Law of the Devil - Chapter 292.2

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Chapter 292.2

Chapter 292 “Farce” (Part two)

“Duke . ” The holy maiden smiled leisurely and said: “Don’t you think by doing this it will harm your auction house’s reputation of being fair?”

Casually standing up, she stands off against Du Wei from across the railings, her eyes without a trace of fear: “I’ve long heard that the Tulip auction house is the fairest out there, but your order today seems inconsistent with this saying don’t you agree?”

Coldly smiling, Du Wei turns his head to the side to face the woman: “Seems your grace has an opinion on my decision?”

Making a greeting gesture, she then slowly said: “Lord Dupont’s scuffle with his disobedient servant is their private affair . Now that things have subsided, it’s only natural the auction must continue . Or is it… because your dukeship wishes to win this bid and decides to change the rules at will? Ah, I almost forgot, you are after all the master of this place . ”

Not getting annoyed or angry, Du Wei instead laughs: “I see, so your highness is accusing me of being unfair . Very well, the reputation of my Tulip auction house cannot be so easily defamed . ”

Pausing, he slowly said, “Your highness, you want fairness? Then I’ll give you fairness!”

Speaking up to here, Du Wei’s face suddenly sank, his whole body exuding a majestic dominance: “Guards, get the hell out here!”

As soon as his voice died down, two guards wearing servant clothes of the auction house had rushed into the VIP box on the second floor, their posture kneeling on one to the ground .

“You two are the doorman today?” His eyes cold .

The two looked at each other and replied in unison, “… Yes milord . ”

“Very well . ” Nodding, Du Wei presses his fingers on the railing and began tapping it slowly: “I ask you, what is the fourth rule of the auction house?”

The two men exchanged glances and immediately went pale . While the man on the left was so scared that he couldn’t speak, the one on the right mustered up his courage and replied by gritting his teeth: “Milord… The fourth rule of the auction house is: Once the auction begins, all doors are to be sealed and no other person is allowed inside, regardless if they are a ticket holder!”

“Humph! You recite it very smoothly . ” Du Wei’s tone sounded very gloomy: “Then I ask you, why did more people enter earlier when the auction has proceeded more than halfway through!”


The person on the right raised his head and began faltering in his words: “Milord… because… because… . ”

“What are you stuttering for! As a member of the Tulip house, can’t you at least speak properly?” Du Wei pricked his brow, thus sending off a killing intent to the man before him .

Sensing the dangerous aura hovering over his head, the guard bites his lip and hurries to speak: “Milord! It’s because the person is the holy maiden and a princess, we don’t have courage to block her!”

“So you are afraid of stopping them because their status is high?” Du Wei’s face may not look well, but inwardly, his heart was chuckling to no end: “To come to my auction house then they must follow my rule, and all tickets becomes invalid once they are late! This is the rule here! Regardless of identity, regardless of their ticket, once the auction starts, all doors are to be sealed! You are the doorman, how can you destroy the most basic rule I have here?! Who here isn’t of noble status? Who here isn’t a wealthy giant? If every time I hold an auction and a lord or knight demands they get special treatment, then why do I need these rules? Why do I need to hold an auction? Why don’t I simply sell the items off according to each individual’s status?”

The man to speak was a clever one . Picking up on his lord’s meaning, he hurries to lower his head: “Yes milord, we are wrong! We wish to accept our punishment!”

Du Wei’s facial expression slightly loosened: “Starting from today, you two no longer need to take up the doorman post in the auction house . Go down and receive ten lashes per person!”

The two guards nodded and scrammed out the door .

Du Wei’s momentum was overwhelming and none in the audience dared object to his methods . Then turning back to the holy maiden standing in the VIP box next to his, he coldly said: “Your highness, I have punished my men for breaking the rules, but your manner of entering in the middle of the auction is not permitted here . Although your identity is honorable, but in the world of business, my place here only looks at money, not status and background…”

Irritated and angered inside, this holy maiden couldn’t resist becoming dissatisfied: “Duke Tulip, can it be you want to drive me out?”

Du Wei bellowed out a laugh: “You are the Temple’s holy maiden and a princess of the royal house, how can I possibly throw you out? Since you rarely come to my auction house, I speculate you must’ve not known about my rules so it’s the doormen’s fault for not warning you . ”

As he reached this part, the holy maiden’s eye revealed a hint of relief . But then, Du Wei followed up with another part: “It’s just…”

“Just what?” The holy maiden frowned .

It’s not the first time she confronted Du Wei . Two years ago during their first confrontation at the slave market, Du Wei had cleverly placed her in a bind . So of course, her memories of that incident remain fresh in her mind . Hearing the “just” word, her heart immediately became alarmed knowing how cunning this Duke was . ”

“May I ask your highness, since you are here today, you must have a ticket in your hand correct?”

“Of course I do . ” The holy maiden coldly answered .

“Good . ” Du Wei nodded, his voice becoming softer and more disturbing to the princess: “It’s just that your highness probably doesn’t know the rules here . Although you hold a ticket for entry, but your ticket only applies to the seats down below, not for the VIP box up on the second floor . ”

“You!” The holy maiden turned furious, but that only lasted for a second before she squashed that flame . With a soft smile: “Duke Tulip, why so stingy? Besides, this here is lord Dupont’s box . What’s wrong with inviting a guest along?”

“Business is business . ” Du Wei shakes his head: “First, your identity is noble so your visit is an honor in itself . However, the state has its law and a family has its rules . Although you are distinguished, but who here isn’t of noble birth? You may be the holy maiden and a princess, but even you shouldn’t be breaking our rules now should you? Otherwise, if news spread that as long one is a princess, they can come along and sit in my VIP box without spending a dime, wouldn’t I be ruining my business? What’s more, every person that sits in these VIP boxes has spent big money to earn a place here . If I allow you to pass without doing anything, it would be unfair to my customers . ”

When Du Wei pointed this out, anyone siding with the Regent began calling out in support .

Though this holy maiden covered her face with a silk veil, but there’s no doubt her expression can’t be good at the moment .

It was then that this ignorant young master of the Senna house began shouting angrily again: “Du Wei! This box is bought by my Senna family! Based on what can you force her to leave!”

Suddenly shooting this young man a glare, Du Wei made a heavy grunt through his nose and caused this Dupont to go limp in his legs and fall into cold sweat . As someone that’s been scything people down like grass in the Northwest, Du Wei’s little grunt naturally carried a powerful force .

“Dupont Senna . ” Du Wei directly called out his name in a cold way: “Remember your identity! You may be the son of Marquise Senna, but you are without title, a plain white sheet not much different from any noble . While me, I’m the Duke of Tulip . What makes you think you are worthy to directly call me by my name?”

These two sentences immediately caused Dupont to turn cherry red . His face may radiate murder, but no word came out for he lacked the courage .

Among the aristocratic circle, one must pay close attention to their etiquette . Unless you are close friends with that individual, one mustn’t call them out by their name in public and can only use their surname . Otherwise, this would be considered impolite and rude . Just now, in a fit of rage, Dupont did just that which would be considered extremely rude and may be taken as a provocation in some cases . Therefore, Du Wei’s sarcastic and somewhat caustic remark just now wouldn’t be considered his fault . To the audience, it’s only natural .

“Also, Dupont Senna, my rule here is that no one in the auction house is permitted to carry a weapon . You are a regular here, so it’s safe to presume you know about this . Yet… . You not only brought a weapon in here knowing this fact, you openly wounded someone in front of me . What do you think my auction house is? Your home garden?”

Unlike his aggressive words, Du Wei’s voice was more smooth and soft as he talked . But in Dupont’s view, those eyes from Du Wei radiated a bone creeping chill that stroke fear into him the more he looked .

“I’m very sorry . Because you violated the membership rules here and embarrassed your identity, from this point forward, I’ll be revoking the Senna household’s eligibility to enter the VIP area . Now, I would ask you and your entourage to leave this box . In order to express my respect for your father, Marquise Senna, I will return the money paid by your father for this box room . ”

Watching the sturdy attendant and guards coming to drag him away, this young master Dupont still wanted to put up a fight and began struggling to break free . In the end, he could do nothing and be pulled out of the room . As they left, the steward first wiped the blood off his face and turned to give Du Wei a grateful glance before leaving .

On the other side of the hall, Biliaibuer and Taklanshan were exchanging looks at each other, their hearts both thinking the same thing: “This Senna house sure is unlucky! Marquise Senna had always been steady throughout his life . Who would’ve have thought that when he gets old, he would be dragged down by an idiotic son like that . ”

Seeing that even Dupont was taken out, it’s only natural this holy maiden wouldn’t be allowed to stay in the VIP box . But instead of leaving quietly, she turns to Du Wei and smiles: “Duke Tulip, are you really going to have me go downstairs?”

Not getting angry, Du Wei bellowed out a laugh in return: “Rules are rules, it mustn’t be broken . It’s true that one can invite guests along, but since this Dupont Senna has lost his eligibility… Hmm, if your highness wouldn’t mind my box here being too humble, then please come over and rest . ”

Beaming a smile, her voice becomes softer as she gracefully accepted the invitation with a slight curtsy: “How can the box of Duke Tulip be too humble for me . I graciously accept your invitation . ” As she finished, she incredulously moved into Du Wei’s VIP box without a second thought .

Seeing this, the attendant standing behind Du Wei hurries to open the door for her . And just like that, this holy maiden casually walks in as if nothing had happened and sat next to Du Wei in a relaxed manor .

To witness this, Du Wei had to give it to her . She and her father, the former crown prince, are both real characters, totally shameless .

“Well then everyone . Let’s keep the auction going now that things have settled . ”

After he made this announcement, Du Wei found that from below, that ignorant young lord Dupont was shooting him a venomous gaze despite being dragged away .

At this moment, before he could say anything, the princess on the side whispered the most annoying sentence to his ear: “Ohoho, Duke, seems you’ve offended someone today . ”

Pinching his mouth to one side, Du Wei mildly replied: “Offending others is an unavoidable thing, but if the recipient is an ignorant fool, then it’s nothing . Making a mistake is not a terrifying thing, what’s terrifying is being ignorant . ”

“The Duke is indeed witty . ” She blinks several times before deliberately making a smile: “Just that Duke, are you not afraid of offending me?”

Du Wei returned with a laugh: “Oh? Your highness, did I offend you?”

“Certainly not . ” The princess’s voice sounded very relaxed: “You invited me to sit in your room, for that, I can’t thank you enough . ”

Both of them may be exchanging happy glances and conversing joyously, but inwardly, they were both carrying ulterior motives .

Meanwhile, the attendant standing behind Du Wei was having a nervous breakdown at the sight . Inwardly, he couldn’t resist sighing at his lord: Big people sure do things different from us simple folks . Just moments ago the Duke can kill with his stare, then minutes later he can laugh and converse like nothing had happened… .

The following auction didn’t have as much twist and turns like before . Though those mysterious southerners did try to compete with Du Wei, but in the end, Du Wei bought the “Pope’s decree” with a calling price of sixteen million gold coins .

Sixteen million gold coins… Du Wei’s heart was without a doubt hurting inside . Even so, unease wouldn’t stop nagging in the back of his mind: How can the Temple’s scheme be so easily dissolved?

According to the rules, the product must be inspected upon completion of the auction, but since Du Wei was the master himself, this step was omitted . (There’s no product to inspect anyways) Rather, it was this holy maiden that was acting strange right now . Not making any trouble, she continues to badger Du Wei with pointless conversations . Graceful and delicate, bursts of fragrance kept drifting into Du Wei’s nose every time she got close to him . Du Wei had to hand it to her . Against this type of aggressive beauty, it’s no wonder that Dupont became captivated by her .

With the auction coming to an end, many bid their farewell without saying much . To them, seeing such a show today was worthwhile for this trip . Also, some knew Du Wei would definitely go see Prince Son after this so they took the opportunity to declare their loyalty to the Regent through Du Wei’s mouth . In the end, it was this princess who remained till the end .

Before she left, she suddenly turned back to give Du Wei a glance and whispered something: “I say Duke, which would be better? The Xieni faction, or the Mosa faction?”

Not waiting for Du Wei to reply, she chuckled slightly and walked away . .

Standing there, Du Wei furrowed his brown, his face stern and serious .