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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Brother Learned a Few Years of Medical Skills (2)

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Perhaps it was due to the long and arduous job of sweeping the floor that the old man’s waist had grown red and swollen . There was even a faint bruise on it . Jia Ren massaged the waist and began his treatment . He used various instruments .

As an expert spectator, Cui Hao carefully observed his massage techniques and found them ordinary .

When he Jia Ren saw sweat appear on Cui Hao’s forehead as he fiddled with the apparatus, he became confident .

After a series of treatments, the old man’s wrinkled brows relaxed slightly . He looked like he was no longer in pain . He wriggled his body and sincerely said, “After this doctor’s treatment, my waist doesn’t seem to be in pain anymore . It feels better now . ”

Hearing this, Jia Ren laughed complacently . His gaze towards Cui Hao was filled with provocation .

Everyone’s attention was focused on Cui Hao . Many donned a look of pleasure seeing his misfortunes while others were cheering, thoroughly enjoying the show displayed to them .

“Beautiful lady, I saw you take out a set of silver needles just now . Please lend it to me!” Cui Hao said to the tall and beautiful nurse calmly .

“… . Here you go…!” After hesitating for a moment, the beautiful nurse handed over the silver needle .

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Cui Hao’s fingers skillfully swiped across a row of silver needles that had different lengths . Soon, a familiar feeling surfaced in his heart . He skillfully twirled the silver needle and carefully examined the old man’s injured waist . Cui Hao originally had a brilliant acupuncture technique/ Adding on to this x-ray vision, he was able to see the old man’s critical injuries .


One after another, the silver needles seemed to have revived in Cui Hao’s hands . It drew a beautiful arc, accurately and gracefully landing on the old man’s waist . As Cui Hao lightly twirled the needles, some deep and some shallow, everyone felt relaxed and happy at the same time .

“So acupuncture can be used like this… His acupuncture skills must be extraordinary!”

Everyone was shocked . After comparing Jia Ren and Cui Hao together, they could clearly see that Cui Hao’s acupuncture skill was superior . If there was a master acupuncture here, then he too would be all the more shocked because the technique he was using was the long-lost Flowing Cloud Acupuncture Technique!


A large margin reduced the pain from the old man’s waist . Much to his surprise, it was not over yet . Cui Hao had already activated his ability to its maximal limits . With a slight flash of the golden lights in his pupils, he peered into the place where the old man’s muscles in his waist had been damaged .

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Through the perspective vision, Cui Hao could see some of the blood vessels attached to the old man’s waist . It had melted, and the lesion had been completely eradicated .

“It doesn’t hurt anymore! I’m not in pain anymore! Look, the bruises on my waist have all disappeared!” The old man was pleasantly surprised to find that he had recovered completely .

To prove he was not lying, the old man jumped off the bed . He moved his waist nimbly and jumped a few times on the spot .

“He really did it! Look, the bruises on his waist have been treated! Godly Doctor… This little guy is a Godly Doctor!”

“How amazing! We really watched a good show this time!”

“Husband, you’re good now, you’re really good!” The woman cried tears of joy . She was so excited that she could barely speak .

The eyes of the crows were bright and clear . At this moment, the difference between the strong and weak could be seen .

If one were to say which person present had the most intense emotional fluctuations, it would naturally be Jia Ren .

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“This… This… This is impossible!”

Jia Ren’s eyes widened, suddenly feeling the urge to spit out blood . His face turned ashen, unable to believe what his eyes had just seen . But the truth was right in front of him . This he could not refute . At this moment, he was suddenly filled with regret . Why did he act so arrogant and vile today to the point of offending the little devil?

But it was too late to say anything .

Taking advantage of the chaos, Jia Ren lowered his head and quickly walked out of the ward .


Just as he was about to leave in the middle of the chaos, a voice echoed, and a hand grabbed his arm .

Cui Hao had made his move .

“Doctor Jia, have you forgotten about our bet? Everyone has seen it for themselves . Not that you’ve lost, won’t you do as we promised?” Cui Hao said seriously .

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The veins on Jia Ren’s face bulged . He was angry, but he endured it . In a fawning tone, he said, “Little Brother, what we had was a misunderstanding . Let’s go somewhere . I have something I want to discuss with Little Brother . Don’t worry, you’ll definitely be satisfied!” With an apologetic smile on his face, Jia Ren lowered his posture .

Cui Hao naturally understood the meaning behind his words . Jia Ren wanted to give him money to settle the matters privately . However, Cui Hao had no intentions on letting him off so easily .

He shook his head and said, “A misunderstanding is enough, but how can there be such a cheap deal? Let me ask you, if I had lost, would you have let me off so easily?”

“Yes! That’s right! You can’t let him get away with it so easily! Doctors nowadays have no professional ethics and only knows how to look down on people! You must make him call you ‘grandpa’ and crawl around the clinic like a dog!”

The people shouted .

The commotion scared Jia Ren’s wits that his face turned green . When he thought of the terrifying consequences, his legs went soft, and he directly collapsed on the ground much like a coward .

Initially, Cui Hao wanted to teach Jia Ren a lesson, but seeing his posture, he soon lost interest .

Pondering for a moment, Cui Hao said, “Jia Ren, I hope you remember today’s lesson! As a doctor, you first must have medical ethics . I want you to honor your promise! Right now, you need to kowtow three times and apologize to the old man and this grandma here . Don’t worry, I won’t casually leak the video taken to the public . But if I find out that you haven’t been repenting, don’t blame me for being impolite . Once the video is released, your reputation will be ruined!”

“I’ll change, I’ll definitely change!” Jia Ren nodded hurried with shame and regret on his face .

In front of everyone, Jia Ren kowtowed three times to apologize to the old man and woman . Regardless of whether he really repented or not, Cui Hao believed that as long as he held on to the recorded video in his hands, Jia Ren wouldn’t dare to act so boldly in the future .

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