Law of the Devil - Chapter 25.1

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Chapter 25.1


The tremendous upheaval made everyone afraid!

Fortunately, inside the military camp, there were not that many soldiers, as they were training far from this place by several hundred miles .

Spann was the first person who woke up, his face was full of rage, grabbing the sword on the ground and shouted out: “Who dares to make a raid on the local military camp!!!”

Spann was angry indeed . Making a raid is the act of rebellion, high treason! If I cannot catch the enemy who burned the flag outside the camp in front of me, I will lose my position!

In the hall, soldier’s eyes were red, they quickly grabbed the weapons and followed Spann . Then, there was only the sound of weapons that hurt everyone’s ears .

The Rowling clan soldiers immediately surrounded Du Wei .

Du Wei was ahead of the main gate with anger, and be startled due to the terrible scenes outside . Spann’s soldiers were lying on the ground . Their clothes and hairs were burnt in black, everyone was moaning, unable to stand up again .

Suddenly a silver shadow appeared from the flight of steps and quickly dashed .

This shadow moved with lightning speed, even Robert couldn’t clearly see the appearance of the enemy, he shouted: “Stop!”


Robert absorbed the inner force, his body immediately exuded rays of light . He slashed his sword, a bright white light immediately run towards the flight of steps!

The shadow seemed to have no intention of stopping; it rushed towards Robert to cross swords with him .

In a split second, Robert immediately felt the cold air in his body from the sword! This weapon made the Knight shuddered, each of his finger was frozen, he may not hold it anymore! Immediately a great force hit on the blade, Robert succumb, his whole body felt like being hit by electricity, losing all the senses .

The sword fell on the ground, and Robert fainted because of excruciating pain . , his clothes and hairs were burnt in black, he fell over the ground . Obviously he was seriously wounded!

In just a split second, the new comer defeated a Knight as powerful as Robert . While Rowling clan soldiers were still surprised, the shadow ultimately stopped and stood in the central hall!

This was the woman who has spoken outside .

The girl calling Vivian her young sister was tall and had a beautiful appearance . Her face can be compared with . Her two irises were shining but they were cold eyes .

Her face was like made of ice, with murderous air, slightly narrowed eyelashes that showed the satirical implication .

She wore a strange white armor with “empty pattern” – a pattern made of a hollow carving . How strong was this armor? It was thin, although beautiful but seemed useless in battle .

Du Wei and Solskjaer saw them as evil patterns, or even consisting of some magic’s .

On her back, there was also a cold icy Spear with the length touching the ground .

This girl with white armor, a long icy spear and beautiful face looked like the person who came out from the ice .

But that was not the only reason which startled Du Wei!

During this time, the aristocrats who used to be calm, were threaten by this girl!

She had a long hair as white as snow!

A snow-white hair, in addition with her lips and straight nose…

Du Wei seemed hit by lightning! Because the he can realize her appearance!

It seems that a few days ago, in the library of Rowling clan, that’s the person who found the Star magic…Semel .

Standing in front of this girl … if Du Wei didn’t know that she died hundreds of years ago, he would think that magician was standing in front of him here .

From the appearance, this girl’s body was almost 90%  similar to Semel .

Du Wei rolled his eyes and opened his mouth, in the eyes of others, he seemed be threatened blankly . Everyone revolved around Du Wei, some Rowling clan soldiers pointed the sword towards the girl and shouted: “Treason! You were audacious to make a raid into military camp!”

“Ha ha ha ha …” The girl laughed coldly: “I have already done it, are you just going to stand there and make idle threats? ”

She gently lifted a finger, a ice line came out towards everyone . While no one could react, the Rowling clan soldier who just shouted,  was hit with frozen body down to the ground .

She did that all too suddenly, with no signs at all! Du Wei ultimately regained consciousness, he glanced over Solskjaer, they can see the fear in the eyes of each other!

“The Rowling clan soldiers! Protect Du Wei! Risking everything you’ve got! Go!” a guardian shouted out, raised the sword and went ahead, then others followed . Immediately a dozen people had gathered around and pointed the sword towards the girl .

The girl laughed and turned her body then it shined a white light in circle! It just suddenly flashed and disappeared, but those people were flying out!

Immediately, over ten bodies bumped into every direction, someone hit the wall, someone crashed into the table, even those who were out of the hall…

On the ground, there was an abundance of people, It’s unknown what type of magic this girl used . All of them fainted away, there was only Du Wei and Solskjaer in the hall .

“I cannot believe it! There is a sorcerer here . ” This girl saw Solskjaer’s robe, her eyes were shining immediately, she smiled coldly: “Sorcerer! Where is your medal? As a magician, why don’t you wear the Association’s medal?! Which level you belong to? ”

Solskjaer immediately flushed, his medal was forced to burn by Du Wei . When the enemy questioned, he stuttered without any words .

The girl shook her head: “I do not think in a small military camp, there will be a magician . So I will follow the rituals to fight with you . ”


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