you're going to do…it's not forbidden nor a sin to save a life…

This is the taped conversation he had with Dr . Chua that he put aside, where a pathologist and a nuclear medicine specialist answers one by one the questions about the human body . Only his doctor friend knows about his secret, which he keeps as gratitude towards his parents that let him study medicine . It was also Dr . Chua that begged to have his will recorded, which luckily the man was able to do before the doctor died .

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