Law of the Devil - Chapter 238.2

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Chapter 238.2

Chapter 238 “Rugaard of the Northwest” (part two)

Not long after they openly marched into town, a clear audible sound of horse beating against the ground could be heard from the front . As someone that lived in the Northwest for a while now, Du Wei is perfectly capable of distinguishing the identity of someone based on the rhythm of their horse . And this time, the rhythm was neat and steady, obviously from the army .

Sure enough, not too far away in the middle of the street, units of black cavalry knights were making their way over . Based on the respectful reaction of the citizens walking nearby, it’s seems these newcomers are quite well known around here .

It’s not the first time Du Wei met a soldier of the Northwest Army, as such, he was easily able to discern the difference between this unit and the rest . Wearing a full set of black armor made of superior quality, even the horses these people rode were 1st class that is hard to come by in the empire . What’s more, even from afar, Du Wei can feel the suffocating atmosphere surrounding these hardened veterans .

Looking at the outfit of these knights, the first thought that came to mind was the report given to him by Uncle Alpha . Aren’t these the people that intercepted Gold Wolf Head and his men along the way?

Then at 50 meters before colliding with Du Wei and his men, this group of black knights suddenly came to a halt .

“General Totoro, I heard you went to receive our guests . I’m guessing it’s safe to presume this person beside you is the famous Duke Tulip?” The one to speak up is a young knight that had half of his face covered in a metal mask, clearly the leader of the pack .

Instinctively, Du Wei got a weird vibe coming off from this fella that made get quite uncomfortable . Though the voice sounded gentle and calm, but there was an indescribable chill in there .

“I am Du Wei, Du Wei Rudolph . ” With a smile, Du Wei then hauled his horse forward a few steps to get a closer look at the young knight: “Sir is?”

In a loud voice, Totoro hurries in to introduce: “Duke, this right here is General Rugaard’s son…… . ”

“My name is Cybaster . ” The young Knight introduced himself with a smiling face similar to how he looked when beheading the now deceased Gold Wolf Head General: “Duke, forgive me for not saluting you properly for am under military orders . I have long admired your Dukeship and your achievements . Known as the strongest among this generation, I can’t wait till the day I can ask you for advice . ”

Giving a few polite words back in return, Du Wei was cut off by a sudden laugh from this young knight: “You be sure to stay a few extra days in ‘Watt City’ so I can ask you for advice . The truth is… . I have a strong interest in magic . For a famed magician like yourself to make a visit, I mustn’t miss this rare opportunity . ”


Not talking anymore, Du Wei only watched on as the young Cybaster turned to leave, but before he left, he made sure to let Du Wei hear his orders: “Continue forward, anyone that doesn’t reach Helen City by nightfall, DEATH!”

With that, Cybaster and his men flew right pass Du Wei’s convoy .

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Totoro shows a relieved smile: “Duke mustn’t take it to heart . Our little general here is always like this in nature, even in the face of General Rugaard, he is like this……”

Giving a few polite words, Du Wei then followed Totoro’s lead to arrive at the general’s manor . Though the place was very grand, but it didn’t give off a feeling of being overly luxurious, more like what you would find in those ancient majestic mansions .

Waiting till Totoro was completely gone from his sight because the fatty had to go in to inform the residence, Du Wei then turned to whisper at the guard behind him, “Hey, wanted criminal… . . That kid just now is even more prideful than you were when we first met . ”

With an eyepatch covering a side of his face, this knight that Du Wei is talking to is none other than our Saint Knight, Hussein in disguise . Listening Du Wei’s assessment, our saint knight only gave a light snort of dissatisfaction .

“Oh, you’re not satisfied? I say, how old is the kid? From what I heard, the guy’s strength is already at the eighth level, way younger than you were when you were of that rank . I fear your title as the continent’s number one knight won’t stand for very long at this rate . ”

Without anger in his voice, Hussein humorously replied: “What number one knight of the continent, I never cared for that stuff… . But that boy though, I hear he is fluent in Rodriguez’s ability, that I would like to see . ”

When their conversation got up to this point, a loud voice drifted over from the general’s manor and broke their chit chat .

“For the Duke of Tulip to make a personal visit is truly an honor for I, Rugaard of the Northwest Army!” Giving off a rough sounding laugh, this figure came out in big strides that were commonly found in a soldier .

Just as Du Wei finished dismounting, the guy was already in front of him and gave Du Wei an enthusiastic embrace: “Your father I and were good friends 20 years ago when we fought against the Northwest Natives . When I heard Old Raymond’s son was coming to the Northwest, I was so eager to meet you, and now I finally do!” Only after finishing his words did he release Du Wei .

Taking a step back, this old man then carefully looked over Du Wei with a face full of goodwill: “Very good, what a handsome boy, truly befitting a child of the Rowling Family!”

Like the foe before him, Du Wei also surveyed this evil warlord of the Northwest .

The face of this Rugaard really didn’t look all that crafty or evil, more like an average plain person . If Du Wei didn’t know better, he might really mistake the person before him as a heroic military man with great temperament .

But then it’s those harmless looking ones that are always the most dangerous .

On this point, Du Wei is very clear on it .

Of course, this General Rugaard does have some special characteristic that made him stand out . While standing before Du Wei – a 15 year boy – this old man is even shorter than him by half a head!

Famed in the Northwest for his butchery deeds, ulterior motives, and collusion with the natives, this fear inducing warlord is a…… . Midget???

However, it’s unlikely anyone in the Northwest would dare look down at this man!

Though Du Wei never met with Rugaard prior to this, he did hear rumors about the guy . Now that he is face to face with this midget, Du Wei is somewhat surprised that this person is even smaller than what he originally imagined .

Technically, Du Wei isn’t a full grown adult yet, so using the calculation from his previous world, Du Wei is only 160 inches while this guy before him is only up to his nose……

Also, this midget had a very big crooked nose, making his normally square face look dauntingly oppressive to those that meet him .

“General Rugaard . ” Du Wei gently threw up a breather to force a smile: “My father also mentioned you on many occasions . I’ve been in the Northwest for more than a year and I have to say it’s my blunder for not visiting you till this day, please excuse my faux pas . ”

“No need to be so polite!” Rugaard waves his hand heroically like it didn’t matter: “Your father and I fought a war together so you can say we are like brothers that went through life and death . Based on this, we can even be called family . Come-come-come, let’s go inside!”

After his speech, this old man started to pull Du Wei inside .

Unlike the kind speech made this old fox, Du Wei was thinking: I’ll be damned if I become family with a traitor like you!

Following Rugaard into the manor, the pair then came into an open living room that was already filled with several knights in armor – this includes General Guhuaduoluo that led the troops against Loulan City .

As for the rest of the knights sitting inside, they were about thirty to forty years of age and each one of these fierce looking fellas had a genuine knight’s badge clipped to their chest, the lowest being a sixth rank .

When they saw Du Wei entering room, their eyes all gave off a sense of open hostility .

And in the room, a feast was already set, but unlike the big feast tables found in the empire, it was set following the customs of the prairie natives where each guest had their own small table .

Organized into a small circular formation, Rugaard then pulled Du Wei along to sit at the very top reserved for the Army Head .

Unlike Hussein that was allowed to follow Du Wei into the banquet, the rest of Du Wei’s people were led away to rest somewhere else .

“Come-come-come, let me made the introduction . This right here is the famed Duke Tulip of the empire, known as the most talented person in his generation! Ha-ha, the son of Earl Raymond of the Rowling Family . ” The way this Rugaard said the last part greatly displeased Du Wei .

What does he mean by that, is it to mock me? The son of the Rowling Family became the Duke of Tulip… . Is this not mockery or what?

But then looking at the warm smile of this Rugaard, Du Wei could only sigh and think: This guy can act!

“Du Wei, you see? These here are all of my greatest warriors! I’m sure I don’t need to introduce General Guhuaduoluo again so I will do the others . Come-come-come, each one of you come toast the Duke and state your name . Whoever doesn’t get drunk tonight will get their butts wacked as punishment!”

Listening to General Rugaard’s “heroic” voice, Du Wei wondered .

What type of person is this Rugaard really?

Wu Sangui? Shi Jing Tang? Or is it … … An Lushan?

Note: all of these names belonged to some of the worst traitors in chinese history . Every single one of them has at least one drama dedicated to their deeds, especially Wu Sangui because he literally sold out the entire country with one move .

Thinking of this, Du Wei laughed hahaly and took the initiative to raise a cup for a toast: “General Rugaard is too kind . I’m just a youngster, how can I have these well-known heroes come give me a toast? Best let me go to them!”

With that, he then grabs a cup to toast the guy sitting to the left of him . Based on the face and beard this guy had, Du Wei actually found this person to be similar to his own general Longbottom .

Raising a cup to the guy, Du Wei smiled: “This cup here is Du Wei showing his respect to the hero of the Northwest Army!”

Despite his advances, this guy only gave a heavy grunt as a reply and never reached out to receive Du Wei’s cup .

As a result the atmosphere became frozen .