Law of the Devil - Chapter 190

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Chapter 190

The 190th chapter “Blue Ocean’s request”


Once Old Smoke went out of the room, Du Wei glances over at Longbottom .

Longbottom shakes his head: “A nice guy…… Unfortunately, he chose the wrong person to swear his allegiance to . At the very least, I will never betray my subordinates and use them in a play .

After a pause, Longbottom made a demand on Du Wei: “Boss, I like this Old Smoke, why not let him become my subordinate . ”

Surprisingly, Du Wei refused Longbottom’s request: “My general, I also like this guy because he will make a fine officer . Let him stay by my side, I’m short on people that’s familiar with royal etiquette . ”

Longbottom agreed to his proposal with any sort of objection .

At last, the fate of Old Smoke was decided just like this . In Du Wei’s mind, he decided to form a squad of personal guards before he left the capital . With the appearance of Old Smoke, it is only natural this former royal guard would take up the leading post .

Before you know it, the thinking of a “climber” is already sprouting in Du Wei’s heart .

In his subconscious, Du Wei did not want all of his troops to be imprinted by this 250 . Though he greatly admires this General, but he simply cannot let all of his people be commanded by a single person .

The key to control lies in balance, this is the important part .

And Old Smoke is a very suitable candidate in Du Wei’s view .

Within his mind, Du Wei already has a preliminary idea of how he wants to organize the army within his territory .

As a General familiar with the Northwest, Longbottom’s skill is perfect for the leadership role in his cavalry brigade . However, that is all; he cannot give Longbottom any more than that . In Du Wei’s grand plan, there is someone more suitable to take full control .

The person in question is someone he dealt with many times, Knight Robert . Strict and sound, he is the perfect person with total loyalty towards him .

Hussein and Nicole have already went ahead and met up with him in the capital, but Knight Robert is still on the road . The reason for such delays is because Du Wei had put him in charge of escorting Solskjaer and the contents within his laboratory . Due to the vast amounts of research materials and blueprints left behind, it is only normal to wait a bit longer .

And for this Old Smoke…… Du Wei believes he will make a fine captain .

Of course, there is still captain Alpha within his home . In terms of qualification and experience, Alpha is undoubtedly the more suitable candidate to be the captain of Du Wei’s personal guard .  

However, Alpha had followed his father Raymond for far too long . With this in mind, Du Wei is certain Alpha is destined to not be a part of his crew .

For uncle Alpha, Du Wei had other plans in mind .

Those weird talents Longbottom recruited from the slave market have all been thrown into Du Wei’s personal guard… . . This is a very enviable position and it can be said the road ahead is bright and well . As for Old Smoke, he will temporarily be appointed as the leader of these people until Knight Robert arrives .


The group had no comment; after all, the strength of this old guy is above everyone else’s . This is already common knowledge .

Within this period of time, Du Wei focused most of his energy with the school academy .

Every day, he would hide himself within the school compound and study the research results collected from those Mages in the society .

Meanwhile, the sentence written outside the main doorway by Du Wei has almost become the motto among the students learning within the Hogwarts branch .

“Those that seek success and wealth are to take another road! Those that cowar in fear of death, leave!”

Young blood is always easily provoked . So long as the slogan is filled with emotion, these simple minded kids will certainly have a strong sense of respect and loyalty towards Du Wei .

What’s more, the stuff taught by Du Wei is way more exciting than all the other branches combined .

Even for the two unlucky saps that were petrified in the golden eye practice session, the pair did not only become inspired to work harder, they didn’t even hold a grudge towards him for humiliating them in front of the school .

“Today will be the last lesson I teach you . ”

On this day, Du Wei finally made his announcement in his auditorium: “Because everyone already knows that I’m about to go to my domain – Desa Province . So, I’m afraid there will be some time before I meet you guys again……”

The expressions on the 32 participants were looks of disappointment .

“But everyone doesn’t need to be too sad because if all things go well, we will meet again soon . ” Du Wei began to laugh cunningly like a fox: “I already made a proposal to the school board as a member of the council . I think that in order to train a qualified magician, the person needs to go out and experience it firsthand instead of hiding in the academy . Therefore, we decided to send you guys out in batches to some of the famed adventuring locations . As a field test, you will accumulate experience! In my proposal, the only places safe for you fledglings are only three – the frozen forest, the southern marshes, and the… . . Northwest . ”

Du Wei smiles slyly .

“Of course, with your current strength, the school believes it’s suicidal to send you guys to the frozen forest, or the southern marshes . Therefore, the only place fitting for your strength is the Northwest . There are plenty of deserts with many hidden magical beasts lurking around . Like the black scorpion that can emit toxic fluids from its tail, or the sand snake that can swallow you whole, all of these beasts will provide you with plenty of experience . What I’m suggesting is that in the next few months, you will be heading to the Northwest for your… . Hmm, I call it ‘field practice’ . ”

Cheers erupted from below .

In three months, these students under Du Wei’s teaching have already built up sufficient confidence!

In the magic academy, all students are young hot heads, so its unavoidable that there be conflicts happening behind the scenes . These battles between individuals are what they call “sorcerer duels” .

From incomplete statistical data, the students from the Hogwarts branch have an overwhelming winning streak in these underground duels!

“Of course, not each one of you can be qualified to take part in this field test . Only those that pass a test will be allowed . ” Du Wei began to smile: “Only a qualified individual can take this opportunity to go out and practice . Of course, this is for the sake of your safety . As for the content of the test… . . ” Du Wei touches his nose: “The academy will put you into several groups to form a several units . Without the protection of a teacher, you must overcome a adult ice demon wolf!”

Watching the young men under him without a hint of fear on their faces, Du Wei was very satisfied . Tapping the table, he then cried out: “We;; then! Pray for your future rookies! Be thankful! In the coming period, you will be free from my torment! Goodbye my students!”

With that, Du Wei went towards the door . Suddenly from behind, a neat standing ovation reached his ears . With a beat against their chests, the 32 participants performed a standard army salute .

“Thank you, I’m waiting for you in the Northwest . ”

Regarding the current outcome, he is very pleased with it .

The days before leaving the capital went into countdown .

Du Wei’s biggest headache right now is still the problem of manpower .

The Desa Province is an entire region, an entire province! It will require large amounts of low level administration officials, yet his pocket is empty still .

Does he really need to stall till he’s at the Northwest before recruiting?

Du Wei sighed .

He has already been through a variety of channels in the capital to recruit people for this eggless place, but sure enough, the moment someone hears it’s for Desa Province, they fled like a plague was coming . It’s to be expected, the other party may respect you, but that doesn’t mean they will endure hardship by your side… .

Very few are crazy enough to be willing to give up all this wealth in the capital to follow a Duke to the northwest .

Du Wei is not short on money . Within three months, his business have already tripled in size and his wealth has already reached a whopping 4 million gold coins!!!

However, gold may be able to buy slaves, but it cannot buy real talent .

The only good news: Zack junior is flourishing the business world, so female knight Rolynn is finally freed from the burden of being surrounded by those nasty young aristocrats .

And now, the police Chief Kami Siro is always wearing a set of the fancy armor set made by Du Wei’s shop during his street patrols .

“I need people! Just 300 is enough . ” Du Wei sat inside his place as he frowned: “If there isn’t enough, then 200… . No, even 100 will do… . . ”

Maybe the gods really listened to Du Wei’s prayer . After his pitiful cry for help, Marde suddenly showed up to deliver a message .

“Master, someone sent from Mr . Blue Ocean’s place sent a message . If you are not busy tonight, he wishes for you to visit him tonight… . . ”

Du Wei was stupefied .

Scholar Blue Ocean?

The capital’s most famous and greatest scholar?

At the same time his brother Gabri’s teacher?!

From his memory, he doesn’t remember having any dealing with such a person, so why is he inviting him over to his place?

This scholar’s attitude is very big, even Du Wei knew this . No matter who it is in the capital, they have been impressed by this person’s wisdom . As such, this Mr . Blue Ocean has received numerous requests from many influential individuals to take in their own child . Nonetheless, this unyielding old man would never give in to the demands of those in power . Unless you can catch his eye, you can forget about joining his school .

In the past, this scholar was willing to take Gabri as a student was because Earl Raymond made multiple visits to this person’s home, begging him to take Du Wei’s younger brother . Indeed, Gabri did in fact become exceptionally smart compared to his peers after a few years of learning . However, after the coup, both parties haven’t had much interaction after his parent went back to the Rowling Plains .

What is he looking for me for?

Du Wei may respect this kind of scholar, but he really didn’t have much time right now . When he is just about to refuse the invitation, Marde quickly added: “Mr . Blue Ocean left this message for you, ‘perhaps he can solve the problem at hand . ’”

Du Wei eyes lit up: “Ready the horse, I’ll go now!”

As the number on scholar in the capital, Mr . Blue Ocean’s home is very inconsistent with his position .

Mr . Blue Ocean’s home is located in the southern end of the capital – the southern part is where civilians live . Though his home is already quite big, but the decoration is simple and plain without looking tacky .

Pass the black bricked walls; he finally laid his eyes on the famous Blue Ocean sitting under a large tree .

Sitting in a cane chair, his robe was so plain that he didn’t have any sort of decoration on his body, nor did he have a shoe! Barefooted, this old man just quietly sat in his rattle chair like all the world is at peace around him . Seeing Du Wei coming in, he smiled: “Please come in . I didn’t know you would come so early, so I only prepared a pot of tea at the moment . ”

Du Wei smiled somewhat embarrassingly .

He is indeed too impatient because the invitation indicated the evening . Yet, the sun didn’t even set yet and he is already bursting into the other parties home .

“It’s very quiet here . ” Du Wei covers up his embarrassment with a scan of the surrounding: “Is it always this quiet around here?”

“No, during the day, the children’s will be here,” Blue Ocean smiles: “But they are at home now . Please sit down . Don’t mind my lack of etiquette, in my house, there is only one old servant . He should be busy in the kitchen right now, so I’ll have to trouble you to get a chair for yourself from inside the room . ”

Taking a closer look at this famous scholar, Du Wei noticed this person looked very gentle with his erected silver hair . Without any form of beard, his white skin really didn’t match up with his age… In his mind, Du Wei really wondered what this person would look like if he dyed his hair . Maybe he would turn into a 40 year old man?

But Du Wei knows, the true age of his old gramps is at least past the 80s!

Du Wei really isn’t into the habit of making an 80 year old grandpa move a chair for him . Moving hastily, he ran inside and pulled out a chair and sat down in front of Mr . Blue Ocean .

This blue eyes old scholar didn’t seem to be the tantalizing type: “Your dukeship, I know why you came in such a rush . You are facing a difficult problem, right?”

“Correct . ” Du Wei did not hesitate: “You sent me message saying you can help me?”

“Yes . ” Blue Ocean nods: “You need a people, lots and lots of people to help build up your province’s administration . ”

“That’s right, I need at least…… No, I need 300 people! 300 candidates to take charge of the administration posts . ” Du Wei smiles .

“Your lordship, I don’t have 300 people, but under the current circumstances, I think that if there were 80 people, then it would just barely be enough . ” Blue Ocean’s follow up easily saw through Du Wei’s lie .

Indeed, Du Wei exaggerated .

Du Wei continues to smile: “So then, can you recommend me some people?”

This old man leaning against a tree lets out a helpless sigh under the setting sun: “You know, I have a group of students, though some of them are from the nobility, but the majority of them are of the common class . From here, they managed to learn all sorts of things, but the opportunity for a civilization is simply too little . So I thought, since you are going to the northwest to create a new picture, then maybe I can land my students some opportunities . ”

Du Wei knits his brow: “But what I need is a group of people who can assume the posts within the local administration, not some scholar .

Blue Ocean smiles: “Your lordship, I’m certain my students will satisfy you . I’m not the sort of scholar that likes to study astrology and divination . The stuff my students learn is the way of governing . I guarantee you they’ll be qualified . What they need is experience and a bit of confidence… . ”

Subsequently, Du Wei carefully inquired about some other questions . At last, he determined this Mr . Blue Ocean does indeed have some real skill .

Many of the so-called scholars of the Empire are in fact the type of people that gained their fame through the nobility circle by studying astrology and divination .

For example: Du Wei’s former teacher Mr . Rosia is a famous astrologist .

While the students under Mr . Blue Ocean are focused on: architecture, mathematics, history, and moral character .

“I will not let my students turn into those kind of people that can only please their lords, each of them have their own area of expertise . ” At the end of his words, Blue Ocean made a guaranteeing gesture .

Du Wei nods before standing up . Then taking a walk around the yard, he turns around to look at the still smiling scholar .

“Mr . ” Du Wei speaks in a deep voice: “I’m sorry to ask this question…… But, what is your reason for doing this?”

Du Wei is not the type of person to believe the sky would just drop a pie in front of him .

“You gave me such a big favor; I would like to know what kind of special request you have of me . ”

Blue Ocean nods before standing up straight . Suddenly, the eyes of this old scholar suddenly showed a glimmer of light!

“Your lordship, you are a smart man, so I think you should already be aware of the following stuff I’m about to say… . . ”

Du Wei’s heart felt heavy as he silently waited .

“In the not so distant future, unrest is about to take place in the Northwest!” Du Wei was at awe for this old scholar . There is no doubt about hid point because Du Wei also agrees with his view .

“My request for you…… No, it should be regarded as an old man’s request to you, the grand duke in charge of the empire’s defense in the frontier . ” Blue Ocean softly sighed before suddenly raising his voice: “In the future, no matter the circumstances, please be certain to never let the enemy cross over the Kilimanjaro Mountain!”

Du Wei trembled from shock!

Blue Ocean’s face was very serious: “Perhaps my word is a bit presumptuous, but I think you and I both know how deep the scar is between the empire and the people of the northwest! If those natives in the heart of the grassland make it through the mountain, then the empire will certainly face an unimaginable catastrophe . This is my request to you!”