Law of the Devil - Chapter 269

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Chapter 269

Chapter 269 “Mrs . Lister”

Not even caring about Old Smoke anymore, Du Wei rushed down the stairs and directly jumped through the window just so he can save a few milliseconds of time .

Meanwhile in the castle garden, Mrs . Lister was spending the day distracting herself from the problem of the heart involving Du Wei . Unfortunately, as fate would have it… . The commotion of that old Green Hat were simply too big . It’s not known why all the big shots would come out of their long meditation periods with a big bang, but when fate takes a turn for the worse, this is it… . .

Directly blowing through the ceiling wall, the location where the old fart emerged coincidentally happens to be the castle garden .

When Du Wei finally arrived at the scene, the first thing to welcome this master of the house was a fearfully white Mrs . Lister and a litter of fallen White Feather Knights on the ground . There were still two White Feather Knights protecting the lady, but anyone can tell these two loyal followers were also in distress from the terrible expression on their faces . Strangely enough, the Marquise would repeatedly utter a classic line like in the movies of old while she continues to retreat backward in utter fear: “You… . Don’t come any closer!” She screams with great anxiety .

The first reaction Du Wei had was to sweep his senses through area . Confirming the knights on the ground were only unconscious from an unknown spell and not dead, some of the urgency inside of him finally relented a bit .

Then watching the two White Feather Knights making their stand against the terrifying old man, Du Wei could do nothing but sigh . If excluding the old dragon up at the north, without a doubt, this Green Hat would be regarded as the mainland’s top expert . As such, how can a few White Feather Knights stand up to an opponent like him? If they somehow annoyed this eccentric old man, Du Wei can’t guarantee this old guy won’t outright turn everyone into corpses .

From the way he appears, Green Robe Gandalf doesn’t look half bad, clearly rejuvenated by the month long retreat inside the cellar . Ignoring the two knights aiming their swords at him, Green Robe leisurely laughs at Mrs . Lister and tauntingly said: “Oh what a surprise… . To think I would have the pleasure of meeting this beautiful lady again on this fine day!”

Feeling his forehead going numb, Du Wei quickly picked up the meaning behind those words: “Does this old guy know the madam? Don’t tell me this guy is a womanizer . ”

Bringing with him this strange idea, Du Wei hurriedly ran over to step in between Green hat and the lady: “Stop, stop this instant!” He then looks over at Green hat and smiled wryly: “This… . . Dear teacher, this lady is my distinguished guest, you, this… . . ”

Facing Du Wei, Green Robe Gandalf narrows his eye at him and said: “Eh, your guest?” Coincidentally, the old grandpa also turns his sight at the lady behind Du Wei and carefully assessed the gorgeous madam . After a good moment of careful observation, Green Hat gives off a face of profound understanding like he just became enlightened .


“This, consider it my request… . ” Du Wei didn’t even have the chance to finish his words before Green Hat cuts him off with a wave of his sleeve: “Fine, fine, fine…… . Although her blood is good, but old grandpa here doesn’t particularly must have it . Ha-ha, since she’s your friend, I will let her off the hook . ”

Moments later, he rummages through his robe and pulls out a bottle to toss it over to Du Wei: “Considering it’s you, I will lower my demand… . . I originally intended to bleed her for studying, but since she’s your friend, I won’t get physical . I don’t need much, just fill up the bottle with her blood for me . ”

Once Du Wei finished accompanying this old geezer to a resting place, he specifically ordered his men to arrange a room as far away as possible from the madam for this old man . Only by doing so did Du Wei feel slightly relieved .

Likewise, with the old man out of her sight, Mrs . Lister finally loosened her tense body and partially fainted against Du Wei’s shoulder when he returned . Normally Du Wei would find this uncomfortable and question whether the madam was faking it or not, but this clearly wasn’t case . Completely deprived of energy, Mrs . Lister looked so frail and helpless when tears began to well up in her eyes: “Who…… Who is that man… Du Wei, that terrifying old man, what did you just call him… . . ”

Coughing once, Du Wei thought it be better to not reveal his relationship with this old man . Changing the topic, he counters the question with one of his own: “Madam, you’re acquainted with this guy?”

Mrs . Lister seems to be a little frightened as she looked Du Wei in the eye, her face somewhat complex: “Du Wei, you really don’t know?”

“Know what?”

There’s some doubt in her mind, but after assessing Du Wei’s reaction for a good moment, Mrs . Lister determined Du Wei wasn’t lying: “Do you still remember how Dadaneier met you in the frozen forest? He was there in order to procure a Golden Eye Python for me and it’s precisely this guy whom cursed me with a spell that nearly caused my death . ”

Upon hearing this, Du Wei literally popped his eyes out in disbelief and recalled the story of how the madam got cursed by a strangely dressed old man!

According to Dadaneier’s story, the old man wanted to flirt with the lady but was eventually driven away by one of the Temple’s Holy Knight .

Although Dadaneier mentioned the guy wore green clothes, but Du Wei never in his right mind imagined the womanizer would be someone like the Green Hat . The main reason for this mindset had to do with the fact that in the story, the lewd womanizer got repelled by an eighth level Holy Knight! No matter how you weighed it, Green Robe here would never lose to someone like that . If anything, this eccentric old man only needs to wave his hand once in order to turn any Holy Knight into a corpse . Regardless, considering the Green Hat’s status, Du Wei had some serious issues imagining the old man doing something like harassing a lady .

While Du Wei was busy thinking all of this, Mrs . Lister had been keeping her eyes pinned at him for any signs of mistruth: “This, I didn’t know . However, this old man has some serious background so I believe there must have been some kind of misunderstanding between you two… . I don’t doubt the old man’s eccentricity, but it’s really hard for me to look at him as a lustful person . ”

“No, no!” Mrs . Lister’s eye turned red and watery: “It’s true he didn’t try to tease me, it’s just that I have my own difficulties . Back then when I first encountered him, he indeed didn’t tease me, it was for another reason… . Then when the Holy Knight of the temple arrived to drive him away, I needed to come up with an explanation of why he harassed me so I came up with the story of him trying to flirt with me . ”

Only like this did Du Wei nod his head in agreement . When it comes to being strange and eccentric, the old man definitely fits the bill, but a womanizer that harasses a lady? Du Wei had some serious doubt on this one . But then why did Green Hat bother her?

Subconsciously, Du Wei tightened the grip on the bottle in his hand and asked: “He… . Could it be that he wants your blood?”

Turning paler at the question, the Marquise becomes even more helpless while in Du Wei’s embrace: “I… I . ”

Coming up with an idea, Du Wei slowly helped the lady regain her posture and called for the two knights to come over: “You two first bring the madam back to rest … . Hmm, as for the rest here, you can also bring them back . They are merely unconscious due to a spell . In a few moments, they will likely awaken . ”

His reasoning was simple: The madam is a clever woman . Even if he asked, she might not necessarily speak the truth . If that’s the case, it be easier for him to go ask Green Hat .

Sure enough, Mrs . Lister appeared quite reluctant at the idea but had no choice but to leave with the help of her two escorts .

Curious inside, Du Wei also hurries over to Green Hat so he can get the whole story .

Following Du Wei’s instruction earlier, Old Smoke had arranged for a room at the highest floor of the castle for the old man . This floor was usually reserved only for Du Wei’s use, but in this case, exceptions had to be made . When Du Wei arrived, the first thing to welcome him was the strange sight of Gandalf leaning against a chair, curiously eyeing QQ in the corner .

To be suddenly gazed at by a strange magician, this penguin didn’t know how to react and could only freeze there on the spot from the unease creeping down his tingly spine .

Fortunately Du Wei walked in at this time; otherwise QQ wouldn’t know what to do in this awkward situation for up till now, it had always been him living alone in Du Wei’s room .

“Hmm, back already? Did you bring the woman’s blood with you?”

Du Wei opens up his empty palm and asked: “Nope, first I need you to tell me what’s going on . ”

Green robe Gandalf pricked his brow: “Kid, I don’t need much . Considering it’s you who’s asking, I decided to only ask for a small bottle . Otherwise, I would have simply taken her away for careful studying if I followed my usual pattern . What, is she your lover?”

“No . ” Du Wei waved his hand to motion QQ to leave . Releasing the tension in his body, QQ hurriedly flapped his wing and waltz out of the room using that penguin walk of his .

Sparkling with light at the sight, Gandalf asked: “EH? Your bird is weird, it understands your words right? You only waved your hand and it knew your meaning . ”

Grabbing the wine bottle on the table, Du Wei poured himself a cup and chucked the wine down his throat: “Let’s not focus on this topic… . First tell me what’s your relationship with that woman and how did she pique your interest?”

Then, not waiting for Gandalf to speak, Du Wei went over what he and the madam talked about earlier: “According to her, it’s you who originally petrified her . ”

“That’s right, it’s me . ” Green Robe Gandalf shakes his head with a face full of indifference: “If not for that Holy Knight, I would have snatched her away already . ”

“An eighth level Holy Knight would have been wiped clean with a single finger of yours . ” Du Wei looked puzzled: “How can someone like that drive you away?”

Green Robe Gandalf shakes his head again: “At that time my other self was still in this world . According to our agreement, we will conduct a duel between us for the right to use Gandalf as our identity after a certain period . The winner gets to use Gandalf as their identity and the loser must go into hiding while keeping a low key . I’m a man of my word . I lost to my other self at the previous duel so I had to keep a low profile . If I suddenly killed an eighth level Holy Knight, the commotion will definitely alarm the Temple . By then, it would be no different from me violating the promise between my other half . Therefore, I decided to deliberately act like I was driven away by that Holy Knight . ”

Du Wei nodded for this explanation solved a question lurking in his heart .

Indeed, before the main Gandalf perished in battle, this Green Hat always kept a low profile . Otherwise, with his extraordinary strength and level of knowledge, he would have become an illustrious master famed across the lands .

Sitting down, Du Wei continues with his questioning: “Then what’s so interesting about this Mrs . Lister?”

Green Hat lapsed out for a second, his eyes looking somewhat shocked: “Ha-ha! Kid, I heard you are well learned, guess there are things you don’t know either . From your question, I can tell most of your knowledge was learned from the books right?”

Speaking up to here, Green Hat lowers his voice and grinned triumphantly: “You don’t see the abnormality in the woman?”


Du Wei thought about it: indeed the madam is quite outstanding, both remarkably beautiful and clever . Other than that, he couldn’t see anything else .

“Besides beautiful and clever … Hmm, she also looks younger than her actual age… . I don’t see anything special or out of place . ”