Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku - Volume 1 - Chapter 1.4

Published at 19th of April 2016 07:18:39 PM

Chapter 1.4

For the time being, i decided to check the extraction place of sulfur in the riverbank.

Going alone would be boring so i invited someone.

Lyle-sensei is the first candidate but because he refused the skinship between men the only remaining candidate is Louise.

I’ve been meeting with Louise after becoming an Assistant Secretary.

It’s because Lyle-sensei borrowed part of the inn, where i’m now living as an official residence .

The Inn and the bar also functions as an Adventurer guild. It’s a small village that’s why the Inn is doing everything.

Returning to the inn after work settles in the afternoon, Louise was drinking a wine which is the specialty of Shirejie kingdom. On the table there are wine and roasted snack on wooden plate

It looked slightly delicious.

「Oh, if it isn’t Assistant Secretary Takeru-dono」

Louise lifts the glass of that was poured with wine and shows a brim laugh.

「Please, stop making fun of me.」

When i came to live here in the inn, while knowing that i became an assistant secretary, they treat me some meat (Dog meat) as a celebration. Though i was glad i about it , it became her habit to make fun of me everytime we meet.

Lyle-sensei is respected as an important teacher in the village, and Louise has been making fun of by calling me Takeru-dono because i am younger than her. (TN:Dono (どの) is an old honorific used today. It has two uses: one that is more respectful and one that is a little less respectful than -sama, only because it keeps the speaker on the same level as the one they are speaking to.)

Of course, i am very embarrassed because i know that i’m not suited enough the called like that.

「 Just kidding, my bad. I’m happy that you’re now living a decent life. hey, do you want to drink together? or if you like i could fetch you crazy dog meat from now on.」

「No, Leaving that aside, Louise. Shall we go to the hot spring together.」

I thought that dog meat is also good, but because there is an unpleasant feeling to it, i have to decline. I decided to invite her to the hot spring.

「Hmm, the hot spring. I kinda wish to go.」

「so is it no good?」

She seems reluctant. Should i ask her after she get more drunk?

Louise has a preeminent style and she must have noticed my ulterior motive that i cleverly concealed to have a mix bath with a beautiful woman.

「I don’t understand the point going to the hot spring that you are talking about.」


I would understand it if she doesn’t want to enter the bath together, but what does she mean that she doesn’t know the point of it.

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「No, I don’t understand the point of digging a hole in the riverbank to have a hot water flooding. If, I’d like to clean myself i would just wipe myself with a hot water.」

「Hmm, I see.」

The act of taking a bath is not popular in this part of the country.

I guess the culture is different.

because Lyle-sensei didn’t deny that she isn’t going to a hot spring it’s probably depend on the person.

It’s no use to forcibly invite her, i guess i’ll give up on it.

Then i heard a familiar pretty voice coming from under the table.

「Why am i not invited visiting the hotspring!?」


Being familiar with that blond hair, Sara-chan who was under the table quietly suddenly came out.

I was surprised and banged my thigh on the table.

What are you going to do if the wounds that i got from the crazy dogs will open.

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Even though the table shook, Louise skillfully put the wooden plate on her hand and the wine on the other hand while munching some roasted beans. She’s clever.

It’s only normal to get surprised when Sara-chan suddenly appear like that. Is going out suddenly under the table popular culture in this world?

「Takeru-ni, you now have the right to specially invite me to the hotspring. How is it?」

Well, if you have the height and a have a chest, i’ll invite you.

「Umm, If there is a permission from your parent then you may come.」

if the hot spring has a distance from the sulfur mine then it will be alright to take a child.

Because there is no danger that a monster will appear, so it’s okay to take her there.

but if you want to come together, i wan to have the permission of the parents.

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「You’re treating me like a child, right? Former employee.」

「Sorry about that.」

Sara-chan raised her chin while puffing out her breast that doesn’t exist at all.

She’s doing her best to brag but it’s cute since it’s a child that’s doing that.

But because I’m a former employee, the parent’s permission would be necessary to take out a child.

I don’t like to be treated as a kidnapper just in case.

「If there is a permission from Sara’s parent, Then i’ll take you later, so quickly tell them.」

「Oh, I see.」

Louise said so with a disappointed expression. If Sara-chan acts violently then the food will scatter. There is not much valuable guest but it will be nuisance to make a noise in the tavern.

Sara-chan aside, If Louise whom i’m i have a debt said so, I can’t do anything but take her.

Then it was decided, I’ll guide her to the hot spring while being pulled by Sara-chan’s hand.