Law of the Devil - Chapter 301

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Chapter 301

Chapter 301 “The strong against the strong”

Looking back at the day of the coup when Rodriguez used his peerless swordsmanship to utterly defeat the Grey Robed Sword Saint, the movement he showcased back then was just like now, seemingly slow and unrestrained by the laws of this world and disintegrating the opponents attack using a detached space . This was the iconic signature of someone who has stepped into the realm of sainthood .

The more Du Wei looked, the more shocked he became inside .

Who the heck is this white robe shaman to have such incredible power? Can it be the legendary Shaman King of the Snowy Mountain? But that person is clearly wearing a white robe! 

Du Wei’s not wrong to suspect the foe may be the Shaman King for a regular white robe shaman cannot possibly have such horrifying powers to this extent . Otherwise, the person to do die back at Anglia City wouldn’t be Ivory Teeth, it would be Du Wei himself .

Who the hell is this man?

Seemingly carefree still, the white robe shaman gently smiles as he spoke: “Did the person whom taught you the Ice Dou Qi not tell you this power will be nothing more than a fanciful flower vase if you can’t concentrate the energy flow into one point?” Despite his leisurely words and unmoving self, the opponent’s sword continues to miss regardless of how many stabs or swings of the blade rained down for his body .

Then finally, this idling man made a gentle beckoning call with his hand at the ice crystals in the room . Like a suctioning vacuum, every spec of ice was ruthlessly sucked into his palm to form a giant whirlpool . As the momentum picked up, the swirling force grew in large but at the same time, the ice crystals began to condense and compact until only a few strands of silvery light remain swimming in his grasp .

“You see? This is the true meaning of power . ” With a hint of indifference, his hand took the initiative to greet the ice sword made by the grey robe servant . At this very moment, time and space itself seems to have stopped regardless of what they did: “These are the Ice Dou Qi you released just now, and now I’m returning it to you after reforging them . ”

As soon as his words died down, the tiny sliver of silvery lights had touched the tip of the ice sword . Next second, only a crackling sound could be heard as a gloss of icy white instantly overtook the original ice sword made out of Dou Qi . From what used to be a blade became a giant pillar of transparent crystal .

Before the grey robe servant could even react and retract his hand, the cold had already spread up to his wrist-arm . First were the fingers, freezing to the point that the flesh itself became icicles . Then soon it became apparent the wrist was lost too with the elbow not far behind in being devoured by the cold…


Still sitting in the chair at this time, Blue Ocean finally makes his move . In a flash of light, this frail old man had stepped up to his servant’s side to intervene . Tugging hard to break apart the bond holding the ice and the servant, Blue Ocean swiftly retreats back to his original chair with the injured servant in toe . Not waiting a second longer, this old man immediately turned two of his fingers into a claw shape and pierced deeply into the grey robe servant’s elbow, puncturing a gaping hole right through the frozen flesh as a result . Due to the extreme cold, not a drop of blood came dripping out .

Gloomy at the sight, Blue Ocean gnashes his teeth and did not hesitate . Turning his sight to the shoulder area, he reaches out with his palm and strikes down at the remaining good flesh… .


Blood sprayed everywhere from this, causing the servant to grunt heavily for an instant due to the extreme pain of losing his arm at the shoulder down! Not only did the servant’s wardrobe get fully stained by the showering blood, even part of Blue Ocean’s white robe got specs of blood droplets here and there .

Frighteningly enough, the plague like chill on the limb didn’t slow down in the least even when it was severed from its host . Still in mid-air as it was falling, the entire arm had become frozen solid right before it landed on the floor . Next second, a crisp and clear sound of ice shards shattering into countless pieces radiated across the entire room . Fine ice littered the floorboard, leaving no traces of evidence that these fine granular pieces once belonged to a human being!!

Just seeing this sight gave Du Wei the willies… What a frightening Ice Dou QI he used there!!

But one must hand it to this grey robe servant . Despite the obvious pain he was in based upon the downpour of sweat on his forehead, this servant refuses to give in and clenches his teethe without issuing out a single cry .

Hurrying to tear apart one of his sleeves, Blue Ocean quickly began his efforts to mend the blood ridden wound with his makeshift bandage . Once that was done, this old man then did something Du Wei never expected . Chanting at rapid speed comparable to Du Wei himself, this old scholar reaches out his hand to touch upon the bleeding wound and performed a light-based healing spell . This was truly an eye opener for Du Wei because he now knows Blue Ocean was also versed in the Roland Empire’s magic system! Truly a legendary scholar of the age!

Under the influence of magic, the blood stream was quickly stanched, but the pain thus far had been so intense that the grey robe servant could no longer stand and ended up flopping down to the floorboard . Regardless, Blue Ocean sighed a breath of relief as he slowly spoke: “I said so already, your Ice Dou Qi won’t be able take one round with him . Aigh, but I understand your faithfulness to me . It’s just that your arm…” Pausing, he lowers his voice: “Your arm may be lost, but today you have witnessed the true form of the Ice Dou QI . If you can grasp onto the truth from what you’ve seen today, it’s not impossible for you to stand at the peak of this land with the rest of the strong beings . ”

The gray robe servant’s complexion looked ghastly as he nodded . Turning to the white robe shaman, he forcibly nods while staring intently at the culprit: Tha-thank you… Thank you for the advice!”

Not acting in the slightest like a culprit, this white robe shaman calmingly nods in return: “Your teacher says it well . If you can grasp onto the truth of what I demonstrated, you might just have the opportunity to become one of the strong ones in these lands . However, the current you are far from being my opponent . Now move along to one side . ”

Shaking his head vigorously in refusal: “No, if you want to hurt teacher than you must walk over my body first!”

Furrowing his brow, the white robe shaman coldly grunts and changes his voice to a frosty chill: “I do not like needless killings . You are indeed a master among the ordinaries, but in front of me you are no more than a baby . Moreover, as long as you don’t die today and go back to reflect upon what you learned, then there’s a real chance you may become a true master… But if you die today, then that chance will leave you . Are you sure you want that?”

Still shaking his head with a pale face, the grey robe servant was resolute in his words: “No! If you wish to kill the teacher than you must kill me first!”

After that, he raises his remaining hand to release every ounce of Ice Dou Qi he can call forth, his face determined for the end .

Still on the sideline, Du Wei originally didn’t want to get involved . After all, he hasn’t figure out whether Blue Ocean was a friend or a foe yet . Although on one end he did get eighty disciples from this old scholar, but on the other end Du Wei’s certain there are ulterior motives behind it .

Watching this white robe shaman turning cold in the eyes and the unwavering loyalty from the servant, Du Wei couldn’t bear to let this go on anymore . Gently sighing, he slowly stepped forward and said: “Halt!”

Whispering, Blue Ocean tries to persuade Du Wei: “Duke, I know you mean well but I invited you here today to be a witness . This matter isn’t something you are able to meddle in with your present state . ”

Finishing his words, Blue Ocean shakily stands up from his chair and inhales deeply, his frail body abruptly making a drastic change . Like an expanding balloon, the withered skin and husk like body began to revitalize itself, giving the skin a new lustering glow while the muscles and arm sweltered up to a massive size of power! Shockingly, even the heavy wrinkles etched along that old prune like face were gone, something most woman would dream to have at any cost!

Watching this, Du Wei’s eye began to twitch unceasingly while his heart jumped at extreme pressure… Youth rejuvenation? When did the Snowy Mountain have something like this, and why doesn’t the booklet left by that Gu Lanxiu not mention anything like this shaman craft?

Gu Lanxiu (former shaman king)

It’s not just Du Wei being surprised by this, even that white robe shaman was perplexed by the change and uttered a “Eh?” out of reflex . Watching Blue Ocean continue to revert back to a youthful young man and the immense pressure returning, this person began to laugh instead of being alarmed: “Very good! Seems you managed to come up with something new after all these years! Good, very good! This strange spell may be great, but for someone like you who always advocate the flow of natural order, how will it affect the direction of your cultivation though? What you are doing now is rebelling against the natural order of things, there are retributions for that!”

In mere moments, Blue Ocean’s appearance had reverted back to a middle-aged man in his thirties . From what used to be a slightly hunched old man, Blue Ocean was standing upright and very tall, most importantly, he was handsome as all hell . Making a faint smile: “Whether the direction is wrong or not, the immediate urgency is to deal with you right now . Otherwise, all this blabbery about the right direction in my cultivation is moot if I die by your hands today . ”

“Your words are good, I would like to know how your rejuvenation spell works . Very well, come and let me give it a try . ” The white robe shaman’s face radiated excitement, and those eager eyes were just like a child’s gaze looking at a brand-new toy .

Du Wei was about to say something again at this moment when a soft gentle force shook his body, pushing him to a corner with no chance to resist . Then in the next second another figure came flying over from above . Hurrying to catch the person, Du Wei had just reached out his hand when Blue Ocean’s voice drifted over: “Help me watch over him . ”

At that, the real confrontation between two truly powerful masters have begun!!

The two were just standing there at first, then before Du Wei knew it, he had lost sight on the two in a flash of light . What came next were blurry images of two different beings exchanging blows all over the room without a single second of delay in their movements . Such extreme speed, Du Wei can’t even make heads or tails of the afterimages!

As the searing heat and chilling cold collided together, the whole room fell into a strange distortion as if space itself was being bent and reshaped at will . Eventually Du Wei couldn’t take it anymore for his eyes were suffering from fatigue and pain .

This phenomenon wasn’t because of how flashy their exchanges were, on the contrary, the duel between the two masters were eerily silent! Compared to all the earth-shattering confrontations between powerful beings witnessed by Du Wei thus far, the radius of their battle can be said to be extremely small that it was ridiculous .

They aren’t weak at all, rather it’s because the two have grasped the true meaning of power! Every bit, even the tiniest trace of power, are condensed to one point without a shred of it being leaked and wasted into the air!

What’s more, the confrontation between two saint class warriors have created a mini dimensional space for their battle . No matter how intense the ripples of power was inside, it wouldn’t cause any real harm to Du Wei’s physical body!

And the reasoning for Du Wei’s visional discomfort was due to his excessive use of his eyes . By stressing it to the limit with the aid of his spirit, he had indirectly harmed himself by attempting to follow the movements between the two . Du Wei’s not weak by any means, but with his current state, how can he keep up with the speed of two saint class warriors?

Finally, after a brief bout at extreme speed, the two masters suddenly slowed down to a crawl in the room . In Du Wei’s eye, this was no different from a slow-motion scene in an action flick, but in no way, does he think he can defend against that type of attack! This was a certainty, not a speculation!

Why the two was slowing down had to do with their utilization of their saint class powers . By bending and changing the rules of time and space in the air around their body, the user would be able to force their foe into submitting to the rules set by themselves, thus making them omnipotent in this small little realm, which was what’s happening here between the two masters as they vied for control of the area .

Then what came next was a real eye-opener for Du Wei!

The highest level of confrontation he had seen before was no doubt the battle between Gandalf and Hussein teaming up against the Dragon Clan chieftain .

And today… The attacks of these powerful beings may not necessarily be more insane and flashy than that last battle, nevertheless, the methods and way these two fought made Du Wei’s heart tremble like crazy!!

Wielder of magic and martial art!! This is the true epitome of magic and martial wielding in unison!!!

Like a fish swimming in water, Blue Ocean and the white robe shaman were now fighting in ways like they were unhindered by the world itself . While they were exchanging blows with their martial art at every exchange, the other free hand would constantly be pointing at each other while chanting some type of words to shoot out weapons made of a concentrated dose of Dou Qi . Their spells and physical attacks were relentless with no end in sight .

Du Wei may not have practiced any of the shaman craft yet, but he does have the booklet left by the former shaman king . Based on what he can identify, the two had already displayed well over a dozen shaman spells in this short time frame, and they are all extremely dangerous and difficult to use!!

In truth, this seemingly slow-paced battle right now was in fact far more intense and tragic than that fast-paced fight by a hundredfold!

Blue Ocean first displayed a spell known as “whirlwind wheel”, a magic that creates an extremely violent air vortex around his body that would cull down the foe if they are uncareful by coming in too close!

In return, the white robe shaman immediately brings out a spell known as “Giant Seal of the Snowy Mountain”, a move capable of sealing the movement of everything within his vicinity . Whether it be a light feather or the wind itself, upon contact with this spell, it will condense down to the floor and be unable to move! According to the legends, it’s said that once a user masters it to the advance realm, even the air itself will be solidified!