Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear - Chapter 385

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Chapter 385

385 Bear-san Comes to the Elf Village

Fina and I head to the Elven Village with Ruimin who came to pick us up . These two, Fina and Ruimin, are walking next to me .

[Even so, Fina knew about Bear-san’s gate . ] Ruimin

[I didn’t even think Ruimin-san knew about Bear-san’s gate either . ] Fina

[Only Fina’s family and Ruimin’s family knew about it . ] Yuna

Not the whole family though, only two relatives each . Come to think of it, both of them are in a similar environment .

[But I didn’t think I would have to do the laughter of hell magic contract the moment I found out about Bear-san’s gate . ] Ruimin

[Magic contract?] Fina

[Yeah, if I try to tell Yuna-san’s secret to others, I will suffer an endless laugh . It’s painful to the point where I can’t even breathe . ] Ruimin

Ruimin laughs and makes a painful expression .

I saw Sanya-san and Mumroot-san laughing, but their expressions seemed like they swallowed a bitter bug even though they were smiling . What’s so funny about that? I can think of some reasons for someone to laugh, like laughing when you hear a funny story, laughing when your body was being tickled, and eating laughing mushrooms, but which one was it?

[To begin with, it wasn’t me who said it, but Ruimin’s grandfather who proposed to make a laughter hell contract . It was a contract that will make you laugh to death . ] Yuna

[But if she talked about it to anyone, it’ll be a laughing hell, right?] Fina

[If she didn’t, then it’s okay . ] Yuna

It’s okay if she doesn’t try to tell the secret of my bear panties to others like some elf . I have to make her take the secret of bear panties to her grave .

[How much does Fina-chan know about Yuna-san?] Ruimin

[Maybe Ruimin knows what Fina already knows . On the contrary, there are many things Fina knows that Ruimin doesn’t . ] Yuna

[But, if I talk about it to Ruimin-san, will I experience a laughing hell too?] Fina

[Fina, you don’t have a contract, so you’ll be fine . ] Yuna

[That’s good then . ] Fina

Fina has a look of relief .

[So then, Fina-chan knows about the bear phone too, right?] Ruimin

Ruimin took the bear phone out of her pocket . Then, Fina followed suit and took out her bear phone in the same fashion .

[Yuna-oneesan . Can I talk to Ruimin-san and Shuri with this bear phone?] Fina

Fina looks at Ruimin’s bear phone and her own bear phone .

By the way, I had never experimented with it . Until recently, only Fina and Ruimin had bear phones . Moreover, they didn’t know each other, so they never tried it .

However, when I gave one to Shuri, it became three . Also, Fina and Ruimin got to know each other . Using her bear phone, Fina can actually talk to Shuri and Ruimin .

However, talking about the bear gate is a delicate topic .

[I haven’t tried it before, so how about trying it later?] Yuna

[Is that so? Then can I try it later? If I can connect, then I want to talk to Shuri . ] Fina

Fina gladly holds her bear phone close to her chest .

[That’s fine and all, but we will arrive at the village soon, so try it later . ] Yuna

[Then, Fina-chan . Let’s try it later . ] Ruimin

[It’s okay to test it, but do it without anyone around . ] Yuna


When we arrive at the elf village, the passersby are greeting us, maybe they remember me . About a month ago, the barriers were weakening and they were worried about monsters, but now, they have bright expressions . It’s such a peaceful sight to behold .

[Yuna-oneesan, are all the people here elves?] Fina

Fina is looking around strangely .

Many people have long ears and green hair, which are common characteristics of elves . Of course, there are elves with different colored hair, but a lot of them have green hair .

[Is it unusual for Fina-chan to see an elf?] Ruimin

Fina shakes her head to Ruimin’s question .

[The guild master of the Adventurer’s Guild in the Royal City is an elf . I also see some in the city and the Adventurer’s Guild, but I’ve never seen this many in a single place . ] Fina

That would be Sanya-san .

[Sanya-san is Ruimin’s older sister . ] Yuna

[Really!?] Fina

Fina is surprised at the fact that Ruimin and Sanya-san are sisters .

[I also just found out the other day . She knows Fina-chan and your sister . ] Ruimin

[Yes, I met her several times . She’s a beautiful person, isn’t she?] Fina

Ruimin was happy when her sister Sanya-san was praised . I think Ruimin will become a beautiful woman herself in the future .

Then, when we got to the square near the center of the village, we can see the children playing . When the children discovered me, they ran up to me .

[It’s a bear~]

[It’s Bear-san~]

[It’s Ruimin-oneechan]

The elven children were making a fuss and began surrounding us . Before I realized it, many children were gathered around me .

[Everyone, don’t bother Yuna-san . She won’t be able to walk properly . ] Ruimin


The children were pulling my arms and clothes .

[To grandpa… You all made a promise to him a long time ago, right?] Ruimin

Ruimin looks like an older sister watching over the younger children . Then, after the children replied <Yes>, they left .

I was saved because they couldn’t disclose the details about me . But it seems that the words of Mumroot-san, as the chief, have a lot of weight .

[Thank you, Ruimin, but you also do seem to be an older sister . ] Yuna

[Because I am an older sister . ] Ruimin

Ruimin looks proud .

As the children moved away from us, someone called out from elsewhere .

[I heard a commotion, but it looks like Yuna came . And you’re still dressed like that, I see . ] Ravirata

Elven youth? it seems Ravirata was the one who came .  (TN: (ラビラタ = Rabirata) formerly known as Labilata, ch 218 of X&M . )

[And you still have that sour look on your face as always . ] Yuna

[Hmph . You can stay in the village as much as you like, but don’t cause any trouble in the village, you hear?] Ravirata

Ravirata flashed a smile and then disappeared somewhere .

[What was that about?] Yuna

[Fufufu, he’s watching over Yuna-san who saved the village . ] Ruimin

[Is that so?] Yuna

[Maybe if I didn’t stop the children, Ravirata-san would have stopped them instead, so please don’t hate him . ] Ruimin

[I don’t really hate him . ] Yuna

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I didn’t dislike what he did because I wasn’t harassed . He even whispered thank you before he goes . Maybe that’s his attitude towards everyone, not just me . There are those kinds of people who are awkward to everyone .

[Now then, Yuna-san . You want to meet grandpa, right?] Ruimin

[Yeah, I have something to ask of him . ] Yuna

I was thinking of asking Mumroot-san about Dezerto city . Was he really that same Mumroot-san, the elf who first captured that pyramid? There’s a possibility that they only share the same last name, the same first name, and the same race .

[So can I see Mumroot-san right now?] Yuna

[Of course . If Yuna-san wants to see grandpa he will be glad to, since you’re our benefactor . The one who saved our village . ] Ruimin

[A benefactor, huh . That’s quite an exaggeration . ] Yuna

[She mentioned it earlier but, Yuna-oneesan, did you save this village?] Fina

[I just defeated a few monsters . They’re just exaggerating . ] Yuna

[I wouldn’t call it a few though . ] Ruimin

While Ruimin was trying to emphasize my deeds, we arrived at Mumroot-san’s house . In front of the house, Mumroot-san was sitting in a long chair . Maybe he’s basking in the sun?

[Grandpa, Yuna-san is here . ] Ruimin

[Bear Missy?] Mumroot

[Mumroot-san, it’s been a while . ] Yuna

[Missy, you’ve been coming here quite often, you know? Did you come here to pick up the sacred tree tea leaves and mushrooms?] Mumroot

[I want that too . However, it’s a different matter today . Ruimin, I’m sorry, but can you guide Fina around the village? I have something to ask Mumroot-san . ] Yuna

[Okay, then Fina-chan, let’s go . I’ll show you around the village . ] Ruimin

Ruimin holds Fina’s hand and starts running .  Fina grabs Ruimin as she is about to fall .

We’re the only ones left here, so I’ll begin the conversation with Mumroot-san .

[So what would you like to ask, Miss?] Mumroot

[Mumroot-san, do you know Dezerto city?] Yuna

[Dezerto city?] Mumroot

Mumroot-san tilts his head .

Mumroot-san thinks real hard .

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Mumroot-san tries to remember and now touching his forehead .

I decided to inject additional information into Mumroot-san’s brain .

[It’s a city surrounding a lake in the middle of a desert with a pyramid nearby . ] Yuna

[…………!] Mumroot


Mumroot-san makes a gesture of dropping the fist of his right hand on the palm of his left hand .

[Oh, the desert city of Dezerto . Now that’s a nostalgic story . ] Mumroot

Apparently, he finally remembered it . From his reaction, it looks like it really was the person himself .

[Then, was it Mumroot-san who captured the labyrinth of the pyramid? Some time ago, I went to Dezerto city, and when I was talking to the lord of that city, the name of a certain elf, Mumroot-san, came out . So I got curious . ] Yuna

[That’s definitely me . I’m sure it was a city that I made with my fellow adventurers when I was young . ] Mumroot

Mumroot-san was talking to me while reminiscing about his past .

According to him, when Mumroot-san and his friends cleared the labyrinth, they went outside, the water sprang up, and the lake was created . And so, they made a resting place so that people who were traveling in the desert could enjoy their break, then pedlers gradually started gathering, followed by people who grow crops, people who raise livestock, people who build buildings as their livelihood also gathered . Eventually, the city has been created .

He also said that Karina’s ancestor was Mumroot-san’s adventurer companion who managed it .

[We made walls when we learned that the temperature was controlled by barriers around the lake . ] Mumroot

[When I told the landlord about Mumroot-san, he said he would like to meet you . ] Yuna

[Well now, you went to the town made by Quat and Cyan . Is the city they made still being protected by their offsprings?] Mumroot

Mumroot-san speaks nostalgically .

[Then, are you going to Dezerto city next time?] Yuna

[I do want to see the children of those guys, but I can’t do that because I can’t leave the village for too long . ] Mumroot

[Then that would be fine . I’ve already set up a bear gate in Dezerto, so you can go there on a day trip . ] Yuna

[…Missy, is that okay?] Mumroot

[It’s okay, but it’s a little impossible right now, so is it okay next time?] Yuna

[I can wait for years, decades even . ] Mumroot

Oh, that’s right .  Elves were such a race .