Law of the Devil - Chapter 42

Published at 18th of March 2016 09:18:57 PM
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Chapter 42

Law of The Devil Chapter 42 – Du Wei’s Plan to Wealth

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Very soon, the Black Pearl would arrive at the nearest port while wearing its new flag .

After one and a half days, the ship met the Imperial Navy Warship that had chased after the pirates two days ago .

After a tense confrontation, the officer on the Imperial Navy Warship was surprised that on the pole of the pirate ship was not hanging a pirate flag, but instead… . There was a strange flag!

The junior officer reported, that the standard-bearer of the pirate ship called Semaphore, requested for surrender…They were not pirates .

What followed was simple .

The Captain of the Navy Warship ordered the alert, and accepted the ‘surrender’ of this pirate ship . Later they learned that the little master of the Rowling Family, who had disappeared for few days, was on this ship…

This little master has even captured such a pirate ship!

The Captain of this Imperial Navy was shocked! According to Imperial law any prisoner, pirates captured by a noble could be pardoned by said noble… Of course, treason or other major crimes were excluded!

But, this little master disposed of a few pirates…So this kind of small thing, the Captain of the Navy Warships preferred to overlook .

He was the little master of the Rowling Family! The eldest son of Earl Raymond!

Earl Raymond had served as the General of the Imperial Navy Expeditionary Fleet before; he knew many people in the Imperial Navy and held a very high prestige!

The Captain of this Navy surely wouldn’t give any difficulty to the son of Earl Raymond .

The two ships sailed together side by side . The Navy brought Du Wei back by the raft, for safety and sent two troops to the pirate ship to have them monitored .

“Master Du Wei!” The Captain of this Navy warship was a very typical navy officer without any armor . He was of a short body build, wearing a simple uniform . His skin color was very yellow thanks to the sea breeze and waves . He also had big hands . “Our fleet had been split up to search for you! There was an order within the navy, we had to find your boat first, only then can we rest for a month at Port York! Thank God, for letting me have such a big reward! Hahahaha…”

Du Wei was shocked… The whole fleet was searching for me?

Although his father was the General of the Navy before, now he held second highest status in the Imperial Army…He didn’t like Du Wei… . But… . Why did he send so many people to find him?

Full of doubt, Du Wei and the Captain had a conversation in the Captain’s Quarters . Du Wei understood the situation quickly .

It seems he became the key person in the negotiation between the Imperial Military and the Magic Union .

If they found Du Wei, the problem could be solved .

If not… The conflict between the military and the Magic Union would worsen . That’s not something people wanted to see!

“These two are…” the Captain looked at Joanna and Vivian .

“They are my friends . ” Du Wei briefly answered .

He, of course, wouldn’t say directly that they were the two magicians who disturbed the barrack! See that lady with the armor! She almost killed me! She attacked the local barrack!

If he said that… Everything might be ruined!

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Now, the magic power of Joanna was completely recovered! If she messed up everything, she could kill all the people in these two ships easily!

This Captain was not dumb, so he didn’t ask further . He skipped the topic, “So, please take a rest! I will prepare food and water… If you need any assistance, I will try my best to help you… Please feel free to ask! My brother also served in the Imperial Navy Expeditionary Fleet as an officer under your father before! I respect Earl Raymond very much, he is the pride of our Imperial Navy!”

Before leaving, the Captain could not help but ask, “Please forgive me… Master Du Wei, but how will you handle these pirates? They were criminals, you…”

“They are my prisoners, I have the right over their lives right?” Du Wei laughed, ” Such a coincidence, I will include them in my fleet . I need a group of experienced sailors and officers .  Also, I quite like their ship . ”

Truthfully, the Captain would have liked to remind Du Wei that he still hadn’t gotten his own title, so, he actually could not have his own private fleet .

But, in fact, anyone from the noble or big families within the Imperial Kingdom could earn the title . Even if they built a private fleet earlier or later, no one would care .

“This ship, I have named it the ‘Black Pearl’, it will be the flagship of my fleet . ” Du Wei laughed .

“So, your fleet is called… . No, I am not curious, but they are pirates . Although they are under you now, after coming ashore I have to document it . I must know these things to report them . To remove their names from our wanted list I need to know the name of your fleet . . ”

Du Wei laughed and he brought the Captain to the deck and pointed at the “Black Pearl” .

“Can you see the flag?” Du Wei laughed happily .

“… Yes . ” the Captain asked, “ I have never seen this kind of strange flag before…What does it mean?”

If someone who knew Du Wei in his previous life saw that flag, he might have felt faint!

Because, on the flag, there was a very big ‘M’!

“McDonald’s!” Du Wei answered, “My fleet is named ‘McDonald’s Fleet’! You can record this name on your report . ”

The Captain left confused as Du Wei thought evilly…

Someday, when there would be several warships with the ‘McDonald’s’ flags, how hilarious would it be?

The ships kept on sailing for a couple of days, and finally arrived at Port York . The port was located at the southern part of the Imperial Kingdom and the Eastern coast of the Lille Province .

It was a typical coastal port city, with a natural concave coastline . It was the best haven . There were many kinds of ships moored at the pier, different merchant ships from different places . There were even privately armed merchant ships… And numerous sailors who wanted to have fun here; head officers, tax officers, workers, and porters…

Of course, there were plenty of bars and fancy hookers, they would earn every last coins from the sailors!

After the ships stopped, everyone including Du Wei finally arrived on land!

Being on the sea for so many days, when Du Wei first stepped on the land, he felt a bit petrified .

He felt lucky to be still alive, and also…

Du Wei laughed and touched his head .

He wore a beautiful hat having now changed into a Navy Officer uniform without a badge . He now looked like a young and handsome Navy Officer… Just too young and too thin .

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Port York was a public port and not a navy port . There was no stationed Navy . The nearest barracks stationed a thousand infantry .

In this prosperous port city, much tax was provided to the Imperial Kingdom, and maritime trade was very profitable .

Once Du Wei stepped on this port, he could feel the prosperity immediately .

This was different from the Majesty of the Imperial Kingdom and the luxurious atmosphere of the upper class . It was also different from the peaceful cities in the Rowling Plain .

First impressions of this place was…’Crowded!’

The roads were full of all kinds of people! Drunk sailors, fat businessmen, and tax officers on horses .

There were also different kinds of stores on the roadsides .

It was said that the developed maritime trade brought most of the goods across the globe to Port York! You could find and buy any rare goods here!

Du Wei also saw the Magicians Party in this port city!

Under the protection of the Navy, Du Wei didn’t have much time to walk around . He directly went to a hotel that was fully booked by the Navy .

So, what next?

Du Wei was waiting patiently .

Two days later, Knight Robert and Rolynn rushed over here after they received the magic message from the Magic Union .

Knight Robert looked thinner than before . He looked tired and remorseful . Meanwhile, Rolynn looked pale, she had just recovered from her injury . It was hard for them to rush over here in their state .

They had brought an impressive group of private troops under the Rowling Family, numbering a thousand men!

They also brought bad news .

Because of Du Wei, Rowling Family was forcefully involved in the conflicts between the Magic Union and Imperial Kingdom! In such a situation, even the Rowling Family didn’t want to be against the Magic Union, but for honor and reputation, Rowling Family had no choice .

This made Earl Raymond stand at the edge of awkwardness .

From his point of view, this was all caused by his son!

Knight Robert not only brought the troops to protect Du Wei, but a rebuke from the Earl, a command:

Du Wei must return to the castle on the Rowling Plains immediately, and is to be grounded for one year as his punishment .

Also, his allowance is reduced for a year…That means he could not receive those monthly 300 gold coins!

Du Wei was also ordered not to intervene in any business of the Rowling Family!

During the period of being grounded, Du Wei could not leave the castle, not even a step! He must listen to the old housekeeper of the castle .

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If Du Wei gave any trouble to the family… Then he would probably receive a harsher punishment!

But Du Wei didn’t care!

He had expected that would happen .

Grounded for one year? In the coming year, Du Wei had planned to stay in the castle…

He needed to ‘digest’ the gift from Chris! Huh…

Much time was needed for learning!

Pocket money… 300 golden coins every month? Du Wei didn’t care too much!

“I am grounded, cannot intervene the business of the family… That’s it? Nothing else? So I can do other things, or send someone to do other things, is it excluded?”

Robert replied, “That should be excluded . ”

“Great . ”

Satisfied, Du Wei laughed . “Oh, Rolynn, how’s your injury? Great, I have something I want you to do . ”

Then, Du Wei let everybody leave and invited Joanna to come .

“Joanna, look! This is your partner . ” Du Wei laughed, ”You sure you won’t regret?”

Joanna was a little frustrated, “Ok, kid, I owe you! But you have to remember, one time only! I will only help you finish this one thing!”

Du Wei invited Joanna because… He wanted her to lead the ‘Black Pearl’ and set sail!

The task was to defeat all the pirates!

Du Wei’s thinking was very simple, “ I cannot do business, I don’t have money and I also don’t have any maritime trade experience… I even don’t have the pocket money . Where can I get the money for magic experience… Also my McDonald fleet?”

Du Wei pondered and pondered . Then he finally came to a conclusion!

To plunder!

Steal from the Imperial Navy? No, Du Wei wouldn’t dare .

Rob the merchant ships on the ocean? Du Wei didn’t want trouble .

So… The only option left was to rob from pirates!

Attacking pirates was not illegal! Even the Imperial Navy encouraged that! There were rewards too! The Imperial Navy offered heavy rewards for killing infamous pirates .

Joanna was powerful, and if the Black Pearl’s crew, which was familiar with the Pirate Groups, sailed on the sea…

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Others could not find those pirates! But Captain Jack Sparrow could! They were pirates before!

Then, the next step would be very simple!


Take their money!  Those pirates should have savings! They should have piles of stolen loot! This would be a good addition to the pockets of Master Du Wei .

Capture the Pirates! Du Wei could still ‘capture’ those pirates, if they revolted, then he will sell them to the Imperial Navy for the reward . If they behaved well, he will keep them and let them join the Du Wei’s private fleet…

Take their ships! Du Wei could not tolerate to have only the ‘Black Pearl’ under his ‘McDonald’s Fleet’ . He doesn’t have the money to buy ships, so he can only steal the pirate ships!

The strength of Joanna was a great warranty!

This kind of zero-cost trading… No one else could think of that… But, who could find a great magician to help in doing this kind of stupid endeavor?

Those magicians were so arrogant! Even the officer in the palace could not buy their service!

“Get wealthy legally!” That’s the main idea of Du Wei!

Of course, the usual Joanna would not agree, only that Joanna owed Du Wei a favour and would help him for three months! After the three months, she would go away .

So… When Du Wei was persuading her, he did use a little trick, which involved… Looking into her eyes .

Then, Rolynn was the best candidate for this business! This female knight had the experience of adventure, robbery, kidnapping, rewarding, etc…  She was familiar with those .

Also with the name of the Rowling Family, the Navy wouldn’t put any difficulty on her .

After settling everything, the female magician and female knight went away . At that time, there was someone who had waited for a long time . When he entered the room, he hugged Du Wei immediately .

“My lord, I am your loyal servant Marde…” Du Wei looked at him and laughed, “Oh, my dearest Marde, long time no see . ”

Marde was originally so very poor, he understood that everything he had came from this little master… If master died, he would return to being a stableman!

“Ok, Marde, you made my trousers dirty… Now, pack up the luggage, we’re going back home!”


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