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Law of the Devil - Chapter 30

Published at 18th of March 2016 09:18:28 PM

Chapter 30

Law of the Devil Chapter 30: Roar in the Island

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The fire had already quenched somehow when Du Wei woke up this morning, smoke flying from the ashes makes him feel kind of cold . Du Wei moves his body, but he feels like something is on his chest .

He looks down, found out it is Vivian who came into his chest . The little magician is enjoying her sleep, but she wrapped her body together, putting her hands inside Du Wei ‘s shirt, seems like she was feeling too cold and wanted to get some heat from Du Wei ‘s warm body .

Maybe she was just too cold and can’t help sneaking into Du Wei‘s chest .

Du Wei had mixed feeling haunting his mind, but he doesn’t push this little girl to wake her up but in fact, took off his own shirt and put it on her body instead . After doing this, he finally stood up .

As soon as he looks up, his face suddenly changes color!!!


“No!!!! shit!!!! No!!!!!!” Du Wei screams out an angry voice on this matinal isolated island .

The thick fog floats on the sea, and the world seems to have been put on a white veil under this location . The moist air is everywhere, and he could barely see anything because of this damn weather .

Under this bad condition, in which nobody can see more than ten meters!!

How can Du Wei not be anxious?

He was trapped in this isolated island with no food and little drinkable water . The eagerness to leave this place as soon as possible was totally dependent on the fire . Thus, the only hope he holds in the heart is that any boat passing by this island could pick them up .

For achieving this hope, Du Wei has already thought out an idea, which was from this morning he would fire the woods constantly on the coast . The smoke from the fire would attract the passing boats, if there is any .

However, now, facing such a thick fog, Du Wei ‘s heart turns as cold as ice!

Under such a bad weather, in which nobody can barely see anything . Even if Du Wei fires the wood, the passing boats will also have almost no possibility to see them!!

What’s worse, according to what Du Wei knew before . Once the weather becomes foggy on the sea, it will last a really long time in general .

Different from the fog on the continent, which could disappear within a day or two, the fog on the sea could last for three to five days without anyone feeling odd .

Three to five days…

Do I still have three to five days left? Du Wei wonders . And he has eaten nothing since now .

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Vivian wakes up by Du Wei‘s voice, she looks at the unhappy face of Du Wei, feeling more or less worried in her mind .

Du Wei speaks nothing, he picks up the twigs and puts them together, then, he sets the fire . He tries to make the fire fiercer, making it more blaze .

Then he comes to pick up more twigs and throws them in front of Vivian .

“you stay here to watch the fire, if there is any sign that the fire is going to fade, then throw the woods into it! What’s more, do not let the fire extinguish at any cost, you understand? And by the same time, i need you to watch the sea carefully, if there is any boat you could see, you should attract their attentions sparing no means, you could make the fire more blazing or…or you use your magic, shooting the fireball into the sky! You understand?”

“ye…yes” Vivian nodded her head . But her face turns interrogatory immediately “can…can we see the boat under such a heavy fog? The boat can…can see us?”

Du Wei exhales heavily and doesn’t answer the question but says “just do what i told you, this is the only thing we can do” instead .

After saying that, Du Wei picks a long stick and holds it in his hand for a while, then, he walks away along the seaside .

“wh… . where are you going?”

“I am going to find some food!” Du Wei speaks without any emotion in his voice “i think, maybe i could find some mushroom, and some berries also . Perhaps i could find something edible in this big woods . I wish i could, cause it’s easier than fishing! But if i can’t find anything, I think, i have to go to do the god damn fishing . ”

Du Wei stops when he says these words “You’d better bless me that i could find food, or we could only eat your pet . Humans must live before that pet!”

Looking at the cold eyesight from Du Wei before he leaves, Vivian can’t help shivering .

Du Wei has gone for the whole morning .

Vivian sits on the beach alone, feeling sacred from her inner heart . There is nobody around, what’s more, she feels completely lonely!

Even though Vivian lives the isolated life with her teacher in the past as well, and her teacher left Vivian alone at home most of the times . But during that time, Vivian still had magic .

However, now, Vivian has nothing .

Working on the fire for the whole morning, Vivian got two cuts by the sharp twigs in her hands, several parts of her face also turned black because of the smoke . She tried to make the fire blazing all the time, just as Du Wei told her to do .

At noon, Du Wei comes back eventually .

Seeing Du Wei walk toward Vivian, she could see he wears a happy face, even though, his legs seem to have been injured .

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There is a vine on his neck has lots of strange things hung on it . It looks like some kind of plant Du Wei pawed out from the ground, it still have the black soil on it .

He uses his one hand to support with the stick, the other lifts some twigs, which have lots of orange berries on it .

The berries look so appealing, the color is so beautiful, and all are of the same size as grapes . Without any doubts, it must be tasty!

Vivian can’t wait to taste these berries .

Before this experience of starvation, this female magician has never experienced the feeling of hunger!

“foooooooood! Yooooooou finally found it!” Vivian cheers and runs toward Du Wei with bare feet happily .

Du Wei smiles a little when he sees the exciting face of Vivian, then his smile fades away quickly “don’t be happy too early, these are all i found through the whole morning”, he says with a serious face .

Not until Vivian realizes Du Wei walks in a weird way that she finds out there are several cuts on his feet . The sharp things on the ground must have cut Du Wei ‘s feet as he walks with bare ones .

“Okay, let’s eat first . ”

Du Wei puts down his findings, pointing the unknown rhizome hang on the twig “i can figure out these plants, i know some things about pharmaceutics . The plants like this are all wild plants, whose roots have multiple usages and are edible, what’s more, they are not too small . ”

Du Wei washes the plants in the sea water as he says, then hands them to Vivian’ these are all yours, you could just eat the raw plants or, if you prefer, you could grill them on the fire . ’

Vivian stops for a while, looking down the rhizome, suddenly feels kind of reluctant, she looks at the branch with full of berries on, then pouts “i…i…i wanna eat the berries, i…i…”

“no, you eat this, i ‘ll eat the berries” Du Wei speaks with a calm but irresistible voice .

The voice scares Vivian, and makes her want to cry .

Vivian feels deadly sad . This guy must be doing it on purpose! He is punishing the poor little Vivian! Yes, it must be, his revenge against Vivian because she doesn’t let him eat her pet!

Even though Vivian feels reluctant, she still squats beside the fire, toasts the rhizome on the fire for a little while . Then just put them into the mouth carelessly .

The rhizome Du Wei picked are all very big and tastes not bad…or, you could say that tastes insipid . It’s too hard to chew, and the poor Vivian gets tired chewing that just after two stems . What’s more, these are not tasty at all… They are too insipid, too plain .

Du Wei just sits right in front of Vivian in silence, he pulls the berries down and throw them in the mouth one by one, chews a little while then swallows it .

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Gradually, Vivian can’t stop staring at it…

She swallows the saliva, that berries…must be pretty tasty…what a mean guy he is!

“Why are you looking at me?” Du Wei smiles coldly “are you blaming me for not giving you the berry and letting you eat the rhizome instead?”

Vivian pouts without saying a word .

As Du Wei doesn’t notice, Vivian pulls a berry down from then twig… She wears a big magician robe, it’s big enough to hide the berry, and she keeps her action small, so that Du Wei doesn’t even find out .

Then, as Du Wei looks at the other direction, Vivian throws the berry into her mouth quickly and bites heavily…

Just as she hopes the sweet taste would explode in her mouth…


Vivian changes her face quickly, with a wired expression on, them, like she doesn’t even realize, Vivian pukes the berry out within a second!

What the hell is this? It’s too sour to eat! The puckery taste could twist and numb the tough!! Vivian can’t stop to vomit just with one bite!

Are these berries really edible?

Du Wei looks at the unpleasant face of Vivian, smiling as he had already guessed so . Then he bites the last one, very slowly, chewing it in the mouth, after that, he stands up “okay, once we finished the lunch, there is lots of work needed to be done . ”

Just at this time, Vivian looks at the bold branch on the ground, then, looks back at the two rhizomes left on her hands…compared with that sick berries, this insipid roots are more than delicious!

“you eat this, i ‘ll eat the berries” the words Du Wei said haunts in her head .

The scene that Du Wei ate all of these awful berries one by one calmly without words appeared in her mind…
Vivian suddenly feels like she could not speak a single word .

She pinches the rhizome in her hands forcibly, staring at Du Wei .

“What are you looking at? Focus on your food; we have a lot of things to do later!” Du Wei frowns .

“okay! okay!” Vivian turns around and pushes the rootstocks into her mouth, then bouncing and vivacious towards Du Wei . Her eyes and voice are softer even with an emotion of sorry “wh…wh…what should we do? I ‘ll follow your words!”

“We will go fishing, or we have only rhizome to eat! We can’t depend on that for a long time!” Du Wei smiles “tie this vine on my body, i need you to hold one side, so i could walk into the water and try to catch some fishes with the branch…but…”

Not until he finishes his words, they hear a loud screaming in the air!

Suddenly, the ground starts to quake heavily! Both Du Wei and Vivian lose their stand, and fall on the ground!!

The screaming seems like shouts from the hell, dreary and depressing, like a stone smashes on the heart! Du Wei have heard the screaming of the huge dragon, which he thought was the scariest sound on earth!

But now, this sound is far more horrifying than the one he heard from the huge dragon! It’s louder, and it terrifies you to the bones!

The ground was constantly shaking, Du Wei feels like he is going through a terrible earthquake!!

Right in this shaking, even though the sea water starts roaring… There are strong waves one by one !!

‘what…what is that fucking sound!!’ Du Wei’s face changes color, he holds the fallen Vivian in his chest .

Vivian was already scared to pale .

Right at this moment, the dragon on the other side of the woods, Vivian’s pet, seems to wake up too by this loud screaming! The sleepy dragon has wakened up, but…

Apparently, both Vivian and Du Wei hears a sad screaming shout from that dragon!

And there is obviously the feeling of terror in that scream!


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