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Published at 17th of March 2017 06:39:45 AM

Chapter 25

Author: Unagi

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Editor: Aki

(Duke Hydorosa POV)


Why did such things happen–

Duke Hydorosa was unable to move .

For that person, whom he had loved with all his heart, he could not really accept the truth .

Either during the absence of Duke Diogenes or even after he returned, she had kept inviting lot of men to her residence…

Marianne also was not mine .

Once I knew the truth, I no longer cared about anything else .

Luka .

Who the hell is Luka?

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After Leticia came here, Luka, who was supposed to be the younger brother of Marianne, was sent here to Hydorosa’s house .

At that time I was pleased with the birth of that new life, which would succeed this Hydorosa’s house .

But, in the current situation, Luka was also probably not my child .

Now that I thought about it carefully, I had rarely seen her come here before and after she left Luka with me…


“Luka, are you here? Luka?”

Duke Hydorosa raised his voice .

The butler who heard his voice quickly went to call Luka, who was in his room .


Luka was surprised to see his father seem so aged .

“Get out of this mansion . ”

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Duke Hydorosa said those words without looking at Luka .

“E- Why now?”

Luka doubted his ears as he heard Duke Hydorosa’s command .

“You are not my son . The same goes for Marianne . ”

Luka’s eyes were wide opened .

‘Wh- What do you mean by that, father?”

Whenever he heard the word “father” from Luka, Duke Hydorosa felt like screaming from the bottom of his heart .

“I said, it would be better if you got out of here . ”

Duke Hydorosa decided to drive Luka out from his house .


“Well, what happened?”

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The royal scandal was the hottest news as of now .

When your father is the Prime Minister, you cannot really talk to anyone about it .

However, when he was surrounded by the scholar, Julius felt like his resolutions slowly seeped out from his shoulder .

He believed in them, and he knew that they were not really interested in it to leak it to other people .

They were only interested in the story, not the Royal Family .

Julius knew that their interest was only towards the machines and new technologies .

“Has Marianne-sama’s mother been caught?” “Seriously, then what about Leticia-sama?”

“Leticia-sama has been doing well, living with Duke Diogenes . ”

In public, Duke Diogenes had always given the impression that he did not care about his family, but when he was with Leticia, he never let her out of his sight .

“Is it possible to settle in this case?” “Stupid, then she could not get married to Prince Daniel . ”

The scholars were talking excitedly about the Royal Family while operating the rattling machines .

“I don’t think so, probably the two of them will officially engage with each other . ”

“Ei? Even though Marianne-sama is not an aristocrat?” “What’s more, her mother also got caught?”

Not to mention Julius, even they knew the things that had happened in the background .

Even though the information had been leaked somehow, these guys even managed to get the information on that event so quickly .

It was really the truth that these scholars have their own information network .

“No . In terms of Marianne-sama’s position as the daughter of Hydorosa, it has not changed . ”

“E, I hate Marianne-sama . ” “Isn’t that position like Leticia-sama’s?”

“Leticia-sama will not return to her ex-fiancée . Prince Daniel has already sent the invitation for his engagement with Marianne-sama . ”

“Prince Daniel is truly stupid . ”

Julius kept his mouth closed as he heard the feeling of others on that matter .

“Oi, it will be dangerous if they heard about this . ”

“I will be careful so that it will not be heard by others . ”

Hahahaha, the laughter echoed .

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