Law of the Devil - Chapter 245

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Chapter 245

Chapter 245 “Bet!”

Northwest Army’s chief magic consultant?

This title wasn’t all that unexpected. In spite of the fact that certain wizards will sometime offer their services to the army, many of these cases will depend entirely on the mood of that individual. If “Uncle” here is in the mood and liked you, sure, lending a helping hand when the situation requires isn’t a problem. However, if the magician in question weren’t up for it, these lords and masters of their own freedom might just turn around and stand idly by while you get slaughtered. Situations like that isn’t all that uncommon, hence the reason for the weird title. Magic consultant, a title that is neither subservient nor superior to the employer, perfect for a wizard that likes to be free of all restraints.

Regarding the fact that the Northwest Army is employing their own wizard, Du Wei was hardly surprised.

Think about it, the Northwest Army was able to stand up to the central high command for over twenty years; do you think numbers are all they have in store? Bringing a few mages to the table is only normal.

But what did surprise Du Wei is the fact that General Rugaard brought in a Dark mage and a eighth rank at that. Have this midget gone mad?

In order to cultivate dark magic, the user must amass an astronomical amount of souls, and they cannot be taken from the living! So where did this person get so much soul? The answer is obvious, from the living! This person is definitely a Death Mage, Du Wei is certain of this.

Continuing his surveying peek at this dark magician, Du Wei found that his foe was doing the same to him. Towards the confrontation between the two mighty wizards, all of the surrounding onlookers were very conscious in taking a step back for their own safety.

“Duke Tulip.” Dark Mage Tartaglia chuckles, his laughter filled with a strange type of weirdness like he would stop breathing at any moment: “I’ve long heard of your name … … But since you interrupted my spell just now, I take it you are trying to propose a duel?”

Du Wei faintly laughed. Looking over at Cybuster, this young general seems to have no intention of being a peace maker. On the contrary, Du Wei can see the bastard gloating at him. Though Du Wei’s heart sank at the sight, he had no intention of showing it. Forcing a cold smile, he turns to face the Dark Mage: “If sir is willing to enlighten me, how can I refuse your goodwill?”

Gently stepping on his stirrup, Du Wei’s body began to rise from the saddle to stand parallel to the Dark Mage.

“Dark Mages, all they do is summoning undead creatures to their side. Humph!!”

Du Wei still hasn’t forgotten the last encounter. Even when his foe summoned a bone dragon, add in some deaths knights and skeleton soldiers, he still managed to wipe them clean!

And now … …

Look around dammit. As far as the eye can see, there are only trees, endless amount of trees!

Fine then old man, come get some! Let’s see who got more cannon fodders to use!


If he wasn’t afraid of a death mage back when his power are weak, why the hell should he back off when he’s about to break into the sixth rank?!

But he should still be wary of the situation. It’s not hard to figure out this encounter is a set up by the Northwest Army, but what’s worth pondering is why now?

Can it be… … Du Wei’s heart jumped.

Can it be Rugaard intends to kill him?

Think about this, the confusing situation today is finally making sense!!

Yes, this is most likely the case.

Rugaard don’t want to rebel yet, at least that’s what Du Wei believes. If that’s the case, Rugaard must be plotting to borrow Tartaglia’s hand to kill him.

Rugaard can’t personally kill him. That would create too much trouble. So the solution is to have a magician do it, a magician killing a magician, what a perfect plan. Even if word get out that Du Wei died while in his care, no one will do anything. In name Tartaglia is working for Rugaard, but no one is crazy enough to punish a grand wizard!  The Northwest Army will just say: “Hey, he’s a magician; we can’t control what they do!”

Besides … … Even if he’s wrong about Rugaard wanting to kill him, this move of sending out a Dark Mage implies they want to test him.

Though Du Wei did not bring his wizard robe today, but he’s nevertheless ready to go at any moment because what he did bring is his storage ring. With only a thought, he can summon his wand and the “Life Horn” to awaken the trees.

Fixing his sight on the Dark mage’s hand, that black crystal ball gave him the creeps from the black swirling mass inside……

It was in this moment, Cybuster that was nearby finally spoke up. Kicking his horse leisurely, this young general deliberately cuts in between the two: “A moment please you two! Both of you are distinguished guests. If you two were to fight here, it will make things very difficult for me as a host……So then, why not give me some face?”

When Du Wei heard this, he nearly broke out into laughter.

This young general is absolutely treacherous. Those words may sound pleasant on the surface, but it also made it clear that their fight have nothing to do with them. If you two “guests” want to fight, then it’s not the “hosts” fault.

Towards Cybuster’s intention of watching a pair of tigers fight while he sits atop of a cliff, Du Wei couldn’t stop the rage from boiling forward. Just then Du Wei recalled Cybuster’s martial art is similar to Rodriguez’s. From this, a wacky and wild idea sprouted in his mind!

Humph! Act eh? Let’s see how you will act after I do this!

Not waiting to have a second thought, he suddenly chuckles at his own ingenuity. Stretching out from under his sleeve, his right hand currently holds a long sword veiled in a layer of ice crystal.

Not far away, Dark Mage Tartaglia just then thought Du Wei was going to pull out his wand, but instead, Du Wei pulls out a sword. With a somber face, Tartaglia sneered: “Master Du Wei, why have you brought a sword to a wizard’s duel. Do you hold no honor for your status?”

Du Wei rolled his eyes: “What, can’t I be fluent in both magic and martial art?”

At the same time, he hastily looks over to Cybuster.

Sure enough!

Cybuster originally had looks of disapproval when Du Wei revealed his sword, but when his eyes got a closer look, there was only shock in those pupils.

What was a smirking mouth promptly tightened. In its stead, there was only the gritting sound of teeth grinding against each other!

Long and thin, the sword in Du Wei’s hand was wrapped in a layer of transparent ice! Even under the dim beams of light coming through the forest leaves, the lustering glow cannot be covered up…..

Beauty under the Moonlight!

Rodriguez’s Beauty under the Moonlight!

It only took a second for Cybuster to pop his eyes. Momentarily stunned by what he was seeing, Cybuster’s hand looked like it was quivering with excitement while he held the horse rein.

“Both of you.” Cybuster rides forward a few steps, his voice suddenly turning loud: “Both of you are important guests so please keep calm. Regardless of who gets hurt today, it will be a huge loss to the empire! Father and his fellow generals are also inside the forest. If both of you must compete, why don’t we change the method? This way it won’t hurt either sides feeling.” Cybuster was clearly making a subtle shaking gesture with his head towards Tartaglia.

When he finished, this young general instead looked like he was afraid of Du Wei jumping the gun and starting the fight. Turning to the horseman behind him, Cybuster yells: “Blow the horn!”

After the horseman blows the signal, voices from all direction began making their way over.

Under the cover of several generals, Rugaard came up to Du Wei. Then looking at the Dark Mage not far across from them, the midget’s face seems to turn dark for a second before he broke out into laughter: “Oh, so both Master Du Wei and Master Tartaglia is here. I’m assuming you two already met so I won’t bother with the introductions.”

He then looks over to his son. From the complex gaze shooting back at him, Rugaard knew the circumstances have changed. Then turning his sight to Du Wei’s hand, Rugaards eye fell on the “Beauty under the Moonlgiht”.

From within the midget’s eye, a suddenly spark of light erupted. Like a starving ghost seeing food for the first time, like a molester seeing a beauty, those eyes wanted to devour everything within its sight!

This only happened in a blink of an eye, but Du Wei’s keen senses were able to capture it.

Hmm … … Does Rugaard recognize this sword?

“Father.” Cybuster clears his throat: “The Duke and Master Tartaglia seems to have a little misunderstanding and wants to compete.

Rugaard pops his mouth like he was shocked by the idea. Nevertheless, he responded very quickly: “Is there a need? Both of you are my important guest. If either one of you were to get hurt, it will be a great shame on my end. Consider it…….”

Cybuster deeply breathes in and cuts off Rugaard: “Father, it’s a rare chance to witness two powerful wizards showcasing their magic. I’m certain the others present would be happy to see a confrontation between two powerful masters….. Since both want to compete, why must we go against their will?”

Since Cybuster is making it so blunt, how can Rugaard not get the hint? Changing from his unwilling attitude, this midget immediately became cooperative: “It’s not a bad idea, but a duel between magicians will inevitably cause……”

“Then I have a good method to not hurt both sides.” Cybuster speeds up his words: “There’s probably still four to five prey left from today’s hunt. Why don’t we use this as a bet? Both will head out in their separate ways and within a certain time frame, whoever catches the most prey will be considered the winner. How is that?”

This proposal is quite clever that left both sides unable to object.

Du Wei thought: What’s going on with this Cybuster? Ever since he saw the “Beauty under the Moonlight”, this guy’s been acting like he’s afraid that I will really fight with the Dark Mage.

Is he afraid I will kill this Dark Mage? Or is he afraid the Dark Mage will kill me?

Though Cybuster suddenly made a change in the plan, Tartaglia did not object. After all, he was supposed to play along with Rugaard’s scheme anyways; a little change won’t matter to him. Grunting aloud, he nods in acceptance.

Du Wei also smiled: “This is good too. Able to experience Master Tartaglia’s magic and not hurt General Rugaard’s face, this idea is indeed perfect.”

After a pause, Du Wei deliberately slowed his tone: “However, since it’s a bet, there’s always winning and losing, may I know how this will be done?”

Apparently Cybuster had this part thought out too. Without delay in his follow up, he said: “Duke’s word is right. Since it’s a bet, then of course we need to have some kind of stake at play. But, we are in the Northwest Army’s territory. If we were to make you gents pay out of pocket, then that will make the Northwest Army seem too stingy! Let’s do this then….. If Master Tartaglia wins, why don’t we give the hundred or so inmates left in the dungeon to him? Father, surely you wouldn’t stinge out on a few death rows?”

Rugaard immediately nodded.

“If Master Tartaglia loses … … Then father, I would like Master Tartaglia to show me magic for a month. Consider this a request on my end.”

Tartaglia is Rugaard’s men to begin with, so of course he would nod in agreement.

Du Wei sighs and forced a smile: “Isn’t this an inconvenience for our wager to come out of the Northwest Army’s pocket?”

“Only like this will it show off my father’s respect towards you two.” Cybuster’s smooth reply made Du Wei think: this rascal is not an easy character to deal with!

“Likewise, if Duke wins, then the reward of being the winner will be, hmmm…… I heard your Dukeship suffered quite the loss when the prairie army invaded. How about this, if the Duke wins: fine horses three thousand, superior quality armor three thousand!”

Du Wei ponders the idea inside because the condition is quite tempting: “Well then, what if I lose?”

Cybuster’s current laugh gave Du Wei the chills: “Earlier I heard your Dukeship is fluent in both magic and martial art….. Such talent is extraordinary! And, I find your odd weapon fascinating.  So here’s my request. If the Duke loses, I would like you to tutor me for a month using that weapon! Of course, I can’t have your lordship staying here for so long. Here’s my proposal. I will accompany you back to Loulan City alone for a month while you tutor me!”

When his words came out, Du Wei was startled. It wasn’t just him; even Rugaard was showing a surprised expression.

Going back alone with Du Wei?

Wouldn’t this mean Du Wei can take this guy hostage if anything happens?

Du Wei was full of doubt regarding this idea because this young general was clearly aiming for his sword “Beauty under the Moonlight”.

Is this sword really so important to him?!

There’s simply no way out of this. Du Wei loudly laughs: “Fine! I’ll take the bet!”

After a pause, Du Wei saw Hussein’s signaling eye next to him. Hurrying to add in: “But I have a request…. In order to raise the difficulty of our hunt, the prey must be kept alive without being harmed!” Du Wei intentionally laughs: “If Master Tartaglia runs off and uses a wide range “Devouring Darkness” spell, then he can easily cover the entire forest to wipe out all life…. At that point, I can only watch on from the sideline.”

Cybuster was obviously very anxious. Not even waiting for that Dark Mage to speak, this young general answered in his stead: “Fine, we will do just that!”

As expected! Du Wei sneered … … For this sword, the guy is willing to do anything!.