Law of the Devil - Chapter 210.1

Published at 27th of August 2016 09:33:03 PM
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Chapter 210.1

Chapter 210 “Fuck!” (part one)

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Within the military camp outside Loulan City, Du Wei and his 28 students are getting ready to set off for their training session along with Longbottom and his 1000 Calvary knights .

Du Wei’s intention is very simple: He needs these mages to be capable of cooperating with his forces and this trip is the perfect opportunity for him to find the most efficient engagement style .

After going through the strict physical training set out by Du Wei, these kids can no longer be called weak . To match their development, he specially designed a set of equipment that subverted the image an ordinary person would have had towards a magician . Ditching the representative robe unique to that of the mage profession, each of the students are now wearing leather armor with a short sword strapped to their waist like that of a light infantry . Above all else, Du Wei even gifted these fledglings with their own wands made of decent quality walnut branches; of course, the walnut tree was produced by using the spring’s water to fast forward its growth .

Though the wands were only of average standard for a walnut tree, but for these fledging’s, it is already a gift of immeasurable value! One must understand, a wand made out of a walnut tree’s branch is not something a newcomer can so easily afford or come by because even in the union, only those in the mid-level range can possibly afford one . Having such a valuable treasure in their hands, some of these students were so memorized by it that they were wiping it back and forth with their sleeves like fanatics .

“Everyone listen up . ” Du Wei sternly cries out his word atop of his mount: “I will give you the best! The best wand, the best equipment! But whether or not you are worthy of these things will depend entirely on your efforts! I hope that after your internship in the Northwest, you will be a match for this stuff! I can tell you now, as long as you can satisfy me… . I will provide you with some extra things as a reward at the end!”

Watching the eager eyes down below, Du Wei then announced a decision that left everyone bewildered: His request is that in the coming days, all of them are to cooperate with the army!

“What you have to do is match their movements, support their operations, and follow General Longbottom’s command! Even if the orders are unreasonable in your view, you still must do everything in your ability to meet his requests, do you all understand?”

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Magicians are going to support the soldiers?”

This command really is surprising because of how prosperous magic have been developing on the Roland Continent . Historically, the limited number of magicians in the Union would still play a part in military campaigns, but that doesn’t mean they will coordinate their attacks with the main army . During a battle, these highly temperamental individuals would only fight the enemy by themselves . In Du Wei’s view, this is highly unreliable and inefficient .

And let’s not forget their attitudes… . . If their mood is nice, they might lend you a hand at a critical moment, but if their day is bad, they might just pack up and leave you to your own fate .
Du Wei’s intention is to make these young magicians change this habit . Although it doesn’t make much sense to force these students to always bend to the army’s will, but this method is very effective in correcting the bad behavior so commonly found in the mage profession .

Even for our famed General Longbottom, he wasn’t very accustomed to Du Wei’s mind-blowing suggestion . Sure, he may have been a senior officer in command of thousands of soldiers at one time, but these are magicians were talking about! Overwhelmed by such a task, Longbottom can only smile bitterly as he accepted the assignment . Coughing once to clear his throat, he began to cry out his words: “Fine then! From today onwards, I will not look at you as wizards; instead, I will hence forth treat you like one of my subordinates! Don’t expect preferential treatment! If I hear anyone ever going against my orders, I will punish you with the whip! Do you people understand!”

This speech can be considered extremely ambitious . If it was anyone else, these overlords known as magicians would have either turned tailed and walked away without so much as a glance . As for those with a bad temper, you can damn well expect some payback .

Fortunately through the art of brainwashing, Du Wei is quite prestigious in their hearts . Also, these kids are from the military to begin with, so taking orders from the military is quite normal for them .

“Well then, get up and let’s go!” Longbottom ordered with his booming voice: “Get into marching formation! Magicians unit stay in the back… . . We must get to Cow Tongue village located at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro before dark . We will resupply there, but don’t expect any breaks because we will be making our way up the mountain throughout the night! Kids… . What will be awaiting you there is the fur and the cores of the magical beasts living there!”

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Once they were on the road, Longbottom rode side by side with Du Wei just so he can complain: “Boss… . You really gave me a problem… . . With so many mages listening to me…… Even I don’t know what to do . Oh god, I fear I’m the only commander throughout the empire to be given so many mages as underlings . ”

“You’ll get used to it . ” Du Wei smiles like it wasn’t such a big deal: “Everything is just the beginning, we still need to slowly develop it . ”

After a day of forced marching, even Longbottom was surprised at the endurance showcased by the young mages . Like many generals in the empire, they love and hated mages . What makes a magician so lovable is their immense strength, and what makes them so hateful is the inability to control them . Seeing how much suffering these young mages are willing endure and their willingness to take his orders, what more can Longbottom ask for?

Unlike the fit youngsters that impressed Longbottom, the young master of the Lister Household was different . When Du Wei peered over to look at Muse, this brat was clearly showing a face of fatigue . However, when he noticed Du Wei’s gaze, this stubborn child immediately straightened his back to hide his weakness .
“Humph, what a proud kid . ” Du Wei laughed inside .

Cow Tongue village is located at the southern base of Mount Kilimanjaro and what makes this place ideal for going up the mountain is its unique topography . Unlike the steep slopes across the mountain range, this area is relatively flat .

“According to our information, the area approximately 100 miles from here is likely to be infested with magical beasts . ” Longbottom explains: “When we came here last time, the locals said that whenever spring comes around, a thing they called a ‘monster’ would come down from the mountain to harass the cattle’s in the village . According to the villager’s description, the monster’s body is relatively small with fast reflexes . Some hunters tried to kill it before, but every attempt they did was unsuccessful… . It is said the thin can spit fire and when it needs to flee, it can even burrow into the ground . ”

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“General, we need more information to figure out what this magical beast is . ” A sorcerer apprentice boldly speaks up: “This thing is clearly a fire based magical beast, but these features are too vague . Small in size, fast, capable of breathing fire, and able to burrow into the ground, I can think of at least seven creatures that matches these characteristics . In order to properly deal with this beast, we need more information to come up with a plan . ”

Like this bold kid, the other students were also nodding in agreement while some even began coming up with possible suspects . Seeing this, Du Wei is very pleases because under his influence, these kids have learned the most important thing he wanted: efficiency!

It was at this moment, a sharp voice suddenly broke their mood: “Why are you people so worried about a magical beast when there are so many mages like you around…… Humph, can it be our famed Duke is afraid of some measly magical beast……”

Muse’s tone is evidently full of disdain and mockery over Du Wei and his students lack of courage .

After Muse’s reckless outburst, this kid immediately regretted his words inside . He doesn’t know why either, but his heart would ache with displeasure whenever his eyes fall upon Du Wei .

Du Wei didn’t say anything, but the students were another matter . Every single one of them were glaring at this little boy and one even cried out to retort him: “Who the hell are you to accuse the dean!”

Muse originally regretted his words too, but hearing the rude words shooting his way, this proud young master of the Lister Household wasn’t going to back down: “Humph, a great and mighty wizard is afraid of a little magical beast… . If word spread… . . Hey-hey, don’t think of me looking down at anyone, but others will definitely laugh… . Humph, it’s to be expected; whatever people will have whatever students… . . ”

While everyone was already fuming at this inexperienced kid, Du Wei only coughed once to shut everyone up .

Glaring at the kid before him, Du Wei said: Mr . Muse . ” Du Wei ponders for a moment, his face seemingly devoid of any anger: “Courage or cowardice is nothing more than someone else’s evaluation . When acting, it’s good enough when your conscience is clear, so why should one care about others gossip . Since you are so brave, then I can’t suppress your great virtue… . So be it then, we just so happens to need a scout when climbing the mountain . Since you are so willing to show your bravery, I believe you won’t miss this opportunity, right?”

Other than the snowy mountain peak being stained with snow, the mountain forest was already beginning to look creepily dark as the sun sets across the horizon .

Muse’s voice may sound firm, but his heart was already beginning to shake: “Fine then, a scout it is, what is there for me to be scared of!”

With that, this kid immediately gripped his reins readying to dash off . However, Du Wei immediately stopped him: “Duke, did you have something else to say?!” Muse exclaimed .

“Mr . Muse, the road is rugged; you aren’t expecting to ride up the mountain, right?” Du Wei smiles wickedly .

“Humph!” Muse’s face was red with anger, but through the cover of darkness, his flush only lasted for a second: “Who said I was going to ride up the mountain . I’m just riding ahead for a stroll . ”

Du Wei also didn’t want to be too hard on the kid; after all, his relationship with the Lister household is not worth ruining over some argument . Subsequently, he ordered several of his men to lead the kid and his horse away to rest .


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