Kujonin - Chapter 8

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:48:45 PM
Chapter 8

Kujonin Author: Hanakuroko —

Story 8

In the morning, when I awoke, Sera was standing in front of the door watching me . "Morning . " "Good morning . Naoki-sama . " "Did you sleep?" "Yes . … Um, I have a question, is that okay?" "What is it?" "Is Naoki-sama the type who has no interest in women?" "Haa!? How did it become like that?" Saying that, my sleepy eyes are wide open now . "No, um… you didn't have me attend at night, so I was wondering if you were like that…" Sera clutched the hem of her clothes with a red face . "A, is that it . Because you're a slave that kind of thing is fine . I forgot . But, well, nah, for that thing . If it's not with a woman you love it's futile . " "Futile, is it…?" Sera's eyes widened into circles . "Aa… maa, want to try it next time? Our bodies' compatibility might be good, and I might come to like it . " "Naoki-sama is different, ne . " "Is that so? Please get used to it . " "Understood . " When I went to open the door to go to the bathroom, Sera opened the door for me . On the other side of the door, Balzack was waiting . "Good morning . Naoki-sama . " "Morning . You're up early, na . " "There is a guest present . " "Eh? A guest? Who?" "The one who performs as a receptionist at the Adventurer's Guild, Irene-sama . " "Seriously? The date should be in 3 more days, though, na . " Descending the stairs, Camilla and the receptionist are drinking herb tea . "O, Naoki . You've awakened, ne . " "Morning, Camilla . " Underneath Camilla's eyes were dark circles . Did she pull an all-nighter yesterday? "Good morning, Naoki-san . " "Morning . The date is in 3 days, isn't it?" "There is another matter to talk about, so I have intruded this early in the morning . " "I see . For now, my bladder is about to burst, so after I go to the bathroom I will listen to you . "

When I returned from the bathroom, for some reason the atmosphere was tense . Camilla was seemed to be displeased and upset, Sera was standing motionlessly upright next to the wall staring at Irene with a face hardened like a noh mask, and Irene was hesitantly peering at the state of those two while sipping herb tea . "What? What happened?" I asked Balzack, who was brewing seconds of herb tea . "I don't really understand, but for some reason, when they heard Naoki-sama and Irene-sama were going on a date, they seemed to become unhappy . " "A, should I have kept it a secret? Maa, I can have a date at least, ne?" "If you ask me, I don't really know . " "I seee . For now, it might be better to resolve this misunderstanding, I guess . " When I entered the living room, all of their stares gathered on me . "So, what does the Guild's receptionist Irene-san want with me? Even though our date is in 3 days, was your head full of plans? I just don't know much about the town, so all you have to do is show me around . That's all it is . It's not the kind where you hold hands, arm and arm like lovers . " Going on and on, I said that kind of excuse . "A, it's not about that . " "Yeah, it can't be about that . Then what is it?" "It's about the vespahornets . " "Aa, about those bee monsters . " "Yes, thanks to Camilla-san, we had insect repellant made, and now we are going to suppress them, though . " "Please do your best . " "There's something we would like to ask of Naoki-san . " "Of me? What?" "Actually…" Vespahornets are monsters that B-rank parties and up can suppress, but at present, this town only has parties up to C-rank it seems . With that, I, being the lowest rank, G-rank, while having a high level, was selected out of everyone . In the first place, I didn't know anything about there being ranks, and I can't make hornets that big my opponents so I refused, but still Irene invited me . It's become something like, normally doing masmascal extermination and ghost terror extermination, if it was the me who was strong with pest exterminations, then this time I should be fine too . "By the way, what is your level now?" "W,who knows?" "Naoki-sama is right at level 60 . " Sera cut in with a loud voice . "I have the Appraisal Skill, so there's no way that's wrong!" Previously it should have been 57, but it went up again; checking it to be sure, certainly on the other side of the Adventurer's Card, the number 60 was written there . No, that's not what the problem was . "Six! ty!?" Camilla's eyes became bloodshot . "Listen up! Naoki-san . It was recorded that the hero who defeated the demon king 300 years ago was level 55 . Presently, Adventurers that are level 50 and above are made A-ranks . " "However, that's for people who have attached combat type Skills to themselves, right? I basically just assigned points to things like Detection Skill or Compounding skill, so…" "Naoki-sama's status is, Stamina 312, Strength 223, and Endurance 198, so I think that even if you're naked you wouldn't lose against vespahornets! By the way, Speed is 190, and Wisdom is unknown!" "Sera! Please be quiet!" "It's fine, isn't it? For Naoki-sama, he has magic circles . " Balzack casually said . "Ma!gic!? Circles!?" Camilla stands up and grabs me . "Balzack, you also be quiet . " For crying out loud, how loose are my slaves' lips? "The only one who can defeat vespahornets is Naoki-san . Please, somehow save this town! As for the reward, the Guild and the governmental office will invest in it jointly, and if it's you… then there would be a special service on the date, so…" It was difficult to hear the second half, but Irene clasped my hand and stared at me with watery eyes . "Right, then, I'll do it . " "Thank you so much! With that!" Irene said that, left a bottle of insect repellant for my use, and returned to the Guild . "Naoki!" "Yes!" "There's a lot of things I want to ask you!" Camilla, with a vice-like grip on my shoulder, approached .

<T/n: (4/4) Normally the slaves in isekai stories aren't this hilarious . I love them . >