Law of the Devil - Chapter 4

Published at 18th of March 2016 09:10:44 PM
Chapter 4

Clark was satisfied with the child’s reaction . He took a look at the crystal ball and said, “Come, let me see if you have talent . I agreed to teach you but you must have talent . Otherwise . . . ”

“What should I do?”

“Put your hand on the crystal ball and hold it tight . Then think of something, whether it be happiness or anger . Something that can stir up your emotions . Now let me see your talent . ”

Duwei took two steps forward and put his hands on the crystal ball . His hands felt the cold and smoothness .

“Concentrate, now, think . Try your best to think of your most profound memory . ” Clark’s voice sounded next to Duwei .

Duwei closed his eyes and began searching through his memory . Clark saw the crystal ball began to glow . It began with a faint glow but slowly brighten up . The magician looked astounded . He moved his eyes to Duwei and, “Hmm?”

Duwei wasn’t feeling well at the moment . He’s feeling agitated thinking of his past . He somehow ended up in another world . All the efforts that he made, his dream, his life, his goals, everything was gone . As he spent more time here, and as he adapted to this world, those memories were slowly fading away . A human’s memory will fade, this is a normal phenomenon, yet Duwei still felt a sense of sadness .

Duwei’s started to breathe rapidly . The crystal ball has a mysterious power to amplify his emotions . He could feel his heart pounding, as if it is being pressured .

Finally, a hand touched his head . A cooling sensation came from the hand and calmed his head .

“That’s ok, my child . ” Clark’s voice was indifferent, but he addressed Duwei as my child instead of kid . Which means he’s satisfied with Duwei’s talent .

“Not bad . . You are not even six years old, but you have the talent of a magic student . Your mana is almost twice as a normal person . And considering your age, I am quite satisfied . ”

Clark put away the crystal ball then pointed Duwei to sit down . “Now we are measuring your second talent . I will teach you the simplest magic . I want you to meditate and feel the power of nature . Then tell me what do you feel . ”

Duwei memorised the chant Clark taught him . It had a simple but strange pronunciation .

“Meditate with your heart and concentrate . This is a crucial step . Many people more talented than you did not pass this step . ”

“What should I do?”

“You don’t have to do anything . Just chant the spell silently, then feel your surrounding . Feel the heat, the cold, or sound, anything will do . ”

Clark took out an hourglass and waited .

After a while, Duwei opened his eyes and said . “Mr . magician”

“Oh, What did you feel?”

“I . . . I am feeling hungry . ”

“ . . . ”

Clark was disappointed with this answer . This child has excellent mana talent, but not a delicate heart to observe the world .

Mana is of course important but not the only standard . You can also improve mana by meditating . Those born with a more mana only started the path at a higher level . But being able to feel the magical elements in nature was the crucial part .

Clark taught a few students . Some of their mana talent were not as strong as Duwei . Yet, one of them could hear the sound of wind within half the hourglass’s time . He later became a magician focused on wind magic .

Those with real talent will be able to produce something in this step . In other words, Duwei was not suited to become a magician . It was such a pity .

When the Earl see Clark’s face as he came out, he knew the result .

“Earl Raymond, I am sorry your son doesn’t have the talent to become a magician . It seems like God didn’t choose him . You should find him another path . ” He paused for a moment then said, “During my thirty six years of research, I have never seen someone like your son . ”

Clark gave out a sigh then began to leave . After a few steps, he added, “Oh, and if he really wants to become a magician, this is only my suggestion, you can let him choose alchemy . Alchemy is at least considered a branch of magic . ”

Clark waved his hand then sprinkled some golden powder . His body disappeared in a ball of fire .

The Earl’s face was filled with disappointment when Duwei came out of the room . Never seen someone like him in thirty six years, how untalented is his son for the magician to say this .

He was identified as having no warrior talent, then made a scholar leave, and now a magician . The result is Duwei once again became the topic of conversation in the city .

Where does his future lie? This question troubled everyone of the Roland family . . . aside from Duwei himself .