Law of the Devil - Chapter 314

Published at 19th of March 2019 01:07:50 PM

Chapter 314
Chapter 314 “White River’s Blade (p3)

Both monsters were done playing at this stage . Releasing their saintly powers until the very fabrics of reality were starting to distort, rocks and even the air itself were trembling under their might . If an outsider were to carelessly trespass onto this space, it’s almost a certainty nothing would remain of the third party .

Understanding that much, Du Wei didn’t want to test his luck again by releasing his spirit force like the last time . He came far too close to losing his sanity so he hurried to distance himself for the impending exchange .

First to act was undoubtedly the old pope . Releasing over dozens of binding spatial spells in quick succession, any regular foe would’ve been pinned by this assortment of restraint . Except, the enemy was the Shaman King… .

White River didn’t stop nor budge from his forwarding steps . Instead, he waved off every light that came his way using an invisible force that could neither be touched or seen . Then that’s when the Pope revealed a bizarre flash of silvery light from his old murky eyes . Suddenly, a twisting gush of wind envelops that old body and warps the space as if the power within the senior just exploded!

To be clear, the Shaman King didn’t underestimate his foe at all this time nor did he intend to let the old timer go . However, what happened next was beyond his expectations because he actually lost control of his lock on the enemy, which allowed the foe to disappear from his sight completely with no traces to follow .

This twist of event puzzled the egotistic man . But he didn’t give chase for he was able to quickly lock back onto the foe that’s currently standing atop of the crumbling wall of the fortress here .

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“What sort of power is that?” His eyes burning with eagerness to know, “The way you dodged just now is beyond the level of what you displayed earlier . This is not merely a bending of reality… . Don’t tell me, were you hiding your strength during our first exchange?!”

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The old pope only exhaled a sigh in response . Lifting his tired hand to wipe the sweat off of his forehead, the senior smiles wryly: “Shaman King, my strength is far inferior to yours, there’s no falseness in my words about that . However, I will make you agree to my terms today even if I have to put my life on the line . That’s my conviction and my duty to the humans under the protecting embrace of the Goddess!”

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With that said and done, the old fella then suddenly raises his golden rod up into the air and increased the strange silvery light in his eyes . For every subtle movement he made henceforth, the world itself would move with him like he’s no longer part of it . In fact, even his voice now seems to be out of this world and coming forth from the void… .

“The abiding rules and laws presiding over this world did not exist in the beginning until the Goddess willed it . If you are defying said laws then you are disobeying her rule, disobeying the very world in which we live in!”

Following his majestic proclamation up at the crumbling wall, the senior’s entire robe promptly began to flutter like a mystical force has descended upon this world . This was confirmed by White River who sensed the change in the air .

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Not going to take the chance, the Shaman King roared and shot himself forward like a bolt of lightning . This time around, he did not release the blue beam saber created by the extreme manifestation of ice, rather it’s his true weapon of choice: two flaming blades on each of his hands that’s whistling at the foe .

“Goddess said, everything in this world is given by me . I can give, and I can take . ” The senior’s gentle words only lasted a brief moment in reality, but when heard, the power it carried was eternal and everlasting .

Sure enough, there are indeed powers within his words . For Du Wei who was still watching this from a safer location, he could see and feel it first-hand that time has stalled before his very eyes .