Law of the Devil - Chapter 169

Published at 22nd of May 2016 11:31:41 PM
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Chapter 169

Law of the devil chapter 169

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The 169th chapter “cheating is difficult, more difficult than climbing the heavens”

Ever since he returned to his room and discussed it over with Gargamel, Du Wei kept feeling this play by the Magic Union is very clever!

Just thinking of the magic assessment in three days, he can already see the cunning smile on the president’s face right around the corner .

What a move!

Not only is this a way to test where he stand on the issue, it also carries a heavy intent!

Back in the square that day, Du Wei managed to scare away Green Robed Gandalf with the help of Semel . In the end, everyone recognized him as a young genius magician with immeasurable strength!

No doubt about it, his halo title of a Duke and powerful mage did bring him numerous benefits up to this point .

As such, his standing in Prince Son’s camp is very impressive .

But others may not know this, but the president of the magic union definitely had a vague idea of his true abilities!

Perhaps Dorgan is second guessing himself over Du Wei’s true strength right now, but that’s okay!

Once the magic assessment is in session, all will be revealed!

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On one hand, this rating assessment can test his power, but it can also burst Du Wei’s bubble! If the truth is revealed around him, then the momentum around Prince Son’s camp will definitely take a hit . At that time, the Magic Union can just take this excuse and suppress the royal household!

Thirdly, there is also a message the magic union wanted to convey to everyone in the capital: if the union does not recognize your strength, then you are nothing no matter how powerful you are!

Fourthly, the announcement result to the public will all depend on the president’s single word .

If you, Du Wei, wants to be the young genius grand mage, then you better cooperate with the magic union . If not, humph, humph, then I will expose you for what you are!



“In General, the magic assessment is divided into three parts when starting . ” Gargamel carefully explained the details to Du Wei: “Evaluation of magic level, manipulation, and mastery of spells . ”

“Is there any ways to fake it?” Du Wei furrows his brow .

“Fake it?” Gargamel shakes his head and sighed: “Do you think the magic union’s thousand year history is for show? If it was so easy to cheat, then there would have already been large numbers of fraudulent wizards roaming the continent! I’ll tell you now, the magic assessment is very strict, so don’t even think you can cheat!”

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Then Gargamel began to introduce the three-part assessment .

The magic power test is the simplest hurdle . For the examinee, they must pass through an absolute standard set up by the magic union . Inside the main headquarter; there is a special crystal ball that can measure the user’s magic level if injected with their energy . When activated, the crystal will display a range of colors indicating the level the user is at .

As for the magic manipulation test, it is a little more complex . In a single room, the union will arrange a number of magic circles which the participant must either solve or deal with during the test . During the entire process, there will be several grand mages outside watching the test to determine the person’s standard of control .

“This segment is similar to the time when we were bombarded with attacks in the forgotten ice field . Though the process is similar, but the attacks are much weaker and you can pick and choose which magic circle to take on . After all, the second test is in a controlled environment, so the level of danger shouldn’t be a problem . ”

“Now for the hardest part where you can’t cheat!” Gargamel opens up a broad smile: “First you must pick the most powerful spell you are familiar with . Then with the grand mages presiding over your test, they will observe how well your spell incantation is and the result from it . Whether you can pass this part will depend entirely on how impressed the judges are . However, with my current assessment of you right now, your most powerful spell that you can muster is nowhere close to being enough!”

“If you say it like this, then as long as I can produce an overwhelming spell to impress the judge, then I can pass?” Du Wei frowns .
“Not exactly . ” Gargamel shakes his head: “Spell chanting is a very important knowledge every mage must master . It’s not surprising if one can read the entire spell out because as long as you aren’t an idiot, then anyone can do it . On the contrary, to chant the entire spell out well is a very hard thing to do . Speed and clarity are equally important, but that doesn’t mean you can just shirk off your understanding of the important bits . In a spell, there are always certain words that can be omitted . If you can master this, then you can grab hold of the advantage in battle . ”

Du Wei can already feel his hope flying away after listening to Gargamel’s explanation .

In the end, Gargamel sent another blow to finish off Du Wei: “Of course, the first three parts I talked about so far is only the first process of the entire procedure . After you pass all three, what comes next is in fact the most critical!”

“There is also actual combat?” Du Wei wanted to find a hole and hide in it .

“That’s right . ” Gargamel nods, his voice serious: “This is the tradition passed down through the ages in the magic union . More importantly, this practice is the real secret behind the prosperity of the field of magic in the past millennium!”

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The mouse pans out his fingers to emphasize his next point: “Prior to your combat assessment, your body must be removed of all magic item and tools . Remember, the ones to judge you are all grand mages with immeasurable strength, so don’t go getting any funny ideas . ”

After that, you will be placed into a magic enforced combat arena . At this time, they will assign an opponent fit for your rank based on the rank you are aiming to go for . Generally speaking, they will send in two opponents one level lower than what you are trying to achieve . For example: if you are aiming for 7th rank, they will send in two 6th level mages to test you . These kinds of tests normally won’t get lethal, but there are some exemptions where both sides end up going over board and someone dies in the process . But rest assured, for the battle, there will be medical healers standing by for emergencies . Regardless of who your opponent is, both sides cannot carry in their own weapon or tools . When the fight starts, you will be provided with a staff to make things equal . The reason or this is to showcase your real ability without any sort of enhancement from outside forces . ”

Despair is finally overtaking Du Wei’s heart .

If the mouse says it like this, then there is absolutely no way for him to fuddle through!

Du Wei understands full well what his real strength is . Probably no higher than a 5th level mage, his arsenal of spells is also a complete mess . No matter what, everything he knows so far is only through a mix of self-study and supplemented by a range of magic tools he picked up along his travels . This was especially true when he fought with that Green Robed Gandalf in the square!

If he didn’t have his weapons and tools like the, gunpowder, five colored gemstone ring, and Nirvana’s bow, then that Green Robed Gandalf could have sent him flying in a single slap!

So, viewing from any standpoint, Du Wei has no chance to cheat!

Of course, if Du Wei disregards his reputation and self-esteem, he can still make it through a 5th level ranking test .

Anyways, it is up to the participant to choose what level he wishes to take .

However, he did create the impressive record of defeating that fake Gandalf in the central square, whom also defeated a 8th and 9th level mage . If Du Wei only achieves the rank of a 5th level mage, wouldn’t it be too shameful?!”

According to Gargamal’s saying, the minimum expectation of Du Wei right now is at least a eighth level magician! If he can’t even bring back a white mage robe, then it would be a total embarrassment because he is also known as the newest addition to Gandalf’s line of disciples!

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8th rank?

Du Wei gasps for air .

In three days, he needs to propel his powers to the level of a grand mage?

The answer to this predicament is clearly impossible .

When the mouse and human looked at each other at this moment, the third creature present (penguin) suddenly turned around .

Penguin lets out a elegant sigh . Randomly playing with his smooth feathers, he glanced over at Du Wei and said: “Is it really so difficult? Maybe I have a solution . ”

“You do?”

Du Wei took a look at this heavenly beast that did nothing so far other than waste his food .

Widening his eyes, Du Wei asked: “You… . What method do you have?”


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