Law of the Devil - Chapter 240

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Chapter 240

Chapter 240 “Piercing assassination”

Rugaard smiled: “Of course! How can I neglect a guest’s entertaining?”

With that, he clapped his hand.

At his signal, several soldiers then strode in with a large wooden box and gently laid it down onto the ground. Unlike the usual square shape one would expect, this thing is like a diamond.

Then following suit, a gnome like figure that is likely shorter than Rugaard came out from beneath the banquet stage

Though this person of dark complexion had stubby looking arms and legs, but he did have one hell of a big head. Wearing a hilarious looking robe, his garment looked like it was woven together by using different fabrics.  Then there was that long ponytail behind that head, is it touching the ground?

Alright, let’s forget about the garment and hair, but you simply can’t ignore that face. Packing a ginormous nose, the poor guy looked like his eyes and mouth were pushed to the side, thus making him look extremely weird because of it. Probably a tribal native of the Southeastern Sea based on his appearance.

Once he was in front of everyone, this gnome first made a bowing gesture to Rugaard before doing the same to everyone else.  After that was done, this person turns out to be a mute from the hand language he was making.

Nodding, Rugaard said: “Begin then.”

Lifting a part of his robe, this gnome pulls out a flute from behind his butt and begins playing.

Short and weird, the sound coming off from the flute should have been eerie to the ears. But the more they listened, the more comfortable it became. Pulse by pulse, their bodies began to involuntarily follow the beat like an impulse reaction.

When Du Wei heard this sound, a strange thought came to mind so he studied the gnome carefully like he was looking for something.


Flashing something across his eyes, Du Wei’s eyebrow unconsciously wrinkled up. Every note this gnome played was clearly infused with magic, but it was different from the type commonly found on the Roland Continent.

It’s like the music itself could arouse the audiences mood to the users liking.

At this moment, the box in the middle silently opened. Following the beat, a silky smooth arm like a young lotus root slowly stretched out from the inside. Almost like it was without joints, this arm began to move according to the music.

The skin complexion on the arm wasn’t very white, more like a chocolate black. Nevertheless, the luster coming off from the skin was so brilliant it was like satin.


Subsequently, a foot lifted out of the box. With a slender instep and a tight arch, every toe was a marvel to behold that left the viewer breathless.

As the foot continues to stretch out, the entirety of her long slender leg was finally revealed when it gently touched the ground. Then with one push of her waist, the women inside stood up with her back facing the box.

The moment she came out, everyone inherently gasped for air and some even gulped without realizing it.

Wearing a crimson short dress, the upper part of her gown was both tight and small that left her delicate waist exposed to the crowd.

Just like that on all four with her back facing the ground, this woman began to move that alluring body of hers. Almost like a snake, every wiggle she made was powerful yet not stiff.

Then there’s that leg of hers. No matter how difficult her posture was on the ground, she would never lose her balance and even made some sexy postures along the way that would have been deemed impossible for a modern day gymnastic.

As the tempo of the beats began to increase, the woman suddenly leaped slightly backwards and landed on one foot, all the while keeping the other balanced in the air behind her. Pressing her palms against her chest, she then began to slowly dip forward. This should have been extremely difficult, yet she made it look so easy in how steady she held herself.

Then to finish everyone off, a part of her full bodied breasts could be seen under that deep ravine behind that short gown of hers. With every panting breath she made, those mounds would jiggle with clarity that left no doubt about how big and firm they are!

Without indication, the woman once again made a backflip and instantly pulled out two golden bells from the diamond shaped box. By the time she stood up again, the woman already had one on her left wrist and right foot.

Her figure truly was stunning, so stunning that it was hard to look away. Not only was her waist flexible, she also came equipped with a pair of explosive breast that could hook onto any man’s spirit. In the eyes of all, her figure is bordering on the line of perfection. Now, if only she would remove that gold mask hiding that face of hers.

Soon afterwards, the woman stopped her showing off her body and began to dance according to the gnome’s flute play. The crowd originally thought her poses on the ground were a good illustration of how flexible her body was, but they were proven wrong. Every spin, every step, every leap, and every action she did looked like it was from a fantasy. Those elastic and powerful legs, those plump delicate arms, her entire being is a burning flame, a flame that incites a man’s coveting desire to control her every particle. Just imagine taking a woman like that into bed, what kind of difficult positions can the pair do when all barriers are broken……

Many of the generals in the Northwest Army were already hypnotized by this woman. Fixating their lustful eyes on her body, their face looked like they wanted to swallow her whole if they can.

Smiling smugly at the scene, Rugaard turns to Du Wei and asked: “Du Wei, is this woman passable to the eye?”

Du Wei slightly laughed: “General Rugaard, this private collection of yours is truly precious! I’m guessing you got her from the Southeast? I heard that the native girls born from the Southeastern Sea is naturally gifted with flexible bodies. But now that I’ve witnessed it myself, I fear even our Roland Empire’s ‘snake girls’ is not comparable!”

Pleased at his own achievement, Rugaard’s face was so proud when he talked: “This girl is a slave I picked out from the batch Totoro brought in. Prior to today’s performance, I never showed her off so if the Duke likes it, I can gift her to you.”

Letting out a small chuckle, Du Wei replied: “I wouldn’t dare. Since she is the general’s collection, how can I take her?”

Pretending to be displeased, Rugaard follows up quickly: “What! I and your father are former comrades; I’m no different from your uncle. Besides, I never touched this woman after I bought her so she’s technically not mine yet. Even if I give her to you, it’s not much!”

Just as his words died down, the girl suddenly jumped back a bit. Using that snake like arms of hers, she reached up and wrapped her hands around her bundled hair. Then with a slight tug, that long black hair of hers was untied and began flowing over her shoulder..

At the same time, the flute tune became even more rapid. When the girl heard the change in the tempo, she suddenly stood on one foot and began to spin around! Faster and faster, her body soon became so fast that her fluttering long hair created afterimages that blurred out her body.

Just when the crowd wanted to applaud, Du Wei’s face changed: “General, be careful!!” He whispered the word in haste.

The instant he finished the warning, the rotating body of the girl suddenly shot out two silvery objects right at Rugaard’s face!

Without premonition, this change caught everyone off guard that none could react in time.

Right before the two silvery objects landed on Rugaard’s face, the army head instinctively grabbed for the plate in front of him and used it as a shield.


Following next is the piercing sound of two silvery objects landing into the table next to Rugaard. Looking closely, it was two silver hairpins!

In one delicate shout, the girl had already stopped her rotating spin and made a jump towards Rugaard with more needles clipped between her fingers!


Up with a scream, the two general sitting closest to Rugaard had already pounced towards the woman.

Letting out a grunt, Rugaard himself stood up and slammed his hand down against his own table. In one loud bang, the table flew up and shot towards the woman in the air.

Unable to dodge while in mid jump, the woman can only use her silver pins to scratch at the incoming object……


Splitting in half, what came next is the foul odor of corrosion coming off from the two broken pieces of wood that was once used as a table.

What a powerful poison!

Du Wei’s eyebrow picked up!

By the time his sight went back to the masked assassin, this once delicate looking woman had been surrounded by more than 10 armed generals.


Under that order, the generals pierced their sword into the woman at the same time! Strangely enough, not a single drop of blood came out of that youthful body; instead, a flash of golden light erupted and what should have been a delicate body suddenly turned into sand…….

This sudden change shocked everyone except for Du Wei. Sneering at the cheap trick, his eyes were filled with curiosity.

Meanwhile, Hussein was already in front of Du Wei with his sword drawn.

As for the gnome playing the flute, he was already under the custody of a team of soldiers that had rushed in after the commotion. Screaming a few times like he was trying to say something, this gnome suddenly tilted his head and blood began to drip out of his mouth.

“General……” A soldier took one look and was surprised by what he saw: “He … … He’s dead.”

Rugaard’s face was dark as all hell, same goes for all the generals present in the room.

All of a sudden, the mood in the room went silent.

Holding their breath, everyone was looking at General Rugaard to await his order.

Giving the gnome another look, Rugaard waved his sleeve and coldly said: “Guhuaduoluo…… I leave this matter in your hands! Where was this woman bought from, by whose hand….. Find out everything!”

Guhuaduoluo hurriedly accepts the order.

Rugaard then glances at Du Wei. Forcing a smile on his face, he said: “Du Wei, I’ve let you seen a show today.”

Du Wei faintly smiled and said, “Don’t mention it General… … You garrison defends the Northwest, it’s only natural that there are people finding you to be an eyesore. However, general’s ability is high so of course you wouldn’t be afraid of these despicable characters. It’s just…..” Pausing for a second, Du Wei whispers: “Looking at that woman and the flute player, their ability seems different from our Roland Empire’s magic. Maybe……. The Snowy Mountain……”

Speaking up to this point, Du Wei closes his mouth and looked up to see Rugaard’s reaction.

Sure enough, Rugaard’s face slightly changed for the worse before he hid it away again: “Who cares what they do. I, Rugaard have been roaming the Northwest for 20 long years. Am I supposed to be afraid of them?! Humph! It’s a shame they ruined our mood today…. Someone come! Bring Duke Tulip down for rest and we will host another banquet tomorrow.”

Disbanding on bad terms, Du Wei and Hussein was escorted to a faraway house inside Watt City. Regarding this place, Du Wei was very satisfied because the 200 subordinates he brought along was also stationed in this house. Seems Rugaard doesn’t think he will try anything while at their home base.

Ordering his men to secure the ins and outs of the courtyard, Du Wei then closed the door to his room and began discussing the event with Hussein.

“That assassin really is from the Snowy Mountain?” Hussein watches Du Wei.

“I don’t know.” Du Wei honestly replied: “I’m not the Lord, how would I know? It’s just a speculation of mine. That tune from that gnome seems to be able to make the listener become despondent to their surroundings and weaken their reaction….. And that woman……”

Du Wei suddenly frowned: “Don’t you think her body’s flexibility and coordination is too great?”

Hussein raised a brow and didn’t reply.

Watching Hussein’s reaction, Du Wei smiled: “Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of discussing woman with you. Humph, you’re a blockhead without any interest in the opposite sex, I’m well aware of that much. What I mean is…. Don’t you find it suspicious in how she was able to train her body to flex like that?”

Only then did Hussein understand Du Wei’s meaning, “Star Dou Qi!” His face turning white at the thought.

Du Wei nodded and then spoke in a deep voice: “The entry level Star Dou Qi martial set you taught me is similar; both requires the user to perform difficult poses. However, the level that woman showed off today is way above what I can do.”

Hussein immediately shakes his head: “Absolutely impossible! In this world, only I’m fluent in using Star Dou Qi! The stuff you know is merely the entry level basics so there’s no way others will know about it.”

“I didn’t say it must be Star Dou QI. I just think it’s a little odd.”

Awhile later, someone came in to report that the Northwest Army is making their move. Mobilizing all their forces, the soldiers are searching through every house in the city for the assassin.

Hearing the report, Du Wei had his people go down and smiled at Hussein: “Seems Rugaard will be busy for quite a while….. I’m also wondering about that woman. How did she turn her body into a pile of sand and disappear? Even if I don’t know what type of magic that is, I would have at least heard rumors of it before. If that’s the case, it’s likely Shamanism from the Prairie.”

After a pause, Du Wei smirked: “To show his loyalty to the capital, Rugaard killed Gold Wolf Head and offended the prairie natives in the process. I’m willing to bet this assassination attempt is a way for the natives to get revenge.”

“There’s always loss when there is gain.” Hussein nods: “If it really is the prairie natives coming to get revenge…… Then maybe…..”

“We must not intervene!” Du Wei sighed: “I also hate Rugaard and hope he dies too…… But you have to understand the problem. As of right now, Rugaard cannot die!”

Hussein is skeptical of this.

Du Wei shakes his head: “Hussein, a lot of things aren’t so simple. For a giant entity like the Northwest Army, there are 200,000 people and a dozen or so generals under Rugaard! It’s not ideal for us that the Northwest Army is united, but at the very least the Northwest region won’t fall into a chaos. Now imagine Rugaard disappearing and the generals below him getting into an internal conflict. At that time, we might not just be having a civil strife on our hand; we might be facing the full force of the native army with their knives pointing at our back……”